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Shop online customized wedding lehnga dress of your dreams

lehenga For many brides, no detail is more important than the dress. She has a vision, a dream, and she wants to make that dream a reality. After the engagement, one of the first things a bride does to fulfill that vision is to begin shopping for her bridal attire. A bride wants a silhouette that will flatter her figure and match with vision she has for the day. Since every bride is unique, every bridal sari should also be unique. At Lehenga Choi, bridal attire can be customized to meet every dream or desire so that your vision can be fulfilled.

When Jenny Becker, our American customer in her mid-twenties found herself engaged to the man of her dreams, a young American-Indian doctor; she was presented with the challenge of shopping for proper India bridal attire. She had the man of her dreams now all she needed was a dress of her dreams! She and her fiancée decided to have both a traditional western ceremony as well as a traditional Indian ceremony. And finally they choose us and get their money’s worth. There are many unique features on the website including the ability to see what styles have been tagged, rated, reviewed, added to cart, added to wish list or viewed. All of these options make it easy to see what the top trends are.

Becker, our customer however, was most impressed with ability to make custom changes to any of the gowns in terms of style as well as embroidery and fabric. On the easy to follow website (http://www.utsavsarees.com/lehenga/lehengacustomization.htm) his fiancée was able to choose the style she wanted. The result ended up being a fusion of a popular western style, the mermaid skirt with off the shoulder sleeves with very traditional Indian beading and embroidery. The fabric she chose was silk and the color was violet since it was a spring wedding. She found the versatility to be a luxury she had not expected! In fact she had expected the opposite—the daunting task of having to learn new traditions and follow them with grace and ease. She learned quickly that unlike western weddings she could choose any color she wanted.

When filling out your order, you will be asked to enter your measurements, and then customers may also select any style they desire for every portion of the gown. It is possible to have entirely distinctive and stunning designs created through your own imagination. You may choose your sleeve style, neck style, back style and bottom. The website is easy to navigate with pictures of each style on display. In-house tailoring makes any customization you can imagine possible.

The Bridal Lehnga Choli fabrics to choose from are as follows:
Brocade, Crepe, Faux, Georgette, Net, Silk, and Tissue.
The sleeve options are as follows:
Asymmetrical, Cap Sleeves, Drawstring, Flutter, Half Sleeves, Puff Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Sleeveless, and Elbow-length sleeves. 3 different style halters, one shoulder, horse shoe, pointed u-neck, square-neck, sweetheart, sweetheart with collar, u-neck, v-neck, off-shoulder, Chinese collar, and scalloped.

The Front Neck Styles are as follows:
Rounded Sweet-heart, a criss-cross design, a keyhole design, Bustier, butterfly-bustier, décolleté, string style, envelope, 3 different style halters, one shoulder, horse shoe, pointed u-neck, square-neck, sweetheart, sweetheart with collar, u-neck, v-neck, off-shoulder, Chinese collar, and scalloped.

The back styles are as follows:
Asymmetrical, back bustier, bateau, boat, 3 different string styles, off-shoulder, one shoulder back, horse shoe, pointed, rounded, square with laces, u neck, v neck, back Chinese collar, and back butterfly bustier.

You may get the bottom customized to the following styles:
Umbrella lehenga, a-line lehenga, fish kali lehenga, Mermaid or Fish Tail, and straight lehenga.

Please visit the following website for more information:


Get your salwar kameez customized into any latest styles at Utsav

salwar3As India’s ONLY online fashion store with its own manufacturing base, we are the only name you need to remember for all of your high fashion and trendy needs. We at Utsav, are the manufacturers, wholesalers and no.1 retailer of an extensively diverse selection of designer Indian style.
We know every woman wants to look her best and with our exclusive Salwar Kameez custom alterations and customization affords you the ability to look your best without breaking your bank.

With over 120 individual customizations, designs for you to choose from the possibilities are endless. The uniqueness of your style and design is limited only by your desire and imagination. Let your imagination soar and make a design that is yours alone and reflects your beauty and individuality.

