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The Ravishing Sari Saree Draping Styles

saree12For some, sari may not be the preferred daily wear anymore, but still it is the classiest style to make your evening. And for that you must enjoy draping this glamorous outfit wherever and whenever you feel like but only if you can carry it off well. No matter how expensive or beautiful your sari is, the matter is that how beautifully you have draped around your body. And the draping styles add a pinch of spice to the personality by making it more happening. Draping styles give the sari a different look and the entire beauty of the sari depends upon the style in which you have draped your sari. Now, mastering in one style is not enough, 80 draping styles are considered in sari draping.

Fish Cut Style: This is the form-flattering mermaid look. It’s flared at the end and fitted at the waist that gives it that mermaid look. This draping style is apt for slim and tall women. It also has an enticing, feminine feel. Time taken in this style is 15-20 minutes.
• Tuck in the sari and make pleats.
• Bring the pallav over the shoulder and make it a front pallav. It should fall below the knees.
• Pleat the pallav and pin to shoulder.
• Pin the tucked-in-portion of the pallav with the sari and the petticoat for a neat look.

Bengali-Rajasthani Style: This style is for the demure. Its best suited for a sari that has jaal work and a heavily embellished border because in this draping style the focus is on the pallav of the sari.
• Wrap the sari around your body making the pleats in the front, leaving enough room for a long  pallav.
• Next, pleat the pallav take it over the left shoulder and bring it back to the front over the right. You  should leave enough saree for the ghoonghat (veil) if you wish to be traditional.
• Take the left corner of the pallav and pin it behind your back to your petticoat.

Indo-Manipuri Style: This draping style is inspired from the Manipuri’s mekhala chaddar. It’s a simple two step draping style.
• Do the basic tuck with not more than four pleats in the front. Then wrap the sari around you, forming a kind of bustier. Then bring the pallav around your right shoulder and drape it a you would do a front pallav or seedha pallav.
• If you wish to add a Rajasthani twist to your drape, pull up one end of the pallav and pin it to the left side of your blouse.

Useful Tips:
• The blouse should be perfect fit. This boosts the beauty of the sari.
• Always keep the occasion in mind. Do not wear a flamboyant sari to a funeral.
• While wearing the sari, always use clips to hold the pallav or the pleats. Use double lock pins if you are not a confident sari wearer.


Indian Ethnic Jewelry – Bride's Aspiration

JCD491_largeThe Indian style of dressing has undergone a sea change over the past few decades. New and innovative variety in the Indian Jewelry is found these days. Yet it is worth noticing that despite all the modern innovations in jewelry, the antique and ancient designs continue to witness constant growth. Ironically, the market for jewelry reveals that the prices for antique jewelry has drastically risen a compared to other styles.

The creative jewelry designers make use of many precious stones and gems thereby giving it an absolutely finished look. Regardless to say, these gems are today available in all hues and colors. Youngsters, constituting a vital part of the population seem to have sustained the Indian ness of the jewelry. Many contemporary styles are today presented before the masses. Designers seem to import may stones and other precious gems from different parts of the world at the time of carving neckpiece or a bracelet. Despite all odds, Indian Jewelry gives a tough competition to other patterns of modern ornaments.

Kundan Jewelry, Antique Jewelry are a a fetish for the women across the globe. An Indian Saree or lehenga is incomplete without the Indian Jewelry. The neckpieces are earrings made out of gold and diamond give an ethnic look to the women. It seems that the rise of Indian Jewelry has given a sense of completeness to our teeming Indian women.

Jewelry being an all time favorite for the lass has indeed created immense demand. But only Indian styles of jewelry seem to have successfully sustained the demand for Indian jewelry. No other funky pendants, earrings or necklaces seem to have flooded the market as much as the Indian Jewelry.

For a majority of Indian families, Indian Jewelry is an integral part at the time of weddings. Without the exchange if ornaments, the Indian marriage seems incomplete. Another major reason witnessed for the rise in the demand for Indian jewelry is the increasing standards of living of the people. Today we have reached a stage wherein most of the people can afford and fulfill their craze and fetish for a perfect style Indian jewelry.

With the opening of the doors to globalization, Indian jewelry has been able to gain high regard and demand among people from different walks of life. And this pattern of recognition will double in times to come ad s a result of innovativeness and exclusivity of Indian jewelry.  The craftsmanship and a perfect blend of diligence and dedication in this field is bound to attract more audiences

Shop For Spectacular Beaded Jewelry This Season

JCD491_largeJewelry has indeed become one of the most prominent styles of our dressing. Wearing jewelry is probably the most popular ways to adorn oneself. And without an exception, jewelry makes a fashion statement. A beautiful piece of jewels always gives a complete and finished look to people.

Clothing designs and trends are mostly seasonal. They change from one season to another. However, good jewelry designs evolve rather than change seasonally. But in order to look exceptionally gorgeous, a clear understanding of fashionable jewelry is very important. These days girls seem to have started thinking out of the box. Many young girls/women have started wearing beaded jewelry. The best part about beaded jewelry is that it complements with the fashion trends as well as it looks good with every attire. Many unique as well as innovative colors seem to have captured the market.

