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The Utsav of Gifting Yourself

necklaceGifting is a way of expressing your feelings of love for your near and dear ones. When you gift, you give your time, money and effort. These are the things which you need for any material purchase. Usually we gift our friends, relatives, colleagues and business partners on an utsav, and sometimes, we create our own utsav to gift to the people who mean so much to us.

And you have always rightly and timely come to the online fashion store of www.utsavsarees.com to satisfy your fashion needs. When it is your own hard earned money, why not gift yourself again from our collection at www.utsavsarees.com? This moment is the utsav for you to celebrate your existence. Just like celebration of others’ achievements needs a memorable gift, your own celebration needs a memorable gift which your body and mind can say unanimously, “Yes Dear! This is the gift you like and love”. Again for gifting yourself, you need a trustworthy friend, besides yourself, of course, who knows you and your shopping needs.

From your own voice, implicitly or explicitly, it is the same answer – www.utsavsarees.com, which shall always be there for you to help you in your purchase of exclusive clothing, designer jewellery and footwear for ladies, gentlemen and kids.

Enjoy the pleasure of gifting yourself any moment and on any utsav from www.utsavsarees.com because it is your life. Do not wait for a better tomorrow when your present is the best.


The Magic Of Indian Salwar Kameez

salwar4They look sober and suffice to the grace of a lady. That is why Salwar Kameezes have been universally accepted by not only Indian women living in India and abroad but also by women of other countries. And when it comes to choosing and shopping a proper salwar kameez for yourself, there is no better place to look for other than utsavsarees.com.

Our salwar kameezes retain the traditional Indian image while incorporating the contemporary designs which a lady of the 21st century is looking for. Considering the diversity in climate and ethnicity of Indian culture, we at utsavsarees.com provide customized tailoring for your specific fashion needs. From light and soothing colours for hot summer wear to vividly bright colours for winter wear, utsavsarees.com has the entire collection displayed at its mega online fashion store.

The salwar kameezes protect your delicate skin from harsh and cold winter and prevent it from becoming further dry. In summer, they protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

It is so important for you to choose the right fabric which also provides ventilation and doesn’t cause sweating and foul odour. Our team of fashion designers and tailors at utsavsarees.com always choose the best fabric which is gentle to a gentle lady.

So there is good news for girls and ladies who want to retain their fair complexion. Now you can choose and shop these salwar kameezes from utsavsarees.com and have your natural fair skin colour without getting sun burn.

Do you now know the secret to fair, smooth and glowing skin of your mother? It’s the magic of good quality salwar kameezes which she bought at utsavsarees.com.

I Confess : I Like To Shop

utsav-storeOne of our regular online customers shared her honest feedback with our customer support department at utsavsarees.com, “I confess : I like to shop; actually a lot. Shopping is an art and a science which I have honed through virtual and real shopping”.

Ever since Utsav launched its online fashion store at utsavsarees.com, it has witnessed the enthusiasm and the knowledge of its shoppers. Our online shoppers hail from all the six inhabited continents (we are yet to reach Antarctica). They are the ladies who have traveled across the globe and who have collected almost every well known brand in their wardrobe, including Utsav.

For such women of style, every day is an utsav and every moment is an utsav. And they enjoy every utsav of shopping not only to satisfy the desire to shop for their own needs but also to gift to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

At times, even the most experienced shopper can fall a victim to forgery and adulteration in the fabric and its colour. No matter you may be called a shopaholic, it is your own hard earned money. Similarly, how would you feel as a wise shopper when you find that the jewellery you purchased from a sales outlet was defective and lost its shine? Or what would be your reaction when you find that the footwear you now wear in your home is not as comfortable as you had tried it in the store?

Obviously, we feel cheated. Don’t we? Many of our privileged customers had experienced the same nightmare before they switched on to a well known and trusted brand of Utsav. Now at utsavsarees.com, they were enjoying their shopping experience without any fear of being cheated. The brand of Utsav is not here to give any fake quality. After manufacturing with monitoring of its quality, each and every product at utsavsarees.com is nicely displayed with its list price. Utsav gives the value for money for every purchase done by you, whether it is apparel for ladies, gentlemen or kids.