The customization style designs available are listed below as follows:
You can get Kameez Sleeve Style  customized in various styles:
The Angel sleeves, The Bell sleeves , The Bishop sleeves ,The Cap sleeves,The Flutter style,Full-length sleeves ,Half-sleeves,The Laces sleeves,The Lantern sleeves,The Maggan sleeves,The Pointed sleeves
The Puff sleeves, The Roll-up sleeves,The Sleeveless style,Tailored sleeves
Elbow sleeves.
Karmez Front Neck Style Selections:
Four asymmetrical design styles
Boat or Bateau style
The Chinese collar
The String Style
The Keyhole design
The Horseshoe Style
The Sweetheart
The U-neck
The V-neck
Kameez back neck style selections:
The Glass neck
The Kurti Neck
The Bateau or Boat
The String design and three additional designs are also available.

With such an extensive selection of possibilities to choose from it is obvious that any style you can imagine can be yours! We know that the Indian style of dress is one of a kind and an icon of grandeur to all across the nations. Now you can not only have the sought after styles but also have them customized to meet you specific and unique desire and style. We have a style, design and fabric to suit your individual personality.

We also offers a wide selection of traditional wedding accessories, handbags and footwear, belts, scarves and an incredible selection of jewelry with more than three thousand pieces and styles to chose from. Our wide selection of accessories makes it possible for you to complete all of your fashion needs at one and stress free!

At Utsav, you are our best means of advertisement and our business grows because of your satisfaction. You can rest assured that when you order a custom design from us it order will be treated like our only order.

Stop by one and you will be sure to want to return for all of your shopping needs. Stop by often and check out our specials ad discounts as they change often and we are always adding additional style and fabric selections to our already diverse catalogs. Put us to work for you and you will not be disappointed!

Look gorgeous with blouse customization facility at Utsav

saree3We are an online store that specializes in unique, designer Indian clothing for women and men. We offer a wide variety of selections, and also offer a high level of customization for blouses and color styles. When ordering, it is possible to customize the blouse to make it a completely unique blouse designed just for you. This high level of customization provides many unique styles and outfits that can be used for many different situations such as weddings, dances, traditional events, every day wear, and more. Our website also offers many accessories to go with the customized outfits such as jewelry, shoes, scarves, and more.

The blouses can be customized in four different ways. The first customization option is sleeve customization. Sleeves can be altered to provide many different styles looks and options. Asymmetrical sleeves provide an interesting modern twist. Cap sleeves are a great way to make the blouse appear fun and youthful. Elbow sleeves provide a more formal look. Flutter sleeves provide a fun, flirty look. More traditional short sleeves are a very popular option, as are the half-sleeve and sleeveless customization options. Puff sleeves are fun, and drawstring sleeves provide a more medieval look. All of these different styles of sleeves can be added to your custom blouse to make a truly unique piece.

Blouse neck can also be customized with our unique customization options. Since there are so many different sleeve, neck, and back options there are literally thousands of options to choose from. The large amount of customization makes every piece from our online store special. Neck options include: sweetheart neckline, rounded, squared, diagonal, one shouldered, drawstring, keyhole, scalloped, halter necks, envelope, bustier, u-neck, off the shoulder, butterfly, v-neck, and many variations of the same. It is possible to create a blouse neck that fits almost any style, occasion, and formality level.

There are also many different styles of backs that can be chosen. Many other outfits do not have many options for back design. The blouses at our store provide a whole new level of customization that is unique and affordable. Blouse backs can come in many different styles such as: bustier, asymmetrical, several different string styles, v-neck, u-neck, Chinese collar, square, square with laces, keyhole, scalloped, open backed, heart shaped, butterfly, one shoulder, off the shoulder, corset styled, and many other styles as well. All of these options provide a unique blouse that will be treasured for many years to come. Some people use this customization option to make things such as wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, everyday blouses, and outfits for many other occasions.
Putting in a customized order is easy. The first step is to fill out the measurement form. Include all of your relevant measurements that the site requires to complete the order. Then there are also customization options that you can select to make your items truly unique. The forms are easy to fill out and the finished product will be sent out within a few days of your order being received. Customized orders will take longer to send than regular finished orders.

