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Brocade silk sarees

Multicoloured-SareeBrocade silk sarees are really demand care and slight pampering. These can be part of your life till another 25 years but you have to look after them so that they retain their shine and preserve the intricate borders. Benaras was the center of these brocade silk saree production but were made in Ahmedabad and Maharashtra as well. The weaving is done with silk, gold and silver thread. There are also himru brocade of mixed cotton and silk, woven primarily for mohameddans who were not allowed to wear pure silk sarees. Benaras brocade was produced by weaving with warps and weft threads of different material. In early dayz of gold and silver were drawn out to such fineness that they could be woven into fabric of pure gold or silver. Silk was added later to give color and body to the textile. Now gold or silver wire is used as a special weft twisted along with the silk. The beneras brocades sarees are really closely woven silk fabrics with the design worked out in gold or silver. Brocade is basically a silk with a raised pattern sometimes with silver and goldern patterns. Its a rich fabric with exotic patterns and designs.

Brocade silk sarees very ethnic and heavy fabric which gives a royal look to a wearer. These brocade sarees are very popular in evening wear and very formal occasions like marriages, festival get togethers, wedding parties etc. Brocade saree fabric is moderately absorbent and holds in the body heat. It tends to wrinkle. It’s a luxurious fabrics with deep lustre and excellent draping qualities. It dyes well but subject to atmospheric fadding.

Brocade sarees resist strething, shrinking, moths and also accumulates static electricity. A care is to be taken. Usually brocade saree wear are drycleaned. If washable, can be done by hand and a soft iron is required. Go for dry clean only if and when necessary. Always wrap the pallu and borders into the folds making the plain body protect the more intricate and delicate portions. Avoid putting any fragrance in the packing of brocade sarees but if u wanna have them scented, place a satin pouch filled with sandalwood powder in the case where they are kept. Also keep changing the way your dresses are folded. Last not the least, wrap your brocade silk sarees in muslin to avoid getting them stuck in anything and make sure that the silverfish cannot get them.

Indian brocade sarees are not only popular in India but its famous around the world.

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