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Finally guaranteed, worry-free, secure, hassle-free shopping online at Utsav

lehengaOnline clothes shopping are so much fun! You can find a much wider variety of clothing online that you can ever find in real stores, even if you spent a whole week, or even a month visiting different stores! You can get incredible deals online, and it is only online that you can find that special item you have been searching for.

But while there are a lot of great parts about shopping online, there are also a few substantial problems with buying your clothing online. First, it is hard be sure that the online company you are purchasing something on is reputable. Whereas a real store is not going anywhere, online stores can be here one day and gone the next. Next, you cannot try the clothes on before you buy them or feel the material that they are made of. Finally, you have to wait for the item to be shipped to you, and this can take a long time! We at Utsav, recognizes that these are some of the biggest problems with buying your clothing online, and we have done everything to totally fix these issues.

First of all, how do you know if you can trust an online company? So many times in the past, you have purchased something, and then it never shows up. When you contact the company about it, they refuse to give you a refund. You can dispute the transaction with your credit card company, but that is a real pain! You have had enough bad experiences that everytime you are about to purchase something online, you think twice. How can you know if the company is reputable?

Unlike many other online companies, we will replace your item for free if it happens to get damaged in transit, or if it has a manufacturing defect. All of our orders are sent out with insured shipping, and you do not pay extra for this service. If the courier company fails to deliver your item, you will not have to pay for it. All of the in-transit shipping risk is taken care of by us. And if for some reason we are unable to ship your order in full, we will refund your money. If we cannot fill any part of your order, we do not make you choose an alternate item to fill your order if you do not want to. We will just refund that portion of your order.

The next big problem with ordering online is that you cannot try your saree or salwar kameez before you purchase it. Unlike any other online store, we custom sews your apparels to fit your exact measurements. And there is no extra charge for this custom tailoring! So you finally found that perfect saree for the upcoming festival? When you are in the process of ordering it, we will have you fill out your measurements. So there is no worry that you will have to get your apparels altered because it does not fit! The clothes are made to fit you!

Finally, no one likes to have to wait for that much anticipated clothes or accessories to arrive! We knows this and that is why we are currently offering International Express Shipping to any address across the globe for only ten dollars when the item you buy is priced over fifty dollars. Shipping is free to any address in India! If you are hoping to get an item fast, you can shop by items that are ready to be shipped that day! When you shop by Express items, the search engine will only show items that are ready for immediate shipment. We at Utsav, even has a seven day delivery commitment with all Express orders. If you do not get the item within seven days, you get free shipping! You should know, however, that if you purchase a custom made saree from us, it will take about two weeks for them to create it before it is mailed. But any tailor you go to would need this much time to craft your perfect gown! With us, you can shop worry free! No matter what you order, it will get to you in a timely fashion, and it will fit! If it never shows up, you will get your money back! So have fun shopping! We offers the most enormous selection of Indian clothing available online, so anything you need, we are sure to have. We also carry footwear, purses, sarees, bridal wear, menswear, and even home goods! We offer over three thousand different jewelry items for sale on our site, and are constantly getting new inventory. So we can dress you from head to toe!

We have a broader range of products available than you could find even if you went to hundreds of different stores in cities across India! We literally have everything you could ever dream of, and if by chance we don’t have it, we will probably get it in soon! And our stock changes so quickly that some customers complain that there is actually too much to choose from! Every time you visit us, it is like you are at a whole new store. And did we mention that our clothes are also really affordable? And if you find the same item at any other store for a lower price, we will match that price or will refund you 100% of the difference between what you paid them and the price you saw it for somewhere else.

At such great prices and with such reasonable store policies, you will really enjoy shopping with us. You will never need to shop anywhere else again! So go ahead and start browsing for those one of a kind, perfectly tailored pieces that can complete your wardrobe! Shopping has never been so incredibly fun!


Find the largest variety selection of Indian Neclaces at Utsav

jewelryFinding a unique piece of jewelry can be very difficult for several reasons. Most jewelry has very little variations in design. And variety of selection is limited in most locations. Indian Jewelry is known to be among the most diverse and beautiful jewelry in the world. Indian Jewelry designs are intricate and represent many different traditional Indian values. Traditionally Indian Jewelry represented one’s status and wealth, to enhance one’s beauty, and create drama in dance. Today Indian Jewelry is worn by people of all cultures, ages, and social status. The most popular type of Indian Jewelry worn worldwide is the necklace.