Outfit customization is very useful for many different kinds of blouses and outfits. There are many reasons why you might want a customized blouse. If you have ever suffered from showing up at a place wearing the same outfit as a friend or stranger than you know how frustrating it can be to wear clothing worn by thousands of others. Creating a custom piece will ensure that no one else in the world owns the same style of clothing that you do. It is also nice to be able to customize clothing for specific functions and dress codes. Some types of items can be hard to find during certain times. Custom ordering the clothing ensures you can still get what you need.

Not only can you order the customized clothing, but you can also order many different styles of pre-made clothing and accessories to complete many different kinds of looks for traditional Indian styles. If you are looking for traditional Indian clothing then make sure to stop by.

Mix match your outfits with latest Imitation jewelry from India

multicolor-bangelsAt a time when the world is battling a recession and many people have to restructure their financial priorities, the desire to shop for personal jewelry may be last on your list. Making sure you have enough food to eat, clothes to wear along with having a place to live for most is all they can afford. However there are ways to still be able to find some enjoyment in looking nice and finding jewelry that won’t make a huge dent in your budget. The key is to know how to shop for imitation jewelry online that isn’t extremely costly to buy and yet it is beautiful to wear and show off to your family and friends.

The most popular imitation jewelry that is low priced and can be readily available for purchase is Indian jewelry. Going online and searching for wholesale Indian costume jewelry is a safe and effective way to scroll through a variety of choices that are accessible by the click of a mouse. Most websites offer a safe and secure way for purchasing the jewelry you choose so you don’t have that concern of using your credit or debit card. There is also the added bonus of gift coupons that allow for you to save even more money when you shop for imitation jewelry online. Most shoppers live for having coupons when they shop.

Being able to match and dress up the jewelry you see onscreen to the clothes you have is very exciting. For the supreme necklace lover, the choices range from your most basic fashion neck wear to the latest bridal fashions. To be able to have an elegant and exquisite look with everything you wear is great for any and every occasion. If you are someone who wants to buy a necklace just by looks only the preference of having designer made or wear a traditional or contemporary look is another significant chance to have the look you want all the time. You can get that look by simply choosing to shop for imitation jewelry online.

Generally speaking when you purchases necklaces, earrings go hand in hand with that. The selections of earrings that most sites provide have a series of selections that include classy earrings that are hoops or the very gracefully designed long dangle among others.

The idea of being able to purchase American diamonds online for low to average prices would seem impossible and unbelievable for the average economically conscious consumer. However, when you shop for imitation jewelry online not only is it possible but the choices are simply beautiful and breathtaking in appearance.

Other jewelry featured includes fantastic bracelets that you can get in either gold or silver or wear the studded look on your arms. If you feel after you chosen all of the above that you are still undressed then getting the right pendant will complete you’re dressing up needs. If you still are struggling to decide which pieces to pick out because they all are so extraordinary and it’s hard to narrow down final choices, checking out the top rated selections can help or looking over the best sellers can aid in your decisions.

Being able to shop for imitation jewelry online by price ranges listed is a valuable asset and resource. Joining a website will give you the chance to receive emails and catalogs in the mail every time there is a new jewelry arrival. The fun option of having a customer wish list is nice for the future when you have extra money to buy more. Other shopping items available include handbags and footwear also at great affordable pricing.

Most online jewelry sites are available for online ordering worldwide. Having a telephone number to reach customer service and being able to email any questions for concern is very important and appreciated. Jewelry ordered online in most cases can be shipped within 72 hours which isn’t bad considering you aren’t leaving your home and having to drive and put gas in your car going to a crowded mall when you shop for imitation jewelry online. You can log in at anytime and check on the status of your order and track the delivery from the time of your order until it reaches your destination. Ultimately as the customer you get the chance to express your sense of style and get an exceptional value in jewelry and have excellent quality all rolled into one.

Shop online gleaming fashion jewelry at low prices from India

necklace1Fashion jewelryhas been a mainstay of women’s accessories since ancient times. From gleaming earrings to designer bangles, fashion jewelry is, of course, fashionable, beautiful – even stunning – and, most often, affordable. With the internet and the world wide web, a woman can ignore the cheap, low-quality, throwaway costume jewelry so prominent in discount stores, drugstores and the like. She can shop for the most fashionable of fashion jewelry entirely online. And while she is shopping, she can find an entirely new world of fashion jewelry online at our online store.
While shopping for fashion jewelry online, a woman must watch for all the usual, desirable features and benefits of an online shopping site – secure shopping cart, clear store policies, and, of course, shipping, especially when she is shopping internationally. Then there are the more important aspects of shopping – variety, quality, and affordability.

