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Saree Attire – the most elegant wear for a women

s-Day-Special-SareeA saree is not just a traditional Indian ensemble. It symbolizes feminity like no other garment does. Its attire women are most passionate about, despite the avalanche of suits and fusion outfits.

Fabrics: The main criteria when selecting sarees is that they should have a good fall. The best fabrics for sarees are soft flowing fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe.

Embroidery: This is humongous subject and the one witnessing maximum experimentation and innovation. However, the kind of embroidery that really stands out in saree are coloured stones, Aari, Kundan and three dimentional types of sequins. These types of embroideries give classic shimmer to the saree.

Drapes: There are many innovative drapes such as trouser saree, double saree, ghagra saree, round the neck saree-best worn to suit a particular occasion.                  

Trouser Saree: It is a saree worn on trousers instead of a petticoat to give it a more westernized and modern look.

Double Saree: These are two sarees draped simultaneously to give it a lehenga effect. It has both pallus in the front. The back also looks very elegant with a crossover of the two sarees.

Ghagra saree: is yet another option for a lehenga. The embroidery, color combination and fabric are all specially designed to give a ghagra choli effect.Round the neck saree has the pallu worn round the neck, to give the look of a skirt and dupatta flung around.

Colors: Bright colors are in right now. Colors like Orange, Red, Turquoise, Burgundy, Sunflower yellow would be perfect for wedding and receptions.

Jewelry: Jewellery that compliments the saree should be in jadau, kundan all such precious and semiprecious stones.

Size Matters:

Fabrics: A heavy lady can go for a georgette and chiffon. All those who are slim can go for organza.

Colors: A big lady should opt for bright shades- Burgundy, Blue , Black, Purple. And for the slimmer women it should be pink, blue, peach etc.

Drapes: A standard drape always looks good for slimmer person and seedha pallu for a heavy lady.


Online fashionable earring jewelry for that chic look

Dangle-EarringsEarrings have always attracted the attention of the masses and enticed the populace. Ever wondered why? Well, firstly earrings have been the most desired item of jewelry by women over the past decade with their insatiable desire of picking one, at the past decade with their insatiable desire of picking one, at the minutest opportunity. As a matter of fact, without them we feel naked. Seldom do we go unnoticed with our earlobes looking bare as compared to any other part of our body. Secondly, unlike other items of jewelry, earrings have evolved dramatically in shape, size and design since their origin and thirdly, this is the only jewelry item that penetrates the body.

Earrings are available in different designs and in different materials. Some women love to go for gold earrings while others enjoy the beauty of diamond earrings. For the formal evening occasions, diamonds girandoles earrings are all the rage, while during the day girandoles set with more sober semiprecious stones such as garnets, cornelians, pearls, adventuring glass and pastes are preferred. Stone studded earrings are also very much in vogue. Beaded colorful earrings are very famous among the college goers as they add up to their looks and looks extremely trendy and fashionable.

Check out lots of different Earring designs at Utsav for that ultra glamorous look.


Shimmering Indian Jewelry at great prices

New-Jewellery-DesignGone are the days when investment cash exchanged hands for a piece of jewelry. No longer is jewelry hoarded in ugly grey chests to be sold to meet requirements on a rainy day. Today men and women both enjoy wearing and flaunting jewellery. With this advent of wearable jewelry into the world of fashion there comes a need to have designs that are truly remarkable. These designs require being trendy and extremely wearer friendly.

The spirit of Utsav is infused with excitement. Our team of leading designers and craftsmen are happy to take challenges. Our constant quest for perfection thus gives birth to jewelry pieces that are immortal masterstrokes of art.

The range consists of shimmering pieces such as  Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces to multifunctional jewelery which can be adorned as scarf clasps, brooches, pendants, bracelets. The jewelry glamorous, sensual, intense, radiant, playful, playful, beautiful and most of all eternal. The assortment of designs has been crafted keeping the contemporary women and her multifaceted lifestyle in mind. An interesting blend of passion and fashion has led to trend setting pieces that promise to hypnotize.

Looking after the need of this segment that truly loves indulging in innovative types of jewelry at Utsav in  best possible prices.  

Styling Tips for the Grooms

SherwaniLikewise brides, grooms too need the best dressing tips for the very special D-day as its equally important for them too. The pre-wedding task most Grooms look forward to is choosing a dress. Don’t rush into anything. Get loads of inspiration and ideas from this information to choose your dream dress and please don’t forget to remember the color your dream girl is going to wear. But sometimes, it entirely depends upon your personal liking of colors and cuts. But you should gather up some information regarding your complexion and personality. Lots of dresses have zero hanger appeal, but look great once you put them on. Always go for customized dresses as they are made according to your physique and body structure.

For Fairer Groom:

Colors to wear: To look your best on your best day go for the colors which boost your skin tone like Shocking Pink, Chinese Blue, Bright White and Emerald Green.

Colors to avoid: To avoid looking washed out, fair skinned grooms should not go for Burnt Reds, Murky Blues, Orange Golds and Muddy Greens.

Styling tips: For fair skinned grooms, winter characteristics work well. Go for bright winter colors with deeper shades. This will balance the overall look and bring out the darkness of your hair and eyes.

Outfits: To match the contemporary fusional look of your bride, incorporate the colors into your sherwani like using them into your embroidery. Bright white is the best suited color as it boosts your skin tone and on this you can play with any color for your embroidery.

For Medium Tanned Grooms:

Colors to wear: If you are medium tanned then go for colors like Oyster White, Coffee Brown, Bittersweet Red and Old Gold.   

Colors to avoid: For your golden brown complexion, don’t go for colors that are blue based and bright or those that are of a much cooler shade.

