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printed-sareesHow to wear a saree?

Basic tuck always start from here. You tuck your sarees seeing the length of how much you wanted from the floor. The saree should never float on the floor, nor it should be very high. Now we will make the pallu. To make the pallu, take the saree right around, give a tuck here and start pleating your saree. This is how you pleat your saree. Hold them properly, make beautiful pleats out of them and place them on your shoulder right below your knee. Now before pinning this up what you have to do is, take this out so that you have a nice neat effect here. Take this saree from your back and do a tuck here. Take this saree from your back and do a tuck here. Now before doing anything else pin this up otherwise it gotta fall off. Now take this saree like this bring it over here and you add a pin here. This pin is given to add a nice neat effect over here. Now start making a pleats of the lower left over material, this is how you make pleatshold them properly dust them so that they fall off straight down. Tuck the entire saree just in between your naval like this. Now before tucking this entire thing this end, this end has to be pulled. When you pulling this effect is coming up tight you just give it a twist tuck it in take the rest material and tuck the entire thing inside. This is how you wear the basic saree.


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