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saree3Are you sick and tired of businesses trying to rip you off? You sign up for the internet because a different company is offering a low promotional rate. Then when you get the bill, it is twice what they said it would be and they will not give you the rate they promised. With so many businesses on the brink of going out of business, it seems that they will do anything to stay in the green, at the customer’s expense. This dishonest treatment of reliable customers is both embarrassing and tiring. Why don’t more companies understand that their success is based solely upon their ability to keep their customers?
Additionally, shopping online can be very nerve-wracking for some people. There is no physical store that you can walk into and complain to the manager. If you try to call about your order, it might be hard to be able to talk to an actual person on the phone. And, people can make anything look good on the internet. You have had friends who bought things from a company that don’t even exist before! Scam artists who simply know how to build a professional looking website can sell merchandise that they don’t even have by asking buyers to wire them money. There is nothing they could do when they found out it was a scam. And even when the company does exist, many times, especially with international orders, you have to wait forever to get your package. Or worse yet, it never shows up at all. Too many times in the past, you have purchased something, and that item never shows up at all. And when you try to get your money back, you can’t. Terrible online shopping experiences like these make you wary of ever buying something from anywhere except for a real store again.
We at Utsav know that the thing that worries customers the most about online shopping is being able to have a secure purchase. Because we understand this, we do everything in our power to make your shopping experience both safe and enjoyable. If you purchase something from us and it never shows up, we refund your money. Every item we ship is protected with insurance, so you do not have to worry about getting your money back if the item gets lost in the mail. And if we cannot send you the item that you bought for any reason, we will surely refund your money. Many stores will only offer in-store credit, even though it is their fault that you did not get your item. But we value our customers, and will always refund your money when that happens. If you are still worried about refusing to refund your money, we also give you the option of paying by cash on delivery method if you are located in India. That way, you do not have to pay until you actually receive your order.
There are several trusted methods of payment methods accepted by us. Besides cash on delivery, we also accept Google Checkout and Paypal payments. We are also the only Indian online store to have an HSBC bank account. So you can even deposit a cheque in our account locally. Or, you can conveniently pay by credit card. When you pay by credit card, your payment is processed by a third party merchant. At no point does we actually have your credit card numbers. We just receives confirmation from Visa or Mastercard saying that you have paid, and then we go ahead and process your order. We does not accept credit card numbers over phone, or by fax or email, because it is unsafe to process payments this way. Some people may not like that, but in the long run, it is so much safer to never give out your card numbers in unsecure ways like that. Also, we protect your privacy and will never sell your email address or other information to another company.
Unfortunately, fear of identity theft or stolen credit card numbers courtesy of online hackers is enough to make anyone paranoid when they are online shopping. If you are still worried about whether or not we are a safe shopping site, you should know that we are one hundred percent hacker safe. Our website is protected by McAfee Secure, which protects from identity theft, credit card fraud, spywear, viruses, spam, and online scams. Our website is tested and certified daily to assure that the webpage is safe. We are so safe that it is the only website from India to have the Geo-trust & Network Solution Sitesafe certification.
Finally, we have been around for ten years, and have a customer base that extends across the world. We are primarily interested in maintaining the customers; we have by offering exceptional service for high quality products. For these reasons, the web information company Alexa has rated us as the number one fashion shopping store in all of Asia. Our website also ranks sixth in Google searches.
So now you know that we are a totally safe online shop, and that you will get a return if your item is lost in the mail. But you might still be concerned about the quality of the products that we sell. On the internet, disreputable people can deceivingly edit photos or steal photos from other sources in order to make their product look appealing. When you get that low-quality, poorly made dress in the mail, you are incredibly disappointed. But while we have an enormous selection, every single item we sell is of the highest quality. Real leather bags and footwear, silk blouses covered in sequins, gota patti, kasab and golden zari work, and belts with Kashmiri style hand embroidered details! And the pictures of each item offered for sale are extra large, so you can see the fine details and beadwork in each different piece. After all, one of the main drawbacks of online shopping is that you cannot actually see and touch the item before purchasing it. Isn’t it the worst when the top you get is a totally different shade of green than you thought it would be? But with our high quality, large sized pictures and categorization based on colors, you will know what you are getting before you order. And yet our prices are incredibly low! And, if by incredibly slim chance, you see the exact saree that you just bought from us on another webpage for less than what you paid, we will credit you back the difference in price! Their price match guarantee assures that you are always getting the best deal around!
So finally, you found a website that you can completely trust, and that offers you the best deals around! But the best part is that an enormous selection of merchandise available. We carry traditional sarees and lehnga choli, footwear, jewelry, bridal wear, western-influenced dresses with an ethnic Indian twist, purses, as well as menswear. Even if you are looking for a very specific piece of jewelry to go with a particular saree, we are sure to have it.
You can create an entire wardrobe from the gigantic selection available! And the craziest part is that we add to our enormous selection almost daily! So everytime you go back to the site, it is like going to a whole new store! You could search the internet for days visiting every webpage that carries Indian clothing and accessories and still not find as many different products available as there are on our store. What a wonderful thing to have a store with that much selection that also provides you with a worry free experience. Every purchase you make is guaranteed, and we stand behind all of our merchandise. We offer a safe shopping transaction, worry-free delivery, high quality products, and a tremendous selection. So why would you ever bother shopping anywhere else? And with such a huge selection, you don’t have to!


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