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gujrati sareeProbably the richest in design and most varied in stitches is that of the Gujrat state. Probably the oldest and certainly the most important is the kathi embroidery.

Gujrat kathi embroidery have lot elephants, tigers, cobra and endigenous geometric designs figure in their embroidery. Six distinct styles. Most important is heer Bharat. Embroidery has long stitches and embossed designs. Generally the background is bluish grey and stitches in deep orange, dark blue and purple, white. At times to emphasis a pattern, the centre of the motif has a little mirror stitches on with a colorful buttonhole stitch. A popular item in this work is Gureri.

Famous gujrat kathi embroidery is in two styles:

a. Aditya fatiya

b. Patch work

Used in ornamental door frames- pachhi pattis, bhitiya, a wall hanging furniture items- chaklas, wall hangings chandrawar.

Gujrat Sindhi Taropa embroidery- This famous gujrat embroidery  is an interlacing stitch. It seemed to be utilized to emphasise the movement of the figure or its special characterstics to achieve an effort.

Ambhala- a mirror inset embroidery is today known best known. in Gujrat.

Mahajan is a saurashtra embroidery. This embroidery from Gujrat gets the fine effect with a satin shine by special hering bone stitch.

Katch embroidery called Ri Bharat or mochi stitch. It is worked on silk, gajj and at lash, floosy silk.

Kambhi is another famous embroidery of Gujrat. This is done by kambi women from cultivators community made for backs of bullocks, covers for horns etc.

Soop Bharat is done by women of Rapur in katch.

Moti Bharat is yet another embroidery famous in Gujrat. This is actually beed work. 

Gujrat is a well known centre which is famous for its traditional embroideries.

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