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JFU827-marron-necklessTraditional jewelry to India is like what fish is to water. Just the very mention conjures up beautiful images of India’s ornate craft. Though there are numerous types of jewelry available in India, enameling and filigree have always attracted jewelry connoisseurs from both India and abroad. Indian jewelry ranks high among the world and is considered a landmark technique from India. Any final piece requires the combined skills of craftsmen, the designer, the goldsmith, the engraver, the polisher, stone setter and stringer. The main centers in India are Jaipur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Kangra, Kutch and Kashmir. Indian jewelry is famous every where and among all ages. From brides to young college crowd  love to go with Indian jewelry giving them perfect look for perfect occasion. Brides and jewelry are synonymous to each other. Each passing day introduces a new style into rarefied spheres of haute jewelry for brides of today who posses what they desire. Brides have gotten bold and are adding colored accents to their bridal ensemble in the way of colored sashes and even color in their jewelry. Various passionate hues has been captured into making of authentic bridal jewelry with an inspirational difference. The Bridal jewelry includes those heavy traditional kundan necklaces, maang teekas, nath, maatha patti, ranihaar, bangles, rings, anklets, studded waistbelts, guluband, nosepins are now designed imbibing the traditional customs interlinked with modern techniques. The eclectic mix of tradition and modernity understands the need of today’s bride to be who prefers elegance yet never wish to surpass the generations of traditionalism.


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