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saree13 If you are looking to throw a party but are not sure where to shop for the proper clothes you need to take a look at our online store. Our online store has all of the different clothes for any occasion. Whether it is the New Year or just a random Saturday they have all the clothes and accessories that you could ever need for your party.

Finding decent formal and informal party wear for Indian Americans can be extremely difficult. Even if you do find a store that carries what you are looking for there is no guarantee that they will have your size or enough selection for all of your guests. A quick look at our site and you will realize just how much variety is out there. You can browse through our website and find clothes grouped by occasion, style, color, or even material. If you and your friends are looking together to have an event you can hop on shop together. This way you can be sure that all of your outfits will go together without being the same. Regardless of the theme for the party we can accommodate your needs. This is true even if you come up with the theme yourself!

All of our clothing lines are completely customizable so if you have an idea get in touch with us and we will be able to accommodate your needs. Whether it is custom embroidery or just custom cuts and fit we will work with you. We offer all of our outfits in a variety of colors and cuts. Some of these may not be on the website so if you do not see what you are looking for call us or send us an email. Usually we can do these alterations for no cost, or a minimal cost if the alterations are really great.

Orders can be shipped out from India to your door in as little as seven days. Any order over fifty dollars is shipped for the low price of ten US dollars. This is amazing considering that all the orders come direct from India to the United States. If you happen to need the items shipped within India the shipping is free.

The thing to remember is that no event is too extravagant that we cannot handle it. We have full wedding Sarees for you and your entire wedding party. We offer a wide range of styles for your party as well with a range from ultra modern sheik new fashions, to traditional garb of the highest quality.

While you can now see how much we have to offer as far as clothes for your event are concerned, you may be leery of purchasing online because of security issues. We uses the strongest of encryption to ensure that your transaction is completely safe. In fact it is probably less of a risk to shop through us than with a local merchant. With us there is a direct line of accountability for all your sensitive information you can rest assured that all of your information will be protected.

In addition once you are set up all of your account information will be saved so that anytime you want to log on and purchase more everything is right there. We accepts a number of different payment methods including Paypal, COD, Net banking, mobile banking, wire transfer, Western Union and pretty much anything else you can think of. We tries to make payment and delivery the easiest part of the process.

The hardest part is choosing what theme to go with as far as your party is concerned. With all the options that available from we planning your party should not be a problem. The only thing that you will have to concern yourself with is coming up with a solid idea and theme for your party. If you have friends that are not Indian but are interested in learning more about our culture and history, introducing them to us and having them design and create and outfit can be a great way to start. There is no better way to show of Indian culture than in the relaxed atmosphere of a get together.

As you can know Utsav is by far and away the best website to use for all your party outfit needs. We have all the clothing you could ever possibly need and are able to custom tailor and design them for your specific needs. Regardless of the occasion , we can meet and exceed your expectations. Easy shopping and convenience means you no longer have to raid your parent’s closet for clothes. There is nothing better than using us to take care of your needs.


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