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colored-sareeIt’s very important to wear a right type of fabrics as they matter a lot in affecting one’s personality. Let’s see some shopping tips on selecting a right type of fabrics which is very important. To determine a fabrics suitability for a pattern and an individual

Drape at least 2 yards of fabric over yourself in front of a full length mirror to judge the precise effect of color and texture on your skin tone and figure.

To reconize quality or it’s opposite one must become aware of the characterstics that signify excellence and those that distinguise inferiority. The distinguishing features are often small and subtle and detectable only to an experienced eye. There are some more obvious criteria that can be used to advatage by notice and experienced shopper alike.

Enjoy some shopping tips below:

1. Weave should be firm: You can test this by scratching surface surface, if the threads shift easily, the garment seam may be inclined to slip or develop holes around the stitching.

2. Fabric weave should be uniform: Hold it up to the light and check for any unusually thick or thin arms. It will also show up weak spots or imperfections.

3. Filler yarns should meet selvedges at right angles. Yarnsat an oblique angle mean fabric is off grain.

4. Dye color should be even and look fresh. If there is a creaseline, check whether color has rubbed off. This could indicate poor dye quality and also pose a problem for cutting.

5. Print colors should be even with no no white spots showing through them except in areas where they are white.

6. A print that is geometric or otherwise symmetrical should meet the selvedges at a right angle. An irregular print cannot be corrected.

7. No powedery dust should appear when fabric is rubbed between the fingers. Visible powder is an indication of too much sizing a frequent device for concealing poor quality.

8. Fabric should shed wrinkles after crushing . If it does not the garment will always look crumpled.

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