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saree24India is a country very well known for its traditional intricate embroideries. These Indian embroideries are famous not only in India but have also been first love for the people living abroad.

Checkout some famous Indian embroideries given below:

Aabla: Aabla is a traditional Indian embroidery which has its roots in Rajasthan and Kutch.

Aaari: Aari is a embroidery done on a cot. Aari originated from Barabanki near Lucknow. It is also known as khatla work.

Badla: Badla is a flat metallic wire, silver or gilt wire embroidery.

Butas and Butis: Buta butis are very popular. These are motifs composed of floral forms fitted into paisley shapes derived from the Mughal era.

Lari: Lari is a fine quality gold thread embroidery found in Bareily, benaras(varanasi), lucknow and agra. These days silver zari is equally popular.

Phool patti work: Applique from Aligarh where usually organdi or other fabric cutouts in floral and leaf motifs are affixed on to a plain fabric sometimes in tandam with silver tilla embroidery.

Chikankari: Originating from lucknow this invoves a technique of finding seperated warp and weft threads for a textual effect.

Taipchi: Darn stitch or muslin

Khatwa: Khatwa is basically an inverted satin stitch on muslin.

Murri: Murri is a satin knots.

Zardosi: Zardozi is basically a leaf scroll work in gold and silver thread on silk, satin, velvet and other rich fabrics. Zardozi is also combined with dabka work and its originally from Lucknow.

Mukaish: Mukaish or kamdani is a famous embroidery. These are silver dots strewn all over.

Kantha work: Originating from bangladesh, it resembles the running stitch.

Ek taar: Ek taar embroidery is basically a single thread embroidery used in crystals.

Bead and Crystal: Resham work is teamed with beads and crystals. Bead embroidery on textiles is done on embellish the fabric in a few regions Janagaon(Andra Pradesh) best known centre. Also Todas( Tamil Nadu) is a centre for bead embroidery.

Sitara work: Sitara embroidery is where sequins are embroidered into the fabric.

Embroidery have always been the backbone of India and that’s the biggest reason that today indian designs getting poularity worldwide.

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