You are guaranteed to find a necklace that meets your unique needs at our store regardless of your budget or personal style. Indian Necklaces are available from $3.80 to $1,200. There are over a thousand Indian Necklaces to choose from our store. Listed below are the many options you, the buyer, has when selecting the perfect Indian Necklace.

Beaded Necklaces: All necklaces include beads in one way or another. Some beads are simply strung on chains, while others include a mix of stones, beads, and precious metals. Beaded necklaces are available in numerous styles and colors. There are more than 300 styles to choose from and the prices range from $3.80 to $735.

Bridal Necklaces: These necklaces have been designed using traditional Indian bridal jewelry as a model. They represent deep tradition Indian values and are worn with much reverence. The selection includes necklaces made of all types’ beads, gold, silver, and precious stones including diamonds. There are more than 20 styles to choose from and the prices range from $48 to $1,200.

Fashion Necklaces: These necklaces are perfect for the women who are looking to display a very bold fashion statement. They have been designed with current fashion in mind. There are more than 500 styles to choose from and prices range from $11 to $900.

Kundan Necklaces: These are tradition Indian Necklaces that are used to accentuate beauty. We are typically accompanied by matching bangles (earrings). There are more than 140 styles to choose from and prices range from $25 to $515.

Pearl Necklaces: Each one of these necklaces has pearls included in one way or another. There are 17 very different styles to choose from and prices range from $27 to $93.

Polki Necklaces: These are like the Kundan Necklaces in that they are very traditionally designed Indian Necklaces and are usually accompanied by matching bangles (earrings). Our design includes a “polki” which is a long piece of the necklace that hangs behind the head and in between the shoulder blades. Perfect for the wearer who has their back exposed. There are more than 200 styles to choose from and prices range from $20 to $735.

Studded Necklaces: These are necklaces that have stones and beads embedded into metal. This collection offers a very large variety of styles. There are more than 550 styles to choose from and prices range from $9.31 to $1,200.

Victorian Necklaces: These necklaces have been designed using popular victorian styles. Each one has a unique elegance that would make anyone envious. There are more than 60 styles to choose from and prices range from $42 to $960

There are numerous advantages to buying an Indian Necklace from our online store. Our store is among one of the very few Indian Jewelry suppliers that offers such an extensive selection of Indian Necklaces available worldwide. Also, we make it easy in several ways to find the perfect necklace. One way the website does this is by offering several search options. These include searching by color, occasion, look, and type. Another way we makes your search simpler is by allowing you to sort your results by relevance, pricing (high to low or low to high), featured and sale items, best sellers, and new arrivals.

In addition to offering a website that makes your buying experience stress free and fast We ships our Indian Necklaces worldwide. What’s even better is that in most countries if your order totals more than $150 your shipping is free.

We offer gift cards and wholesale orders. Our emphasis is on fashion and quality and is more than happy to help you with any problems with your order.

Rings —

India is a land of discoveries and innovations. Many unheard and unique aspects of fashion seem to have become popular over the passage of time. Jewelry, the one stop shop for women primarily focus on decorating every part of the body. But of late, an inevitable discovery has been the massive craze for Rings. For all we know rings have become famous since the time of engagement. Nowadays, rings are no longer awaited till the engagement time rather they are worn as a part of the corporate dressing style. An attractive ring makes one’s hand look immensely glorified and beautiful.
  Modernity seems to have taken a serious twist in the recent past. Rings are no longer restricted to the fingers rather people more specifically women have created wonders out of this circular shape. Rings are today worn in the toes, naval etc. Toe rings are largely famous among college going girls and of course married women.  Today the designs of the rings are absolutely diversified. Many shapes and sizes are available in rings depending on the price range. Elite people and celebs wear big chunks of rings which are highy priced. Even college going girls enjoy wearing sleek rings made of gold, silver or diamond. Regardless to say the market today doesn’t show any sign of repetition as far as the designs are concerned. In furtherance to this, rings hold a lot of traditional significance. In other words, many saints and pundits advise people to wear rings embedded with particular stones (like heera, panna etc.) for various purposes. This clearly depicts the holistic
 significance of rings as a treasured possession of the women.
  Jewelry designers seem to mint money by selling rings. It is surprising that despite of its high price range, women do not step back at the time of purchasing rings. Instead of wearing it in one finger, women are seen with as many as 8 rings in their hands. Young girls also satisfy their charm for wearing rings purchasing it from road side vendors. Many colorful and vibrant hues and shades are available in ring patterns. Also, rings are even seen having 2 or 3 bands making it look all the more thick and outstanding. It seems that women feel handicapped when they  do not wear rings. Even with any type of attire, a ring always looks attractive and suave. Thus, the addiction for rings is beyond any wearing. Wearing it marks a perfect style statement for the lass. And it is great to be a part of this century which is high on fashion and style.
  It is time that a the young girls visit the nearest jewelry shop and check out some latest ring styles
 Check out the all-new face of Yahoo! India.  Click here.

