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currencyOne of the many advantages of shopping online at utsavsarees.com is that we offer the facility where you can pay in your own local national currency without worrying about getting a permit for release of foreign exchange, conversion rate, service charges, etc.

Utsav has made all prior arrangements and agreements with credit card companies to make your online transaction at utsavsarees.com confidential, secure, convenient and in less a minute. When you pay at utsavsarees.com after checking out with your online shopping cart, you are automatically charged in your local national currency. The amount of your purchase appears in your next monthly credit card statement.

On the other hand, when you visit a sales outlet during your travel to another country, usually you have to carry bank notes or traveler cheques of international currencies like Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro. Many times people report of having these hard form of international currencies lost or stolen. Similarly you have to take great care of your credit as well as debit cards while shopping in stores and you have to place these cards securely in your wallets.

With our secure online shopping facility at utsavsarees.com, the risks of your cash, traveler cheques, credit card or debit card getting lost or stolen are eliminated because you do the transaction on your home computer in the comfort and safety of your own home. Moreover we provide a coded and confidential transaction procedure. We have given several options of online payment where you can pay for your purchases through your credit card (Master Card / VISA / American Express / Diners Card) at GOOGLE, 2CO.com and PAYPAL. So much is the security of your online transaction that even we at Utsav do not come to know about your credit card details. It is all encrypted information when you check out with your online shopping cart at utsavsarees.com. The online price listed for your purchase is automatically converted into your local currency which appears in your credit card statement.

And there are no hidden services charges, no transaction charges and no currency conversion charges even though you shop at your own home and pay from your own home in your own local national currency while using our online payment facility at www.utsavsarees.com. Isn’t that amazing?


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