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printed-sareeHow to wear a saree in flowing style?

Now this is a basic tuck you have already done.Now take this right back this way gather the material and throw it till your knee. This way gather the material and throw it till your knee. Now take this material from hem, bring it in forward and give it a tuck. Now this is called a falling palla or throwing style in which you don’t have to pin taking the pleats. Now make your pleats like this in the basic, the first drape I have taught you to take this & pin this up here. In this falling palla we are not doing this, we are leaving this material and we are tucking this right below a naval. Now to give it a neat effect, what we are doing is, take this material from here and give this to this hand of yours and pull. The moment you gonaa to pull you gonna get a nice tight effect over here. This thing. Just give it a twist, insert the material inside very neatly with your two fingers. Now this is what you get. Throw the palla, pinning it up behind. Now we have pinned it back. See you have got a nice neat effect over here. The whole work of your saree is being seen. Now if you, if you gonna carry this way , your saree , its gonna fall off. So what we need to do is, we need to pin this up. To pin this up what you gonna do is gather the material here like this. Make small pleats of them. Hold the material like this. Take it right to the side of your waist and pin it over here. To pin this. what you gonna do is take this material out and pin it here like this and now it’s like this. So whenever this saree you wear this saree, this borders is not gonna move. Its gonna stay in its place.


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