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bengali-sareeHow to wear a saree in bengali style?

Now see this is the basic tuck we have done and now you gonna learn the Bengali style.
I know everybody you all must be waiting for this style. So this is done this way, you have done the basic. Take this saree and make a reverse pleat. Reverse pleat is a pleat where you can see your fall down. Now tuck this in, saree till here giving it a very nice neat effect. Now make your pleats equally. These pleats have to be equally and Bengalis usually they wear a bordered saree. So whenever you wearing a bordered saree just work it over the border, dont take the material with it. Keep throwing the material back till you get this border straight. This has to be vertically going up and dont worry about the materials. There will be a lot of material going back. Now that you have thrown the material back pin this portion from here and very neatly take out this and pin this side like this to get a nice effect over here like this. Now take this material from behind and like the Bengalis generally add the key ring to the end and throw it back. So if you feel like you can add if you dont what you can do is just take this border and pin it up over here. And see how a Bengali brides look.


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