There is so much variety in fashion jewelry, and our stock is no exception. Fashion jewelry comprises bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and so much more. Scintillating pendants and designer chains all give a woman both a beautiful composure and confidence when dressing up and stepping out. Indeed, the allure of fashion jewelry is the wonderful variety fashion jewelry encompasses. It is that variety that intensifies a woman’s beauty. It provides for her originality in presenting herself and will make her memorable to even the most obstinate. Whether a woman is of humble means or quite discerning, there are pieces she will desire and wear. There are antique and designer pieces as well as modern and traditional designs. We also offer bridal, Kundan, and Polki necklaces. With so much variety, a woman can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

Along with the variety of pieces is the variety of materials. There is silver and gold as well as other metals coupled with diamonds, pearls, and many more stones. In the hands of a worthy designer, these materials become not only a work of beauty but of durable quality. Indeed, in the hands of a worthy designer, lesser materials take on a measure of desirability.

The quality of online fashion jewelry is always suspect but not with us. As a mainstay for Indian fashion and weddings and more, our pieces are heirlooms while still in stock! With genuine metals and gems, design and craftsmanship, our fashion jewelry is as durable as it is beautiful. Any woman will feel secure AND lovely in our piece. And we features antique, designer and even Victorian pieces.

Affordability is, perhaps, our greatest benefit to the online shopper. Prices for fashion jewelry (as opposed to collectible or fine) are typically low. Yet, there is still a range to suit every woman’s taste and budget. With the more expensive materials, there is greater price and quality, but price does not always equate with beauty. Even designer pieces – always beautiful and always quality made – can be inexpensive.

As can be seen, shopping for fashion jewelry online offers advantages over discount and other stores – greater variety in style and materials, quality beyond price, and affordability. Unfortunately for online shoppers, the usual factors of secure shopping, policies, and shipping are left for the individual to verify, and they are not as visible as the jewelry itself. With us, a woman can shop securely, not only with her credit card and information, but with confidence in an established firm with formal policies.

A secure shopping cart is necessary to protect credit card and other data. A secure socket layer connection (shown by the lock on the shopper’s computer browser) is necessary to prevent information from being diverted or intercepted. Our shopping cart is not only secure; it is McAfee Secure tested daily.

Store policies, too, are necessary. A written privacy policy protects the shopper’s personal information from be misused, and a formal return policy ensures the shopper’s satisfaction with her purchase. Shipping, of course, is necessary with online shopping, and a proper shipping policy provides for delivery as advertised. Our shopping policies meet and exceed all of these shoppers’ needs, and we offers international shipping.

With variety, quality, and affordability backed by a secure shopping cart, solid store policies, and international shipping, any woman can shop for fashion jewelry online with us!

Dress yourself with Antique Indian jewelry from India

multi-color-neckless Buying jewelry that is valuable and that will last a lifetime can be a challenging experience when shopping from store to store. There are a number of jewelers who advertise they have antique pieces that you are looking for only to get to the store and find they don’t have what you desire or the selection is extremely limited. Of course there is the chance the store has the antique jewelry that fits your needs but there is the catch of it being costlier than you want to spend. The best choice to get an unlimited amount of antique jewelry and to know going in the price you want to pay will be the guaranteed price of the jewelry you select is to shop for antique jewelry online.

When it comes to making the decision to shop for antique jewelry online the most important one is to get jewelry you can cherish for a lifetime. The next deciding factor to consider when you shop for antique jewelry online is finding a website where you can get professional advice if you are uncertain by clicking on the help button. Being able to choose from a huge selection of unique antique jewelry not available anywhere else but online is a huge draw to shop for antique jewelry online.

The vast range of prices when you shop for antique jewelry online is the ultimate customer assurance that more than likely you will find something that meets your budget criteria and is outstanding and exceptional in worth. The opportunity to be able to create and style your own antique jewelry selection is a one of kind experience that is readily available when you shop for antique jewelry online. Your antique jewelry can be from unique to vintage as well as Victorian in design. Antique jewelry with a contemporary look is also very popular with online shoppers as well.

