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s-Day-Special-SareeA saree is not just a traditional Indian ensemble. It symbolizes feminity like no other garment does. Its attire women are most passionate about, despite the avalanche of suits and fusion outfits.

Fabrics: The main criteria when selecting sarees is that they should have a good fall. The best fabrics for sarees are soft flowing fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe.

Embroidery: This is humongous subject and the one witnessing maximum experimentation and innovation. However, the kind of embroidery that really stands out in saree are coloured stones, Aari, Kundan and three dimentional types of sequins. These types of embroideries give classic shimmer to the saree.

Drapes: There are many innovative drapes such as trouser saree, double saree, ghagra saree, round the neck saree-best worn to suit a particular occasion.                  

Trouser Saree: It is a saree worn on trousers instead of a petticoat to give it a more westernized and modern look.

Double Saree: These are two sarees draped simultaneously to give it a lehenga effect. It has both pallus in the front. The back also looks very elegant with a crossover of the two sarees.

Ghagra saree: is yet another option for a lehenga. The embroidery, color combination and fabric are all specially designed to give a ghagra choli effect.Round the neck saree has the pallu worn round the neck, to give the look of a skirt and dupatta flung around.

Colors: Bright colors are in right now. Colors like Orange, Red, Turquoise, Burgundy, Sunflower yellow would be perfect for wedding and receptions.

Jewelry: Jewellery that compliments the saree should be in jadau, kundan all such precious and semiprecious stones.

Size Matters:

Fabrics: A heavy lady can go for a georgette and chiffon. All those who are slim can go for organza.

Colors: A big lady should opt for bright shades- Burgundy, Blue , Black, Purple. And for the slimmer women it should be pink, blue, peach etc.

Drapes: A standard drape always looks good for slimmer person and seedha pallu for a heavy lady.


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