With beaded jewelry, the chances are very dim that a particular necklace or earring is common. This is because beaded jewelry gives best choice since it allows customization of jewelry. The customer feels privileged to choose amongst innumerable designs, colors.

India is one such nation that permits the usage of infinite number of jewelry trends. Beaded jewelry is also considered one of the most colorful and vibrant styles of ornamentation. College going girls are often decked up with sleek designs of beaded jewelry which includes bangles, bracelets, neckpieces, earrings etc. this gives a very different look to the lass. Not only in India, but people across the globe have started considering beaded jewelry as one of the most popular and trendy styles of contemporary dressing.  It seems to have given a tough competition to the existing styles of jewelry which includes gold, silver, platinum etc. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that in case of beaded jewelry, the designers consume a lot of time while selecting beads. So it is very essential to understand the competition and act wisely according to the changing trends. Also, it is essential to understand the compatibility of a piece of jewelry with the dress it should be worn. 

Without an iota of doubt, the modern styles of dressing require modern types of jewelry. We cannot be confined to clichéd lifestyle. And beaded jewelry has significantly changed the course of looking stylish, debonair and classy.

Kundan Jewelry – The Wedding Raga

JJM243_largeJewelry of India knows no bounds in its offerings to the modern world. This is because India is amongst the most innovative and diligent countries. The dedicated designers are experts in making jewelry whether it is simple jewelry or highly delicate ones with intricate designs. One of the most highly regarded Indian jewelry nowadays is kundan jewelry.

To begin with “kundan jewelry” is made of gold, which is highly refined and is aptly called kundan in India. For Indian jewelers, kundan is not only gold that is converted into a jewel but is also a type of setting on which they set precious stones. Adding further information kundan jewelry is that which is not only made of solid gold. Its center part is made of lac or natural resin.

Many people aptly consider kundan jewelry to be one of the old types of jewelry in India because the style on which it was made was earlier used and is not the same till date. In furtherance to this, kundan jewelry has many precious stones embedded on it. At present a wide variety of kundan jewelry is available in the market and it can be bought online. The spectacularly designed kundan jewelry is indeed a delight to the eyes. The common are those that have uncut diamonds and other precious stones set in gold. The commonly used gems in kundan jewelry are emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

To a very large extent purchasing kundan jewelry has today become attainable for people who fall under high-income groups. While in ancient times kundan jewelry was a possession of the kings and the queens.

It is worth mentioning that kundan jewelry requires immense attention since it involves extensive work and intricate designs. Some of the precautions include keeping kundan jewelry away from perfume, body spray or any other chemicals. Also, this type of jewelry should be kept away from water since water blackens the stone and diamonds. Thirdly, kundan jewelry should be stored on a level surface in a box. It should not entangle otherwise it might break.

It seems the old antique trends have made a significant difference in our current fashion trends. What the world considered passé is now getting worldwide acclaim.

The Exotic Fashion Pendants

JCD510_largeA woman’s beauty is enhanced manifold times by the kind of jewelry she adorns. However, the exclusive and peculiar collection of fashion pendants imparts the zing even to a simple necklace.

Pendants act as a perfect platform to redefine the passion for style. Of late, the exclusive ranges of fashion pendants with white gold polish or heavy antique look or sleek finish are available at competitive prices. It is worth mentioning that today the tides have changes with jewelry being worn as a statement of personal style. And this style is expressed through various colors, designs and materials.

Women of all age groups love to flaunt matching accessories with different apparels. Pendants form a prominent aspect as far as the accessories are concerned. Right from sleek neckpieces to heavy neckpieces, all seem to be equally in vogue. Girls prefer wearing heavy chunks of pendants with sarees, deep cut tops, suits etc. some attractive yet popular designs of pendant include designer silver pendants, gemstone pendants, lac pendants, square shaped, heart shaped, flower shaped pendants etc. apart from the variation in designs, many innovative colors are flooding the market. Colors like turquoise, red, hot pink, black, silver, yellow, green etc in combination to matching colors give a trendy look. In addition to the huge chunks of pendants, many prefer sleek pendants. The cut of the pendant makes a lot of difference at the time of purchasing accessories. A fine cut (of any shape- circular, square, rectangle etc) adds to the beauty of the jewel.

The availability of these fashion pendants is not at all difficult since all top notch jewelry have these highly fashionable pendants. These days even local vendors have started keeping less expensive fashion pendants for the ever trendy fashionable women who are constantly on a look out for new stuff. Jewlry designers carve these fashionable pendants in all types of jewel fabrics like gold, silver, diamond, platinum etc. Thus, the women customer can buy as per her pocket requirements.

