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salwarkameejOne of our customers writes, “I am in need of a beautiful saree for an upcoming party. This party means a lot to me because it is the first time my family has seen me after I have lost 100 pounds. So, two years later, this time I want to be the center of attention, not because of conceit, but because I feel a sense of accomplishment by losing the weight the old fashion method of diet and exercise. Every time I would exercise, I imagined myself in a beautiful saree with a beautiful figure. So, it’s only right that I want to wear a saree for the upcoming occasion. Sarees give such an elegant and glamorous look an opposed to regular western dresses. I absolutely love bollywood movies and the actresses who prefer to wear the elegant sarees to movie premieres and events, instead of the regular western designer dresses. Western designer dresses are beautiful, but they lack a certain hint of elegance only displayed by a saree and for my festival needs, as well as my other Indian fashion shopping needs, I’m turning to utsav. They know fashion. It’s almost as if it is the creator of it. Utsav sets the standard and makes it first and then the other Indian fashion outlets follow. I can see why though. They contain such an unmatched variety of festival sarees to choose from. There are over 250 different festival sarees to select from, and I am able to shop according to color and material. With one click, I can create my perfect outfit for my upcoming festival. It’s amazing. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two different sarees. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I will change my mind again.”

The best thing about us is the shipping options available. Another customer says,” I’ve ordered from utsav countless times, and each time, I’ve received my order quickly. There is an express shipping option available to ensure you have your order within 15 days. This is great considering that the order is traveling all the way from India, if you are ordering in the United States. “

Do you know what else we have that is absolutely terrific? Custom tailoring. Yes, custom tailoring on the internet is amazing. What this means is that you can submit my measurements and any other changes you want to the original saree picture displayed, and like a genie, your wish is our command. You can change the color, fabric, sleeves, neckline, embroidery, or anything else. All you do is submit your measurements and requests, and we fulfill them. If anything on your request is unable to be completed, then we contact you and offer other options. This is true shopping! What other stores do you know that grant any customer’s request for a custom tailored piece? Even the sarees come with fall and edging (piko) with no extra charges. This is unbeatable.

In this day in age, spending your money should guarantee satisfaction. Most of our customers agree that this site is almost satisfaction guaranteed. Just look at the ratings on the site. Over 90% of orders placed on our site result in a happy customer. The other 10% are due to customers not liking the order once it’s tried on, or it doesn’t fit, or the color is different in person than it is on the internet. These are normal complaints though. Of course things will look different in person than they do on the internet. With us, the clothes look better than they do on the picture displayed on the site.

Shoppers have more complaints when purchasing items from a store anyway. How many stores give away free clothes when they mess up? We do. Regarding this our customer says,” I remember I purchased a bridal saree for a wedding I attended and when it came in the mail, it was the wrong color and the wrong size. I didn’t expect to be refunded. But Utsav gave me a refund and also mailed me a free pair of trousers as an apology. Yes, they are located in India, and I am in the United States. I didn’t expect to be treated like such a royalty because they are so far away; they could pretty much have kept my money, but they didn’t. They want all customers to keep purchasing their products. And I have been continuing to purchase over and over again.”

We sell more than sarees. We sell Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, jewelry, accessories, bag and footwear, home decor, and products for men. So, that means, you can buy matching jewelry and footwear for your saree. This is great. It is almost as if it is a one stop shop for all Indian fashion products. Another customer says, “I have never seen anything like this in US stores or on other Indian sites. Usually, you have to buy one piece of the outfit at one place and then look in another place for the shoes, but utsav has everything in one location. They also have items for sale. Yes, sizes are limited in the sale section, but you will find something on the sale site. I promise you.”

Shop with us online for all of your Indian fashion shopping needs. We have a very secure site and you will never have any problems with being overcharged or your credit card information being taken. We guarantee that you will not find the type of selection and variety this site has to offer. And the customer is always right at utsav. This is important. A happy customer is more likely to return to the site to purchase again and again. Another customer says, “this website has been a dream come true to me. I’ve placed over 20 orders, and I’ve only been displeased three times. The first time I received a full refund and a free piece of clothing. The second time I received free tailoring on my next purchase, and the third time, I received a free saree. I couldn’t ask for better customer service. I encourage you to shop at utsav. They have live customer service agents available via chat to take your order, or you may call them and speak to a customer service representative.”


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