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Types of printing

printed-sareeThere are number of ways to go for fabric printing. Lets read them below:

Transpher printing: In transpher printing, design is first printed on paper, then transferred to fabrics by means of heat under pressure. Quality of result is comparable to that of roller or screen printing yet cost is about half . Transfer printing can be used in knits.

Burnt out printing: In burnt out printing fabric is printed with chemicals which actually dissolve one of the fibres used in construction. Usual result of burnt out printing is raised motif on sheer ground.

Discharge printing: In discharge printing fabric is first dyed, then roller printed with a chemical that bleaches out the design. This results in light prints on dark surface.

Duplex printing: In duplex printing fabric is printed on both sides, producing woven design effect.

Flocking: Fabric is roller printed with an adhesive, then cut fibres are applied to the surface, resulting in a textured pattern.

Resist printing: Resist paste is a roller printed or hand applied on fabric. The fabric is then piece dyed then paste removed, leavimg light pattern on darker ground.

Warp printing: Warp yarns are roller printed before weaving, then interlaced with plain weft yarns producing a design that is usually matted.

Roller printing: In roller printing design is transfered to fabric by means of engraved copper cylinders, a diff roller for each color. Fast and relatively inexpensive thousands of yards per hour can be printed.

Lots of printed coutures available at www.utsavsarees.com


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