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Saree blouse styles

Different blouse styles:


BOLERO: Popular in 1923, long waisted blouse, having an overlapping section.

BALKAN: Along waisted blouse shirred into a wide hip-hand with long full sleeves gathered into tight waist-cuffs; made of fine linen / lawn /voile, colorfully embroidered. A western fashion during the Balkan war in 1913.
MIDDY BLOUSE: A popular feminine fashion early 20th century. A copy of the U.S Many seaman’s blouse. Occasionally worn by midship men. While cotton/twill with dark blue flannel sailor’s collar.

HALTER BLOUSE: High panel on the front of a dress/blouse which is buttoned/tied around the back of the neck leaving the shoulders and sometimes the back exposed. Very popular in the 1930’s for evening and beach wear.
SASH BLOUSE: With long ends crossed in front in surplice style and tied at the back.
STEP IN BLOUSE: A blouse and drawers made in one piece to obviate bouching at the waist.
RUSSIAN BLOUSE: White/color liner, hip length or longer with long, slightly full sleeves, gathered into cuffs and a standing collar opening to the left side of the neck. Collar, cuffs and front opening embroidered in colorful stitchery.
CAMISA: Afitted blouse in lace fabric with full bell sleeves.
GIBSON WAIST: A Starched blouse worn low waisted with a raised peter pan collar and necktie. Full sleeves gathered at the shoulders.

CORSET: A closely fitted, elasticised under garment for giving slimmer shape to the figure.

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