Indian earring jewelry- one of the essence of indian jewels

white-earringsAre you tired of searching for the perfect place to buy your Indian jewellery be it earrings, bangles, necklaces, antique jewellery for weddings or any other special occasion? Well you needn’t look any further because all your jewellery needs will be met here with us at our online store.
We offer a range of styles and options for customers all ages. You can choose from pearl earrings , fashion hoops, long dangling earrings and top earrings. The prices are affordable and you truly get value for money when you shop with us. We offer our earrings to you for your bridal needs, engagement parties, graduations, festival and casual. For the men you may surprise your wife or wife to be with a truly delightful birthday or anniversary gift or just to say I love you. Parents you too could also consider giving your daughter that well deserved gift for performing well in an exam or as a wedding gift for her special day.

We here cater to all tastes and guarantee that you will find the right style, colour and make for the fussiest of persons. You may find earrings according to a designer or opt for a contemporary or traditional feel. Once you take a browse on our website you will notice that we offer express shipping to anywhere in the world at affordable prices. If you are dissatisfied with your order, you may return it for something else. For our earrings prices start as low as $US4.36 and go up to $US134.64 if you want to spend a bit more for that very special someone. If earrings are not exactly your thing you will certainly be spoilt for choice when you view the array of bangles and necklaces that are on virtual display to tantalize.

The necklaces we have include beaded, bridal, fashion, kundan, pearl , polki, studded and victorian. The colours, make and quality of these necklaces are exquisite and will have your friends wanting to purchase jewellery like yours in a hurry. Like our earrings they will be delivered to your doorstep via express delivery. The price range is affordable as well. As we do our very best to cater to all financial circumstances. If you are worried about not being able to afford the ultra expensive piece, don’t be discouraged as you are sure to find the item you want to purchase with the same or similar make at a reasonable price right here.

Of all the necklaces, you will find varying colours and styles to go with virtually any outfit in your , your sisters, your wife or cousins wardrobe. The prices of our necklaces range from as low as $US3.80 and go up to $US735.53. The latter price quote is for those out there wanting to make a statement with their attire or outfit. We assure you; you will turn heads and be the centre of attention at any function locally or abroad. Aside from the head turning necklaces, there are pendants as well. The pendants are categorized according to whether they are designer pendant; there are chains, American diamond or antique jewellery.

As with the earrings and necklaces, you will be spoilt for choice when you take a browse through at the bangles section. We offer adjustable, bollywood, casual , fashion, gold plated, metal, stone, studded and of course custom made bangles as not all will fit every individual. As you would imagine there are bangles to be found of varing colours, textures and feels. Made with truly high quality, high fashion and long lasting material with exceptional finishes. In terms of the sizing of the bangles to give a general idea of what they are, we will quickly make a listing of each of them. For size small or small it is 2/4, mediums are 2/6, large is 2/8 and extra large is 2/10.

Finally we just have to take this opportunity to further endorse the wide selection of jewellery we have on offer to all tastes. Whether you are a local or an international shopper we can find the style make or design to suit you. We offer exceptional customer service and look forward to have you shopping with us.

