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Season's latest Indian fabrics and designs online

Capri-Style-SuitAccording to the modern climatic studies India undergoes seasons like the summer season, monsoon or the rainy season and the winter season.The presence of different seasons raises the need for clothes in fabrics which can cater to these different and changing climatic conditions.

Summer season is that time of the climatic cycle where the sun shines at its peak. The scorching heat drenches everyone with sweat. Therefore light weight fabrics should be worn. Light weight fabrics are thin therefore they are cool and comfortable to wear. Some of the summer fabrics are cotton, linen, polyester, chiffon, georgette. Cotton cloth is made from a fibre which is obtained from the cotton plants seed pod. It is soft and absorbent fabric, can be dyed easily and is available in a wide range of colours and prints. You can also opt for a blend of cotton and polyester fabric as cotton keeps the body cool and polyester does not need ironing, therefore it is a good bet. Linen is made from flax a bast fiber taken from stalk of the plant. It is a strong and smooth fabric. It is also a highly absorbent fabric. Polyester fibres are strong and they come in many weights. It is also crease resistant.Chiffon is a silk fabric which is soft and transparent. It is light weight and can be dyed easily. Georgette is a sheer crepe silk fabric. It is heavier than chiffon and has a crinkled surface.

Rainy season is one people anxiously look up to for the much needed respite from the scorching summers. It is also a season when the weather is quite sticky. You need to wear light weight fabrics like cotton, khadi, linen which do not stick to the body. Khadi is a hand spun and hand woven cotton fabric. It is a very versatile fabric as it can be worn in summers as well as winters.

Then comes the winter season when you need special clothes to fight the biting cold. There are different types of fabrics woven and knitted which give warmth to the body, some of them being silk, velvet, corduroy, brocade, tweed. Silk a natural protein fiber is obtained from cocoon of a silkworm. It is of different types and also comes in different colours. Tussar silk or raw silk is one of them. It is made from wild silk worms and has an irregular surface because the yarns are thick and thin. Velvet is made from silk. It is a type of tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed. It is an expensive fabric. Corduroy is a winter friendly fabric. It is durable. Brocade is a rich and expensive fabric. It is a jacquard weave which has an uncombed effect. Tweed is a soft unfinished woolen fabric which is equally durable.

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