Styling Tips: Classic autumn palettes with more softer and earthy shades are more suited to your moderate brown tone complexion. You can add a deep yellow with muted qualities; this will accentuate the facial features particularly the eyes.

Outfits: An oyster white sherwani will boost your skin tone and will add a traditional look to your personality. Go for soft natural colors and mould them with accent colors like bittersweet red for the embroidery. The brocade embroidery in colors like antique gold and dark tomato will highlight your complexion.

For Darker Grooms:

Colors to wear: If you are blessed with the dusky complexion then go for colors like Bright White, Icy Green, Icy Violet and True Blue.

Colors to avoid: Don’t go for the colors like Orangey-Red, Rusted Golds, Moss Greens, Teals and Mocha Browns.

Styling Tips: The darker skinned are particularly blessed and can carry off any color from icy blue shades to bright winter hues. Dark colors do work if you add a contrasting brightness to balance the skin tone and eyes.

Outfits: One can go for a sherwani which suits the dusky complexion like Rusted Gold. When paired with your bride, this will look awesome as it draws a striking contrast.

Dressing Tips for different Brides

jeewlerEvery bride want to look perfect on her D-day as its the most important day in her life. Today’s trend goes where both brides and grooms outfits are well planned and discussed and are matching to the partners outfits. Sometimes bridal shopping for the outfit can dictated by personal taste, favourite color, cuts etc but one should look to their complexion when selecting the right shade which complement her natural color. What looks superb on your dark skinned friend might look washed out on you if you are a fair skinned while by the same token, the wrong color choice could fail enhance your dusky beauty.

Dressing Tips for Fair Brides:

Suitable Colors : If you are a fair complexion then color likes True Red, Shocking Pink, Icy Aqua, Silver suits you best. For a fair bride thes colors suits the best.

Avoid Colors: Fair brides should avoid muted yellow based colors like orangey red, moss greens and teal blues. These colors lack sharpness and will make fairer complexions look pallid rather pure. So its better to avoid such colors.

Style tips: Fair brides always have deep winter characterstics that would suit colorings that are bright and cool. However,unlike darker complexion a fairer skin undertone can posses equalled clearity and coolness.

Outfits: A bright white and silver theme manipulates light to make skin look full of health with added silver threadwork, crystallised pearls and diamantes to maximize a radiant glow. A fair bride can experiment with various colors when it comes to her outfit colors.

Make up: Go with frosty whites and silvers or sapphires and cool blues on the eyes to frame rich brown eyes. For regal lips, an icy pink blended with a very subtle lilac adds a hint of demure femininity.

Jewelry: Western themed jewelry with pearls, silvers, platinum, white golds, diamonds or crystals. With such gems its better not to opt for over elaborate designs. If its there, ensure they’re concentrated, like in earings or dainty bracelets.

Dressing Tips for Darker Brides:

Suitable Colors : If you are a dark complexion then color likes Purple, burgundy, Deep Pink, Blue green.

Avoid Colors: Darker brides should avoid shades that are diluted such as orange tinged reds, rustic golds and mossy greens.

Style tips: Dusky skin tones call for intense fiery shades. But with black hair and brown eyes, the effect is just as dramatic with cool blue based hues. If you are more inclined towards colors that are are equally deep as your sultry complexion, you can wear it as the main color while injecting icy tones or bright winter shades.

Outfits : One can go for deep hot magenta with splashes of purple with embroideries like swaroski, threadwork, gems, crystals and brocades.

Make up: Darker skin tones suit variety of color combinations- such as hot pink with bluey green, bright burgendy and amethyst. But an icy aqua also adds extra spark to your look. Lips should be equally hot with a shocking pink to compliment your outfit.

Jewelry: Jewelled accesories that go best with silver, platinum, white gold, diamonds and crystals. They will stand apart from your skin color but its very important that nothing is over powered it.

Dressing Tips for Medium tanned Brides:

Suitable Colors : If you are a medium tanned complexion then color likes Orange Red, Mustard, turquoise blue.

Avoid Colors: Medium tanned brides should avoid icy silver, bright blue and shocking pink. Cool colors or those with blue base cast an unsightly shadow on sun kissed tones. Stay away from sharp icy colors beacuse they make medium brown complexion come across an harsh and musculine.

Style tips: One should opt for colors that are rich , warm and spicy. Warmer colors and those that are muted work best, either worn seperately, or as a combination to enhance skin tone. If you’re lucky enough to have hazel coloured eyes, they’ll brighten up instantly.

Outfits : A warm rich orange red color theme will look perfect- not only does it glam up meduim skin tones, but also abides by the expectations of the elegant traditional bride.

Make up: Earthy hues add further dimention to set eyes. A racy scarlet red teamed with earthy brown on the lids is in keeping with the traditional look or to diversify the palette, give eyes a brush of olive green with bronze and gold on the lower lids.

Jewelry : Antique jewelry goes well with the outfit. To keep with the earthly red tones, invest in antique copper plated pieces or weathered bronzes or gold finish to give off the definitive look.

Website Header – March Update

utsav-storeNew look has been given to the website header and footer to make our customers shopping, a bit more exciting.
Mini shopping cart is now available on all pages.
– Men’s Wear and Jewellery category links which were earlier available in the drop down menu can now be seen on the main header with tabbed navigation.
LIVE Chat button is now available at the top right most corner of the website with a new design.
– Now, you can easily sign up for offers and promotions from the Email Exclusives option visible on all pages at the bottom right most corner.

Regards, Utsav Development Team

Happy Ugadi to all our customers and friends from Karnatka and Andhra Pradesh, India


As another year is here….. May it bring you the blessings of happiness and prosperity. Happy Ugadi.

Regards, Utsav Team

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