We encourage you to continue enjoying and enhancing your shopping skills at utsavsarees.com which you have been honing in the previous years. With our professional and secure online sales service at utsavsarees.com, you can always shop with satisfaction.

While other stores may entice you to shop till you drop, we will never like you to drop because we care for you like our family members. We want you to shop and hop and shop. And enjoy your shopping like you enjoy your life.

Happy Shopping!

A Revolution in Indian Fashion

lehengaWe had a dream. We had faith. We knew we could do it. We have done it.

We, at Utsav, have brought a revolution in Indian fashion. We did a comprehensive research of the demands of fashionable and beautiful Indian women. We found that there was something missing. There was a gap between the fashion demands of an Indian woman and the supply. As a result of this gap, her fashion desires were not being fulfilled. Although she was beautiful, her clothing was not at par with the God-gifted beauty she was possessing. With its manufacturing infrastructure in the city of fashion style, Jaipur, Utsav already had its expertise in creating masterpieces of apparel for Indian women.

Now to fill up the unfulfilled fashion desires of Indian women who wanted fresh and latest designs of sarees, lehenga cholis, designer jewellery and footwear, Utsav launched its online fashion store www.utsavsarees.com.

Since the contemporary Indian woman is independent who has to take care of her home, her family, her workplace and her career for her growth, she has less time to satisfy her shopping needs. In order to serve the shopping needs of a responsible lady, www.utsavsarees.com has displayed more than 30000 designs of dresses including colourful sarees, vibrant lehenga cholis and casual salwar kameezes in all kinds of fabrics and price range.

The neck of a lady needs to be beautified as well along with her clothing. And Utsav understands every single need of a fashion conscious Indian woman, be it a daughter or a grandmother and be it a slim or a plus size woman. Utsav has more than 2000 designs of elegant jewellery for the graceful Indian woman to choose at www.utsavsarees.com.

Utsav calls it a revolution because it started its online sales operation only three years ago. And in just a span of a few years, Utsav has crossed all boundaries to serve the fashion needs at the doorsteps of its privileged customers.

Can you imagine that a dress you dreamt last night and want to wear the same dress on an utsav coming in two days? And you ask yourself again, is it possible?

Of course, it is possible. Your dreams are our dreams. And Utsav turns your fashion dreams into a reality when our team of fashion designers and tailors make the dress for you at our manufacturing base in Jaipur while our online sales store at www.utsavsarees.com helps you with your online purchase to deliver it to your doorstep within 48 hours.

Utsav has revolutionalized the way Indian women shop for fashion.

Now Replace the Old Clothing by New Collection in Your Wardrobe

saree24Hello dear good fellas! It has been a great pleasure to serve your shopping needs at www.utsavsarees.com. Our privileged shoppers have been availing of the discounts offered from time to time. But we also now want to reach our shoppers who have not been able to shop at our online store www.utsavsarees.com for sometime. Obviously, there are many reasons which have kept you away from shopping. Your tight work schedule, your family responsibility and a rise in inflation are some of the common reasons. We share your thoughts and feelings.

That is why Utsav wants to put some fresh energy into your shopping mood with its latest collection available at an affordable price. Just browse our mega collection of fashion merchandise on www.utsavsarees.com and you will get enough motivation by a mere look at the diversity in collection.

The contrast in colours on printed sarees is awesome. The embroidered sarees are admirable too. Wouldn’t you like to pick up one for yourself or for your dear daughter?

Hasn’t it been a long time since you last added a new dress in your wardrobe? It seems that your wardrobe needs the fragrance of a new designer bridal choli like the fragrance of a farm fresh produce. And this particular fresh fragrance on a new bridal choli comes only when you buy it directly from a manufacturer like Utsav. When you do so, you are the first lady to try and put on because it is sold directly to you from our manufacturing base in Jaipur. There are no other customers who try it before you do. Just by the fresh fragrance of the fabric and the colour, you can tell that it is coming straightway from our manufacturing base. Wouldn’t you like to replace the old bridal choli which has lost its appeal by a new and lively bridal choli from Utsav?

