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satin fabricSatin is actually a silk or rayon fabric with a glossy surface and a dull back. People are wearing it since hundred of years.

CREPE BACK: Satin finished with a crepe back and satin face can be used on either side.

DAMASK: This is a satin patterned in floral, arabesque designs.
DE CHINE: Earlier European term for lustrous silk fabrics originally made in China.
DUCHESSE: This type of satin is heavy, firm, exceptionally soft and lustrous satin.
FONLARD: This type of satin is patterened with broad striped/spots
JEAN: Twilled back satin
POMPADOUR: White satin embroidered with floral sprays in color.
SATINET: This is poor quality of satin.
SATEEN: Resembling satin in its glossy face but major part is cotton /wool. Used for linings. It is durable.Checkout more satin apparels online only at www.utsavsarees.com

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