Easy, quick, one-stop shopping at Utsav

r1_thumbnailDo you have too much to do? For so many of us modern women, the demands on us are high! Some of us have high-profile careers while others of us are more than busy taking care of our families and serving our local neighborhoods. One of our customers writes, “My husband gave me a trip to the spa for my birthday present six months ago and I still haven’t used it. Even if I had the time to go to the spa, I feel like you would just be counting down the time until it was over the whole time. I just have too much to do to ever be able to really relax! With such fast-paced lifestyles, it is hard for women like us to find time for ourselves. Hair appointments seem to come too often, as do holidays, birthdays, and pretty much everything else! Just when I think I might be caught up on everything I have to do and finally have some time to myself, something comes along like a business party. So how am I supposed to be able to find the time to shop? It is important for my husband, as well for my professional appearance, that my wardrobe is both fashionable and appropriate. But yet I can hardly find the time to do it!
Even when I do find the time to go shopping for a whole day, I only come home with a couple of items. Scouring through tons of clothing at the biggest stores all around my home, I still only come across a meager selection. It does not help that I am not exactly the easiest person in the world to fit. I can try on sarees all day and find only one or two that fit satisfactorily. I am not odd-sized, but my combination of a small chest, small waist, and large hips makes it so that there is always part of my clothing that is too tight or too loose. But when I do look good, I am more confident, and people can tell that I am happier about myself! But how on earth am I supposed to be able to maintain my appearance well when I have so many other demands on my time? Well, I just found out about UtsavSarees.com and I want everyone else who has the same problems that I do to know about it! They are the largest store anywhere that sells women’s Indian clothing. They have an immense array of merchandise that is always changing. “

We have access to all the biggest manufacturing plants in Jaipur, so they get way more stuff than anyone else that I know about does. So for once, customer can go to one website and find everything that he/she need for all their wardrobe needs!

¦lt;br /> Another customer says, “Usually, I have to spend hours shopping online looking for a specific item that I couldn’t find at any of the stores around my house. This one time, I was looking for a pair of fancy sandals in deep purple, and store I went to had them, but not in my size. I finally found a pair online, but I ended up having to pay a bundle for them, and I also had to pay to have them shipped to me. When I looked for purple sandals on UtsavSarees.com, I found five different pairs. UtsavSarees.com even has an option so that you can search by color! So when you need a purse to match a certain outfit, you no longer have to visually scan through a store’s immense online collection; you just click on the color you are looking for! They even have the colors narrowed down. Were you looking for plum, violet, purple, magenta, or light purple? “
There are several other ways to shop that can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes you to find what you are looking for. Search for the newest items, items that are eligible for express shipping, low priced items, the most popular items, sale items, or for designer items. Search by occasion, season, or trends for 2009.
These different search options make it so much easier to find a specific item. Once you find just the thing, go ahead and order it! Our streamlined ordering process makes buying from us incredibly easy. When you check out, you enter your measurements, as well as any specific instructions that you want. For instance, tell our tailors the exact length you want your saree to be. We do not create the saree until your order it, and our tailors sew each piece of clothing purchase to fit your exact measurements! This service is totally free!
You can also customize pretty much anything else about your saree. We offer a wide selection of ideas. Change the sleeves on the blouse of your saree from sleeveless to full length, flutter sleeve, puff sleeve, or many other styles that they suggest. Change the neckline of the blouse in the front and back of the dress. Do halter styles flatter you best? Are you going out on a special occasion and so you want a deeper neckline? Whatever you want, we can do it! Customization does not cost extra, either!
So finally, every item that you like on our store could be made to fit you perfectly! Can you imagine a store with thousands of items available that all fit you perfectly? That is exactly what Utsav is! Instead of being a slave to the trends and having to wear whatever manufactures make, you get to pick every aspect of how you want to dress! You can also pick the type of material you want your saree to be made of; crepe, silk, satin, netting, and more! Change embroidered details, and even change the color! Even though the picture of the saree you are interested shows it looking a certain way, you can change pretty much any aspect of that saree to compliment your figure and style perfectly!
And the best part is, this all requires little to no time! Select the saree you want, put in your measurements and any details you want changed, and pay by credit card! We are currently offering International Express Shipping for only ten dollars on any item priced over fifty dollars. International Express Shipping guaranteed that they will deliver your item to your door in seven days or less. If it does not come in seven days, then we will give you free shipping! Finally, even the most time-starved women can have clothes that actually fit properly and that look stunning on!

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