Another added plus when you shop for antique jewelry with us is getting tips on how to clean and maintain the upkeep of your jewelry purchases. When you’ve invested your time and money into jewelry that is as precious as fine art you want it to last and look fantastic always. Signing up to shop for antique jewelry online is an easy and secure process. We provide both an email and telephone number for any questions or concerns you have. We also have the security feature that require you to answer certain questions for your protection so that you can have the assurance of feeling comfortable using your credit or debit card when you order online. Protecting your privacy and billing information is essential when you shop for antique jewelry online.

After you have joined the website that has everything you are looking for and decide to shop for antique jewelry online, getting that online gift card or coupon is an asset in your shopping enjoyment. The more you shop online for antique jewelry the better your chances of getting email alerts when the newest and latest antique jewelry is available and for the ultimate antique jewelry lover that is the ultimate expression of appreciation.

Being able to shop online for antique jewelry gives you have the chance to shop worldwide for all of your selections. You can also write up about your experience and share with others about your purchases. Meet new friends who enjoy antique jewelry as much as you do. Most deliveries are made within 24 to 72 hours after purchase and you can track your package all the way to your home by logging in the online site every step of the way.
To shop online for antique jewelry is having the ultimate experience of selecting your choices from the comfort of your home any time of the day. With so much to choose from you can always create a wish list for future purchases. The ease of being able to pick through different designs or create your own provides a freedom of choice that is unlimited. After deciding to shop online for antique jewelry with all of the great positives at your fingertips, shopping in a mall jewelry store will be forever a part of your past.

Spice up your wardrobe with bangle bracelets from Utsav

bangleThe easiest way to imitate runway fashion, without totally emptying your wallet, is to duplicate each season’s trendy accessories. Accessories make simple looks go from alright to fabulous. And what is big for this upcoming fashion season? Bangle bracelets!
“Bangles are making a comeback,” comments stylist Edward Enninful. The styles of 2009 have had an urban, clean, and refined attitidude, and so many designers decided to pile bracelets to go with the outfits in order to give them “a tribal edge.” So if you live in Europe, Canada, or the United States, you should add a traditional Indian flare to your outfit by stacking up your bangle bracelets! It is the perfect way to mix more western style clothing with pieces that remind you of home, all while showing off your own personal style.
Celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Jennifer Lopez have all been spotted wearing bangles, and the ones you can find on our online store would make even any celebrity jealous! While most of the looks that come off of the runways cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars, you can have purchase several sets of bangles on our website for under $100. It does not get better when you are hoping to look chic for cheap!
At any given time, we have over three thousand pieces of jewelry in stock. They have everything from genuine gold and silver bangles to costume bangles. “I found a set of gorgeous brilliantly colored sky blue bangles with large stones that seem to go with almost everything I wear for only ten dollars! “ says one of our customers. Shipping within India is free! If you live anywhere else, shipping is based on weight and is very reasonable. If you purchase a set of bangles that is priced at over fifty dollars, you can get International Express Shipping for only an additional ten dollars. We guarantee that you will get your item within seven days or we will refund your shipping costs.
So choose from Bollywood style bangles, studded bangles, adjustable bangles, stone bangles, gold plated bangles, and other metal bangles. We have bangles covered in real diamonds and other precious stones as well. We sell all sizes of bangles, so you can get ones for smaller sized wrists or larger wrists. Don’t you hate it when you buy bangles from a store that does not offer different sizes and the bracelets are constantly falling off of your wrists? With us, you will never again have that problem!
We have the biggest selection of bangles that anyone have ever come across anywhere! You can find bangle sets that no one else will ever have! We have Bollywood style bangles in the best vibrant color combinations! Choose gold and lavendar bracelets with triangular stone details. Get bangles dripping with beaded fringe details to really spice up your style. Or pick wide bangles decorated with stones and kundan in floral and leaf designs.
Bangles are fun and colorful, and you can wear as many of them as you want and it still looks terrific! Or, just wear one wide bangle with incredible detailing. So get a little extra attention with the help of gorgeous and unique bangle bracelets from us!

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