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braceletThe market is packed with them; jewellery boxes are over flowing with them. Still there is that ‘one more’ bracelet we crave. There are certain pieces of jewellery that demand more attention than the others and for most of us; it has been the delicate bracelet. As being girls, you are often presented with bracelets with pretty charms or it could be plain chains or designer bracelets.

In ancient India, bracelets were very popular and were worn either along with glass bangles and gold bangles or just by themselves. It was dressy piece of accessory as small pendant was hung from it and sometimes the pendant was replaced by small chains all attached to the main bracelet. They were from same kadha family but due to its nature of grasping the wrists firmly but delicately they were quite a success. Internationally bracelets are more of rage than bangles and it is worn by both the sexes of all ages.

Today as we scour jewellery shops we witness a revival of the bracelet. The market is flooded by huge variety-tennis bracelets to charm bracelets, leather or more. Suddenly they are the hottest thing to buy and almost everyone sports one – the younger lot may be seen wearing many together. Bracelets provide a novel alternative to the usual kada and bangle. All thanks to the difference in their form, there is choice of wearing them either tightly or they can be left to hang loose around the wrist. The material used to make them is also different- you find them in materials like gold, silver, copper, wire, feathers, leather, beads and lots more. 


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