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Affordable-SareeIn the earliest stages of the Indian textile industry, wool, silk. cotton and linen fibres were used for making fibres, and even today these fibres are very popular and are used for most of our clothing and household articles. But in addition to these, Indian textile industry is continually using many other fibres, which are natural, synthetic and man made.

These may be classified into the groups :

1.Natural fibres

2. Non thermoplastic fibres

3. Thermoplastic fibres

Natural fibres contain cellulosic, cotton, linen, jute and lots more.

Non thermoplasic fibres include cellulosic, rayon-viscose, mineral fibreglass, metallics etc

Thermoplastic fibres include polyster, nylonka, nylon-caprolan etc.

These different Indian textile fibres have actually resulted in creation of fabrics which further result in stylish clothes. Many online store are coming up with these ethnic wear. www.utsavsarees.com is one of such online stores offering the different variety of indian clothes for a women who lives in style.


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