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A Masterpiece Creation at Utsav

saree11Utsav has its manufacturing hub in Jaipur – the pink city of India and the land of the Rajas or the kings. The ancient kings and the queens of India were very much fashionable. Their costumes were made by professional designers and skilled tailors. And their jewellery matched their clothing and moods. They chose their fine jewellery not only for adorning their looks but also to radiate the charisma of the gems embedded in jewellery and apparel.

In tune with our traditional and contemporary Indian fashion, we, at Utsav, have continued to imbibe the glamourous fashion style of the kings and the queens of India in our awesome collection of sarees, salwar kameez and lehenga cholis. With more than 20000 designs in our dresses, you can choose from the type of fabric – crepe, georgette, cotton or silk. Or you can select according to the type of work – embroidery or printed. And each one of our dresses is made to perfection by a team of skilled professional workers whose only objective is to make the customer, YOU, happy and satisfied.

We have more than 2000 collection of jewellery designs to match your attire. You can also choose and wear your favourite and lucky colour of jewellery for your auspicious occasion. Not only that; you can even call us or email us to have an exclusive jewellery set which nobody else but ONLY YOU would be the privileged owner. 

Being the manufacturer as well as the seller, Utsav have been able to listen and implement the specific requests of the customers. We have continued to create new designs which have kept us in the forefront of the competitive fashion industry. Many of the designs which we have for our privileged customers are not available in any fashion store or an online store. We have been winners in catering to the elegant tastes of fashionable women because our designs at Utsav are uniquely different and we do things differently.

Leonardo da Vinci painted his masterpiece “Mona Lisa” years ago. We continue to draw inspiration from his great work even now. Each creation of Utsav Sarees is a masterpiece. We welcome you to visit us and buy online at Utsavsarees.com for doorstep shopping or to our exclusive store in Jaipur, whichever is convenient to you. Our courteous staff shall always be there to escort you in your shopping.

!!! We wish your shopping a pleasant and memorable experience !!!


Largest Selection of Sarees and Jewellery at Utsav

saree25Shah Rukh Khan on his maiden visit to the land of Bollywood – Mumbai, said to himself, “One day, I am going to conquer here”. After a few years, he said, “I was a naive dreamer. The people of Mumbai have conquered my heart with their love and patronage to my films”.

Similarly, from the time we, at Utsav, launched our online sales to reach the doorsteps of millions of women in India and abroad, we have been delighted by the overwhelming response from our happy and satisfied customers.

We always knew that we are the “Numero Uno” in manufacturing, wholesale and retail of elegant sarees and designer jewellery. But when the customers themselves proved it by their continuous online buying of Utsav sarees and jewellery, and also, by referring our collection to their friends and relatives, our knowledge soon became a realization – Utsav is Numero Uno.

We have more than 20000 collection of sarees and jewellery to suit the tastes of beautiful Indian women. You can choose from our traditional or contemporary range. Also you can select from our designer collection. We can even do custom designing according to your specific requirements because we are the manufacturers. With our manufacturing base in Jaipur and 24 X 7 online sales facility, we can serve according to the budget of every Indian woman and on every occasion. We are here for you only.

Even geographical boundaries are not a barrier for us. Your sarees and jewellery which you purchase online at Utsav, they will reach you by reliable express air services of DHL / FEDEX / UPS. And you can track your shipment too.

Like Julius Caesar said, “I came, I saw, I conquered”. We at Utsav can only say with love and affection to our fellow women,

“You came to Utsavsarees.com, you saw our sarees and jewellery, and you conquered our heart with your purchases”.

And we mean it with Dil Se.

Special 2008 Mother’s Day collection – beautiful sarees, salwar kameez and elegant jewellery

bangleThis year, the Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 11 May 2008

She is the special person for you, whom you have always trusted. She has gifted you each and everyday. Now it is the right time and the proper Utsav for you to express your affection for her. She is the Indian woman who adores the saree which gives the grace of a lady. She is the same Indian woman whose face glitters with fine jewellery which she has been wearing since childhood. No matter she may be in a different land far from her motherland where she spent her childhood, she will always look beautiful in a traditional saree and designer jewellery. We at Utsav Sarees, feel her emotions, just like you do.

So why not partner with us on this Mother’s Day to choose the beautiful saree and elegant jewellery from our special 2008 Mother’s Day collection?

And you don’t have to go for shopping to the crowded malls miles away from your home after experiencing the nightmares in traffic jams when we, at Utsav Sarees, are here at your doorstep.

Utsav Sarees is once again hereto serve your shopping needs for the 2008 Mother’s Day.

For our privileged customers who have subscribed to our newsletter, we are offering a discount of 10 % when you shop from our more than 20000 collection of sarees and jewellery. This offer is ONLY for YOU who have continued to be a part of the Utsav family.

Use discount code – MOTHER at checkout for 10% off at Utsav

We have already short listed the sarees and jewellery which our mothers may like for 2008 Mother’s Day. Now it is for you, our sisters and brothers, to finally decide the saree (traditional, contemporary, designer or embroidery) and jewellery (studded with stones, kundan or pearls) which she will love to wear on Sunday, the 11 May 2008.

!!! Happy Mother’s Day 2008 !!!!

Autobiography of an Indian Saree

sareeNamaste! I am a simple saree,
the dress of an Indian nari*.
To express my clothing right,
I request a poet to gently write.

I am five meters in length,
the lady trusts my strength.
Be it the queen or the maid,
I shelter her though i fade.

I come in different fabrics,
lady tests before she picks.
I get rubbed and twisted,
then I hear I’m highly listed.


My owner is also clever,
says I’ll live not the liver.
The lady chooses her color,
buys me with full fervour.

I am worn in a marriage,
it is a heavenly carriage.
I am washed and pressed,
lade gets nicely redressed.

With dignity to lady’s race,
I protect her with grace.
I request the kind and wise,
to my lady, be her nice.

*hindi word for a lady.

Tips on wearing a saree




Tips on wearing a saree?Now there are few important tips that you should take care while wearing a saree.

First, is the saree pins you gonna use are gonna bethe double lock pins. Never use a safety pins as they gonna tear off the saree.

Second, always wear a properly fitted blouse.

 Third wear a petticoat which has a A-line fitting so that you don’t look fat in a saree. Happy Draping!

How to wear a saree in ghagra style?

ghagra-style-sareeHow to wear a saree in ghagra style?

Now to wear a ghagra, we start with the basic tuck from here. Take your odhani right behind, now start making pleats. Bring to your knee used and pin it up on your shoulders. Now take this right behind. Make a tuck and remove this from here. Now very tightly and bring it a move heavier look. You will take this dupatta from your behind and pin this in front like this.

How to wear a saree in Bengali style?

bengali-sareeHow to wear a saree in bengali style?

Now see this is the basic tuck we have done and now you gonna learn the Bengali style.
I know everybody you all must be waiting for this style. So this is done this way, you have done the basic. Take this saree and make a reverse pleat. Reverse pleat is a pleat where you can see your fall down. Now tuck this in, saree till here giving it a very nice neat effect. Now make your pleats equally. These pleats have to be equally and Bengalis usually they wear a bordered saree. So whenever you wearing a bordered saree just work it over the border, dont take the material with it. Keep throwing the material back till you get this border straight. This has to be vertically going up and dont worry about the materials. There will be a lot of material going back. Now that you have thrown the material back pin this portion from here and very neatly take out this and pin this side like this to get a nice effect over here like this. Now take this material from behind and like the Bengalis generally add the key ring to the end and throw it back. So if you feel like you can add if you dont what you can do is just take this border and pin it up over here. And see how a Bengali brides look.

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