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sareeNamaste! I am a simple saree,
the dress of an Indian nari*.
To express my clothing right,
I request a poet to gently write.

I am five meters in length,
the lady trusts my strength.
Be it the queen or the maid,
I shelter her though i fade.

I come in different fabrics,
lady tests before she picks.
I get rubbed and twisted,
then I hear I’m highly listed.


My owner is also clever,
says I’ll live not the liver.
The lady chooses her color,
buys me with full fervour.

I am worn in a marriage,
it is a heavenly carriage.
I am washed and pressed,
lade gets nicely redressed.

With dignity to lady’s race,
I protect her with grace.
I request the kind and wise,
to my lady, be her nice.

*hindi word for a lady.


Comments on: "Autobiography of an Indian Saree" (3)

  1. Excellent poem, a must read for all.

  2. Really Interesting. I like saree. Saree is comfortable to wear. Saree is symbol of Indian Culture.

  3. yes, heena was right. saree is comfortable and a symbol of Indian. my wife has saree too. when my wife wear a saree, our neighbour think she was from some place of India…

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