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Saree – Though Traditional, Yet Chic!!

saree5Like India is famous for its vibrancy and colors so are its range of apparel. Like the culture of India, Indian clothing is popular for its colorfulness and grace. India has been known to have wonderful dresses and costumes. But the majority of Indian women wear traditional costumes. Outfits for women such as the sari bring out the essence of feminism.

Indian Sari has kept its popularity throughout the centuries because of its total simplicity and practical comfort combined with the sense of luxury and sense of sexuality a woman experiences. For a single length of material, the sari is the most versatile garment in existence. The Indian sari with its long history is one of the most ancient dresses that have been designed since ages. With its simple elegance it has is one of the most expressive clothes of woman’s femininity. Over centuries, this dress has changed in form and content.

A sari is a rectangular piece of cloth which is five to six yards in length. The style, color and texture of this cloth vary and it might be made from cotton, silk or one of the several man-made materials. The sari has an ageless charm since it is not cut or tailored for a particular size. It is one of the most sensuous yet serene clothing throughout the globe. The sari that is worn by Indian women is considered to be one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses in the world.

The Indian Sari has been related to many customs and traditions since its beginning, so its history expresses the development of the society and thus becoming a part of the Indian inheritance. Indian saris have always been an attraction for both Indian and international women due to intricate embroideries and vibrant bright colors.

This elegant drape of India comes in varied textures and styles. For most formal occasions one finds women both the middle-class and the elite looking their best – in a graceful sari! The materials may vary from crisp cottons, rich silks to synthetics and chiffons, but the final overall look is simply elegant and matchless.

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the sari among Indian and international women is its simplicity of draping. Being a loose, unstitched garment, it can be worn by women of all sizes. Such are the wonders of the garment that it shows the beautiful, slim figure of a shapely woman and hides the extra fat of a heavily built one.

It is said that an Indian women looks most graceful in an Indian sari. It is the national garment of women in India. The sari is ethnic Indian attire which, though traditional, is worn by the modern woman as well. In fact it has been seen draped internationally by some Hollywood celebrities as well like British celebrity; model and actress Elizabeth Hurley wore a sari for her Indian wedding to businessman Arun Nayar in early March.The sari is also popular in other parts of the Indian subcontinent such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Tips on wearing salwar kameez

salwarkameej1.If you are short in height, then wear a little longer kameez. This will make you look taller. If your height is around 5 feet 3 inches then your kameez height should be around 47- 48 inches. You can also go for Chinese collar with closed neck; it will too make you look tall.

2. If you have broad shoulders then avoid wearing puffed sleeves or Chinese collar as this will make you look much broader than you actually are.

3. If you have fat arms and therefore cannot wear sleeveless then go in for sleeves of about 5 inches length. Full or 3/4th sleeves are equally good option. This will hide the flab on your arms and your hands will look thinner.

4. Salwars and churidars are made in different styles according to the trends and outfit. Currently Patiala Salwar, Dhoti salwar, Straight Pant salwar, Parallel Pants, Trousers like pajamas with short kurtis / tops are in vogue. You can keep checking our website for latest trends & designs which can be bought online.

5. Churidar salwar looks good on long kameez, Anarkali style salwar kameez and short kameez with Patiala salwar gives you a traditional look.

6. If you have a slight belly then you should try and wear a salwar or churidar around your naval area, as it will pull in your stomach and make you look thinner. Tucks or strings might be out of fashion but they give a very good fit to the Kameez. Avoid Organza or any stiff cloth if you want to look slimmer. Go for crepes and georgettes to get that sexy slim look.

7. If you have a long torso, then go for short kameez. Long kameez will make you look taller.

8. Churidars don’t look nice on long legs. Patiala Salwar is a best option for long legged girls.

9. If you are on a fatty side then say no no to bold prints and heavy embroidery as it will make you look more fatty.

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