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Manipur embroideries

manipur-emb.India is land of traditions and is gifted with a rich historical background. Different states, different culters, different traditions yet every thing so bonded. Number of states and each state with its own speciality. One among them is Manipur. Manipur has its own history and culture. It has its own attractions and one among them is the traditional embroideries done by the people of Manipur.

Talking about Manipur and the work done by the people is very colorful. Embroidery done on the border on phaneyk. A lungi worn by the women of manipur is very colorful. The piece is woven either in a single dark shade or with stripes in three different colorsor a light background. The stitching is so finely chieselled and even that it seems part of the weave itself. A very simple pattern is tindogbi done in satin stitch.

An elaborate design called akoybi, circular, one circle joining the other. Another famous manipur design is hijana. Hijana is an all over pattern. A delicate embroidery of white on white is found only in turbns. This is quite famous in Manipur. Mirror work embroidery done on ras dance costume is equally famous here.

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