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gujrati sareeGujrat is very much famous for its embroideries. Patola and gharchola from Gujrat has always been very famous around the world. Patola is a marriage saree of kathiawar. This is woven with warps and wefts that have been seperately dyed by the bandani or knot dyeing process. The speciality of these patola sarees remains that there is no harshness or abruptness of color, color flow one into another.

Gujrat is also famous for its gharchola sarees. These famous garchola sarees from Gujrat are type of tie-dye. Patterns are very intricate. As a rule a dark ground of red, choclate, brown or black. The bandhani work in these gharchola sarees is mostly in white, red, yellow or green. When more than two colors are used the design is called ‘phulwari’ and where animal motifs predominate it is called ‘shikaris’

One can easily find elephants, birds flowers and dancing dolls are tir and dyed to form the traditional designs. In more expensives gharcholas gold charkhanas or square are woven into the original fabric and tie dyed pattern produced within these squares.

There are some design in gujrat where bandhani work is restricted to border of saree and to large circle of figures in a traditional dance pose.

Whether its patola sarees or gharchola sarees from Gujrat they are world famous and will always be.

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