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polyster-and-rayon-fabricPolyster is a strong fabric with low absorbency. The fabric called ‘polyster’ holds in the body heat and resist wrinkling, stretching, shrinking moths and mildew. Polyster accumulates static elasticity and retains heat set pleats.

Wide variety of polyster in many weights and constructions are available. Polyster fabric is used for dresses, suits, sports wear, lingerie, linings etc. Polyster is is washable in warm water by hand or machine. It may need little or no ironing.

Rayon on the other hand proves to be good affinity for dyes. It is relatively weak absorbent. Just like polyster ryon holds in the body heat. Rayon wrinkles, shrinks or stretches unless treated. Rayon is available in many weights, textures. It is silky to coarse and is used in dresses, blouses, suits, linings and draperies. On the care front, many rayons must be drycleaned. Some can be washed iron at moderate settings.

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