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salwar5Woman is said to be the best creation of god. Over the period of years she has become more fashion conscious. Whether she is a home maker or a corporate, she is now more obsessed with her looks and appearance in comparison to her counter parts of the yesteryears.

Whether she chooses to wear Indian or western clothes she is willing to experiment with her looks, but certain basic tips when kept in mind before buying clothes go a long way in making a beautiful you.

Are you keen on Indian wear-salwar kameez do not worry. Firstly it is essential to know your body structure and secondly to try to understand and wear clothes that suit your personality. Try to wear those salwar kameez which will hide your physical flaws. Here are tips on wearing salwar kameez which will be of great help.

Tip 1- Wear the length of your kameez a little longer to look tall. Shorter length kameez will make you look short. This tip surely works.

Tip 2- A knee length kameez or kurti would be just fine if you want to cut down on your height.

Tip 3- Wear longer sleeves to cover your arms with the length of kameez not too short if you are bulky. Vertical prints or lines in dark colors will cut down on the flab.

Tip 4- If you have broad shoulders wear light fabrics. Do not wear puff sleeves as they will make you look broader.

Tip 5- If you have fat arms do not wear sleeveless kameez as by doing so you would be drawing emphasis on your fat arms, instead wear sleeves at least 5 inches in length.

In order to get the best custom made salwar kameez collections you can log on to www.utsavsarees.com for best results.


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