Thus, the fashion pendants surround the neck in beautiful brilliance and color. It nicely dazzles in the neck of the women who wears it. It is well stated that fashionable pendants add a modern touch to the price thereby making it look absolutely fit for a classy evening. Thus, this modern era constantly demands all new and revolutionary ideas and notions. Even in terms of dressing, one requires outstanding masterpieces of jewelry. Youth especially do not wish to compromise in any way. This indeed keeps our jewelry designers on toes since they are always forced to create something new and unique for fashion conscious lass.

Completely Amazing Flare Pants – Shop Now

flare-pantsFashion is never same. It keeps on changing, with new sets and designs becoming famous making the older ones outdated. Designers with the flare to bring up trendy styles in the market can get any amount of money for their innovative ideas and styles. Many times, the outdated fashion again gains popularity, maybe with little modifications to it. Somewhere in 1990s bell bottom pants gained popularity and filled men’s and women’s wardrobe in Europe and the popularity of this attire gained importance in America as well. After some time with little alteration this attire was reintroduced as boot-cut pants. To provide it a classier look, the designers grew the width of the hem and the pants were now called as flare pants.

With flare pants, finding your style was never so convenient. These pants provide extra leg rooms which make it easy to wear and carry. Regardless of your body types and the occasion for which you are searching a dress, you will certainly find your preferred flare pants that will suit your mood as well as your need. A varied collection of flare pants pattern is available in the market which makes the wearer look presentable in all occasions. Meant for both formal and casual wear, this outfit would let you stand out of the crowd. Among the different styles of flare bottom pants, one is four pocket flare pants which could be used as medical uniform or scrubs. There are two back pockets in addition to two slash pockets to ensure lots of space to the wearer. Some people might try to do the job of making the flare pants by themselves. But remember that even a slightest mistake in the measurements and cut can make your pants look out of place. Many Indian designers are putting new innovative ideas in making of flare pants to provide trendier look. With the stylish women flare leg pants; they can simply look hot this season. Now, customers can give orders for their preferred styles whether they want funky prints, latest chick fabrics or some solid colors. The pants could also be made in their favorite Indian fabrics to provide comfort and soothing effect. These Indian personalized made flare pants are simply unbeatable. 

Available in plus as well as petite sizes, the flare pants caters to the requirement of every women. But always try to provide enough time to your designers so that they can personalize and provide this outfit in time. To make the shopping more convenient, look for trusted online shopping website that excels in customer service. If you are not sure about the styles of flare pants, take the advice of the online shopping portals so that they can provide you with sassy and classy outfits.

Buy Mojaris for a Contemporary Look

footwearThe regal Indian footwear goes with the customary Indian dressing. Worn by the Queens and Kings, the Mojaris are the conventional wears of the traditional state, Rajasthan. Mojaris are the Indian shoes which are worn on unusual occasions. It comes in a surfeit of designs and colors, each made by hand, and restricted merely by the designers thoughts. Embroidered with Zari, Mojaris are the superb pieces of hand skill worn by the Indians. Designed in the colors of light pink, blue, dark red, magenta and orange, these outline the harmonizing piece of the conventional wedding dresses. Mojaris are particularly worn with the ghagra cholis and sherwanis.

Mojaris are characterized by a distinctive conventional appeal to flawlessly harmonize the customary Indian ethnic trend. They are made of the fabrics like the excellent quality Indian pliable leather. Each of this footwear weighs around 100 grams and is particularly popular amid people who have a preference for durability, comfort plus a customary fashion statement.  The Mojaris are accessible in an ample variety of designs and colors. These may be worn by women, men and also by kids. It flawlessly completes any casual or formal Indian dress like sherwani, churidar kurta, salwar kameez or even a sari. The finest range of Mojaris is accessible in Jodhpur and Jaipur. These footwears are dexterously embellished in gold and silver fiber. On the other hand, other vivacious painted threads are also utilized to craft attractive patterns. The mounting recognition of these slippers has produced an enormous demand equally in India and also in the international footwear markets. Its high durability, comfort and sound price tags have chiefly contributed to its huge backing. Owed to its rapidly increasing demand, the designers have begun experimenting with diverse patterns and designs to supply to the wide buyer tastes. Few years back, Mojaris were made with comparatively tough soles. But now, they are made with the supple soles keeping in mind that it does not injure the feet and can be worn for lengthy hours with no feeling of uneasiness. Even though the majority of the Mojaris are made flat, heeled shoes are also offered. This footwear can as well be tailor-made to provide to individual tastes and styles. The designs are continually worked and thought upon to convey it a fashionable glance so it can harmonize the Indian plus the western attire alike.

It is said that manufacturing Mojaris is a skill of excellence. Usually there are different shops for the Mojaris and has only few varieties of Mojaris which may or may not match your expectations. The internet offers hundreds of exclusive Mojaris shoes which can no way let you down. So all the traditional yet contemporary freak people, check out our amazing collection of Mojaris which are appropriate for wedding and also can be worn as accessories with sari or salwar kameez.

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