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bangleThe easiest way to imitate runway fashion, without totally emptying your wallet, is to duplicate each season’s trendy accessories. Accessories make simple looks go from alright to fabulous. And what is big for this upcoming fashion season? Bangle bracelets!
“Bangles are making a comeback,” comments stylist Edward Enninful. The styles of 2009 have had an urban, clean, and refined attitidude, and so many designers decided to pile bracelets to go with the outfits in order to give them “a tribal edge.” So if you live in Europe, Canada, or the United States, you should add a traditional Indian flare to your outfit by stacking up your bangle bracelets! It is the perfect way to mix more western style clothing with pieces that remind you of home, all while showing off your own personal style.
Celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra and Jennifer Lopez have all been spotted wearing bangles, and the ones you can find on our online store would make even any celebrity jealous! While most of the looks that come off of the runways cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars, you can have purchase several sets of bangles on our website for under $100. It does not get better when you are hoping to look chic for cheap!
At any given time, we have over three thousand pieces of jewelry in stock. They have everything from genuine gold and silver bangles to costume bangles. “I found a set of gorgeous brilliantly colored sky blue bangles with large stones that seem to go with almost everything I wear for only ten dollars! “ says one of our customers. Shipping within India is free! If you live anywhere else, shipping is based on weight and is very reasonable. If you purchase a set of bangles that is priced at over fifty dollars, you can get International Express Shipping for only an additional ten dollars. We guarantee that you will get your item within seven days or we will refund your shipping costs.
So choose from Bollywood style bangles, studded bangles, adjustable bangles, stone bangles, gold plated bangles, and other metal bangles. We have bangles covered in real diamonds and other precious stones as well. We sell all sizes of bangles, so you can get ones for smaller sized wrists or larger wrists. Don’t you hate it when you buy bangles from a store that does not offer different sizes and the bracelets are constantly falling off of your wrists? With us, you will never again have that problem!
We have the biggest selection of bangles that anyone have ever come across anywhere! You can find bangle sets that no one else will ever have! We have Bollywood style bangles in the best vibrant color combinations! Choose gold and lavendar bracelets with triangular stone details. Get bangles dripping with beaded fringe details to really spice up your style. Or pick wide bangles decorated with stones and kundan in floral and leaf designs.
Bangles are fun and colorful, and you can wear as many of them as you want and it still looks terrific! Or, just wear one wide bangle with incredible detailing. So get a little extra attention with the help of gorgeous and unique bangle bracelets from us!


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