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mens-turbanMarriage is a very important occasion in everyone’s life. Everyone likes to dress their best on a wedding day. Be it the bride, groom, relatives or the other guests. But most of all, it is the most important day for the wedding couple. It is the day which will be remembered by them throughout their life. They would be under the constant scanning eyes of all present there. Therefore, everybody wants to look their best on their wedding. Choosing the wedding attire for the groom is not an easy task. The ensemble must be traditional as well as a statement of the groom’s personality and style. Even the accessories to be worn by the groom have to be carefully chosen and must complement his attire. If the attire worn by groom is very flashy, then choosing the understated vibrant accessories can be used with plain outfit.

The traditional dressing of the groom necessarily consists of groom pagris. A  Pagri is a head gear that is wrapped around head. A pagri is also called turban or safa.  The groom’s pagri is one of the most important part of his attire. Groom pagris are of various types and in every part of the world different types of groom pagris can be seen. They add a loyal touch to the groom’s attire. Pugris have a holy significance hence, it helps create a atmosphere that goes well with the symbol of marriage. Though a pagri can be of various colors, a groom’s pagri is normally yellow or red and goes exceptionally well with conventional cultural sherwani suits. The colorful groom pagris are made from various materials such as chunri or absolute cotton cloth, Ghat chola and may or may not have the silver or golden zari work on it. In a Punjabi wedding, the Groom’s pagri is mostly made of  silk cloth styled beautifully with the embroidery work of dubka and beads. This style of groom’s pagri is very popular and known as Bandhani. Great care is taken everywhere in India to ensure that the groom’s pagri is perfect to make his D-day a memorable one. The pagri is also selected for the groom keeping in mind his sense of dressing and looks. The front of the groom’s pagri is decorated with either jewels such as pearls, beads, gems or flowers.

Pagris are considered a holy piece of clothing in our society. The Groom’s pagri symbolizes the importance of the virtue of marriage in our society. It creates an atmosphere where a sacred thing as marriage is suppose to be held. The pagris apart from being a sacred piece of clothing is also a stylish outfit which overall enhances the groom’s attire.


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  1. Sir regarding turban, pagris it look like a cap type can i get that one which will like up to ears also covered instead of cap type

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