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JFU745_large-earringsEarrings have always attracted the attention of the women, and enticed the populace too. Well, firstly, earrings have been the most desired item of jewellery over the past decade with their voracious desire of picking one, at the minutest opportunity. Secondly, unlike other items of jewellery, earrings have evolved dramatically in shape, size and design since their origin.

For a long time, women cloaked their ears with neatly tied hair at the back not giving an extent for highlighting their pompous earrings. But in the late 16th century, women showed a renewed interest in ear ornaments, especially in the pearl drops, which predominated for the next century and a half and subsists thereafter. They were far more comfortable to wear than the “Girandole” earrings, which rivaled the drops type from the late 17th century. In the early 17th century all the basics of the earrings remained separate: The hoop, the central part and the drop and it is only the end of the century that all parts of earrings began to be flock together, as a whole.

By the beginning of the 18th century, earrings have become the indispensable form of ornamentation. Two types of earrings dominate the 18th century: The “Girandole” and the “Pendeloque”. During the 18th century hair was worn bunched up on the head away from the face, leaving the ears uncovered; and the low cut dresses for formal wear left the area around neck and ears perfectly suited for ornamentation with earrings.

The earrings underwent a great revolution in 19th and 20th century followed by 21st century. The credit goes to the fashion Czars who introduced the word costume jewellery and gave a twist to the jewellery market by giving a wide variety of affordable items for the masses as well as a add-on in the lists of the classes.

The costume jewellery is common with the name junk with the youngsters and even women loves to wear the costume jewellery as you get them at very low prices and you can change a new pair matching your dress daily.

Hurry, grab a nice pair soon. Eagerly waiting for your queries.


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