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utsav-storeIn an effort to provide a broad range of online payment options, Utsav has partnered with Google Checkout. Google Checkout can help to streamline your online purchases by:

– Providing you with one login/password to use across multiple online stores. Setting up a Google Checkout account allows you to complete purchases from multiple online stores without having to remember numerous passwords.

– Storing your credit/debit card information in one place. Your personal information will be stored securely in your Google Checkout account. Charges to your credit card are made by Google Payment Corporation, and your credit/debit card information is not shared with Utsav or any other merchant that uses Google Checkout.

– Giving you a single access point to manage your online purchases.
  Once you have completed a purchase using Google Checkout, Utsav will send emails about order progress, shipping and tracking information. These emails will be sent to the e-mail address listed in your Google Checkout account. Your purchase history for all purchases made from Utsav or other merchants using Google Checkout will also be stored in your Google Checkout account. This makes it possible for you to easily manage and track your purchases in one place.

These great benefits are for your convenience and are absolutely free!

For more information on Google Checkout, please visit checkout.google.com!

To use Google Checkout on http://www.UtsavSarees.com
1. Add items to your shopping bag as you normally would.
2. Proceed to Checkout and click the Google Checkout button from the payment options on billing information page.


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