And how about gifting a relaxed fit salwar kameez for your dear grandmother? She would also give you new good wishes and pray to God for your continuous prosperity. It is neither waste of time nor money if you purchase new designer jewellery from our collection displayed at utsavsarees.com. Instead of giving your jewellery for cleaning and polishing, it would be a nice idea to buy a fresh set for yourself and gift the old one to a needy. Your old jewellery gets you good wishes from the needy. Isn’t it your humility and humanity which you have been tacitly known for?

Recalling the age old saying in the Bhagavata Gita, “ Just like a human changes old clothes with new ones, the soul changes one body to another”. Change is a part of life when old things are discarded and new things are adopted. Come and be a part of this natural phenomenon and change your wardrobe by purchasing new fashion merchandise for yourself at www.utsavsarees.com.

Now Create Your Own Closet with Utsav

saree20You have always been depending on your sweet mom for wearing her fancy jewellery, that fabulous saree which she used to wear in parties and even the expensive lehenga choli which she had first put on her wedding day.

Of course, it gives a feeling of joy and attachment to your best friend – your beloved mom, when you wear the things she used to wear earlier. Also it is true that you could not afford to buy her expensive silk saree since you save only a little amount from your hard earned salary.

Then where should you go if you want to buy a new and elegant saree which looks as expensive as your mother’s silk saree but can be bought easily from your savings?

Friends! You don’t have to go far now to the crowded malls or to the congested markets anymore to fulfil your desire since Utsav is here to serve your shopping needs. At the biggest online fashion store www.utsavsarees.com, now you can choose your favourite dress, be it a georgette saree, a crepe salwar kameez or a silk lehenga choli. And you can receive it at your doorstep within 48 hours of your secure online purchase at utsavsarees.com.

Give your mom a pleasant surprise with our exclusive designer jewellery which you can match with the colour of your clothing. And the best part is that it is available from less than $ 10. So when you are earning part-time, you can choose and buy from this economical range.

When you climb the ladder of success, you can purchase jewellery according to your budget. Thus with your own collection of saree, lehenga choli and designer jewellery, you have created your own closet. At every utsav, you can adorn yourself with the fashion wear offered by Utsav. Utsav will give you its brand and confidence, and you will create your own cheerful style at every utsav. Your mom will be really delighted to see you grow into an independent lady. This is what she has been dreaming of since she took the motherly responsibility.

A Collection That Broadens Your Smile

white-earringsUtsav is always adding new and trendy designs on its online fashion store utsavsarees.com. As you browse the merchandise displayed on our customer friendly online store, there is one thing which will get broader with your every single click – your own beautiful smile. 

We have more than 30000 designs of clothing for the entire family and more than 2000 designs of elegant jewellery. The diversity of collection is amazing. We have got elegant apparel merchandise for the gorgeous ladies, for the dandy gentlemen and for the sweet kids. We have very well organized our products into different categories so that you find it convenient to select your favourite attire and purchase it with a gracious smile you have been well known for.

Utsav can do anything to broaden the cheerful smile on your beautiful face. And we do it by giving you excellent quality and latest designs which are nowhere available in the market but only on our online fashion store utsavsarees.com.

The vibrant colours in our apparel add a glow to radiate your smile. Further the matching jewellery with contrasting colours looks natural when you put it on your beautiful neck, ears and hands. It is amazing but it is true that just a mere look at our colourful apparel and jewellery had induced a cheerful smile on shoppers who had earlier gone from pillar to post in search of their favourite dress and jewellery. These satisfied customers called it the Utsav charisma in their feedback to our customer support department.

The smiles of our happy customers bring many smiles on our dedicated crew who is consistently adding latest fashion merchandise to our collection at utsavsarees.com as soon as the merchandise reaches our online sales department directly from our manufacturing unit in Jaipur.

If your smile broadens with our collection, then our smile broadens with your smile.

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