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kashmiri-embroidered-beltThe Kashida or Kashmiri embroidery is very beautiful and colorful like the state of Kashmir itself. The embroideries of this state basically get the inspiration for making such magnificent embroideries work from the nature. The chinar leaves, motifsof flowers, creepers and mangos are some of the very common colors used in the work of embroidery by the people of Kashmir. The complete pattern of the embroidery is made by using around 1 or 2 stitch styles. The embroidery work of Kashmir is considered to be the most beautiful and unique work in the entire subcontinent.

The Kashmiri embroidery is very famous among the women who are very fashion oriented and like to get the touch of the ethnicity in their dress and other usually worn accessories. The embroidery shows a perfect skill of the people who masters in making the embroidery work apparels. One such very famous accessory is the belts. The Kashmiri embroidery belts are very famous in the entire world. Not only in the last decades, has this apparel never seen any downfall. In this modern era also, the women like to wear the Kashmiri embroidery belts along with their casual as well as the formals wear.

The emergence of the Kashmiri embroidery belts has truly transformed the fashion or the style statement. It presents the finest blend of the unique function and style. The Kashmiri embroidery belts are made with utmost care and accuracy in order to confirm the highest quality. This belt shows a very vast combination of the fascinating designs and the exquisite patterns of embroidery. The Kashmiri embroidery belts are made by using the Indian fabrics. Some of the commonly used fabrics include Jute, Leather, silks, corduroy, brocades, woven loom fabrics and cane.

The industry of Kashmiri embroidery belts has seen a rapid boom since its emergence. It has covered the entire markets of embroidery belts in the world. The Indian belts show a perfect combination of different vibrant color, ethnic touch and very smart apparel. These days, women opt to wear these belts due to its various beautiful designs and the smart look which it gives. The Kashmiri embroidery belts can be a bit expensive as compared to the other normal belts or the very famous leather belts. Making the Kashmiri embroidery belts is very challenging job which in itself increases the prices of such belts.

At times getting the true Kashmiri embroidery belts gets very difficult. People do not feel comfortable to buy such belts from any local shops as they think they all fake. In such case, the best place to look for the Kashmiri embroidery belts is the internet. We offer a great collection of Kashmiri embroidery belts. You get your favorite belt by shopping from the home. You merely have to select the belt from the list and place an order. Therefore, reaching Kashmir market is just a click away at Utsav


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