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Express your individual fusion style with customized clothes at Utsav

indo-westernDo you march to the beat of your own drummer? Do you have a unique fashion style that is all your own? Do you watch Project Runway on TV and think to yourself, “I would be so good at that?” Is your wardrobe funky and eclectic? If you firmly believe that style is not about your size, age or the designer label you are wearing, then we know of you will adore us!

We are all about dressing you to match your personality, personal style, body type and budget. If you are someone who is very fashion conscious, wants to stay on top of the trends, and have your very own sense of style, you will love shopping with us. As your one-stop shopping headquarters, we at Utsav, helps the modern woman who is confident, successful and yet still feminine find a wardrobe that matches her lifestyle.

On our singular webpage, you can find the largest selection of authentic Indian clothing available on the Earth. Even if you had the time to travel across India scanning through the merchandise of hundreds of stores in different cities, you would not find as much variety as you would find on our website. We offer high quality merchandise such as jewelry, footwear, bags, sarees, western influenced clothing, bridal wear, menswear, and even home goods! All on one website! Think of all that great exploring you can do for that absolutely one of a kind item!

Even though we have such a mind-bending array of merchandise, it is really easy to shop at our website. Shop by price, for sale items, or by new arrivals. Or, shop by season, fabric, or style. One of our personal favorites is to shop by color! Need sandals with a heel to match a certain outfit? Searching by color makes this easy.
For the vagabond shopper who needs no directional searches, we proves to be a complete paradise! Finally, the horrors of mass-produced “one size fit all” cookie cutter clothing are dispelled by the glorious light of vibrant colors, bold patterns, and one of a kind customized clothing! You may have begun to think that fashion was flat and boring. Tired of everyone at work suited in grays and tans, you just have to burst out of your grayscale imprisonment! Well, you can be stylish, modern, and still totally inspired by tradition. You can dress in a fusion of east and west that is still one hundred perfect works appropriate. So don’t make any apologies! Flaunt your culture and your roots. And have a lot of fun doing it!

The perfect way to do a modern take on traditional Indian style is to have us to customize the saree that you find on into a dress. When you find material that you just love, you can turn it into a dress that you design! First, you get to choose what style of dress you want. Pick from ten dress styes, including styles with halter necklines, a smocked bodice, or with only one shoulder. Then, decide if you want the dress to be made of one material or two different materials. For instance, you can have the bodice be made of one material and the skirt made of another material. Finally, select the exact length that you want the skirt to be. And customization only costs an additionally 25 US dollars for each dress! So you pay for the cost of the material plus 25 dollars and get the desired dress in your style.

If you want something more traditional than this, you can also customize your own saree, skirt, or lehenga choli on our website. There is a huge variety of fabrics available to choose from, and we have new sarees in all of the time! So often, in fact, that many people have told us that it is like a whole new store every time they visit us. Once you choose your fabric, you can customize the saree by changing the shape of the neckline in the front and in back of the blouse if you want. You can also add sleeves to the blouse if you want to! So change your saree to have a bustier style top, or pick a plunging neckline. Design your own totally one of a kind wardrobe eith us!

This is a dream come true for any woman who is known by her closest friends and family as often being fussy, demanding opinionated, and hard to please. Finally, every detail is just how you wanted it! After all, you have a mind of your own! You do not need someone else to tell you how to look and how to dress. You have an innate sense of style, and you want to show it off! To you, clothing is not about fitting in; it is about being able to express yourself in a totally unique way.

And finally, every piece of clothing you order us is custom made to fit you. When you place your order with us, you make a note of your measurements, as well of any customizations that you wanted. Then, they make your saree to fit your exact specifications! So, when you get it in the mail, you do not have to worry as to whether or not it will fit you! And there is no additional charge for either the custom fit or custom design. We know that these aspects are just as crucial to the clothing as quality and design. So customize, customize, customize, and fill your closet with beautiful new things that fit you like a glove!
Whatever you need, want, or never knew that you needed but always wanted can be found on our online store. We have just the thing to suit every budget, body type, and personality. And also have something for every occasion. Whether you are in need of clothes for work, an outfit for a religious festival or birthday, or a saree for your wedding day, we have just what you are looking for! With us, you can be whatever you want to be without forgetting to be yourself.


Look stylish with online Video Shopping for clothing from India

sareeOnline shopping has been a popular form of shopping for many years now. However, there are significant drawbacks to online shopping because you never know what size to order, or how the product will look while being worn. Many online stores only offer a view of the clothing from one angle, which can make it hard to determine what the clothing actually looks like. An alternative to traditional online picture shopping is video shopping. Designers and vendors of clothing film short videos of people wearing the clothes so that the customer can see the clothing from all angles and will be able to determine what the clothing will look like when being worn.

One of the best reasons to use video shopping is to see how the clothing will look when being worn. The first stores to start video shopping were in India. Many of the traditional clothing worn in India and other surrounding countries have many layers and pieces that make it hard to visualize in a photo. A video clip showcasing the outfit makes it much easier to see how the clothing looks and flows together. It is much easier to see if a clothing piece will fit in with what you need when you see someone wearing it and moving in a way that is natural and likely to occur when the purchaser wears the outfit.

Seeing the clothing from different angles is a great way to decide if a clothing piece is right for you. Some clothing has different hidden features such as open backs or hidden slits that are hard to see when the clothing is not being worn or shown from all angles. A video clip showing the entire outfit eliminates such surprises when the piece is ordered. These 360 degree video clips are also great for people who do not live near a store that sells such items. Indian clothing is hard to find outside of India, and many people in the United States or other countries who may wish to purchase traditional Indian clothing will find the video clips very informative when making their decisions about which piece to order.

Video shopping has other benefits as well. Not only does the customer get to see what the clothing is supposed to look like, how to wear it, and what it looks like on a moving person, there are many other reasons why video shopping is a great idea. Videos that showcase clothing also help the business that uses them. Since customers can see what the clothing looks like, there will be less customer service calls. People will only purchase the item if they really like it, which will also cut down on returns and complaints. Making videos of products rather than just still images adds many more benefits than it adds complications. Most companies and shopping sites would benefits from the use of a video shopping section.

We were the first site to introduce video shipping. We sell different lines of designer traditional Indian clothing. Each piece of clothing showcased in their video display is a one-of-a-kind piece. Each of our clothing choices are all of high-quality, extremely detailed, and economically priced. Video shopping helps us because many of the clothing items that we sell are long, flowing, and have many different folds and parts. The video shopping makes it easy to show customers what they will be purchasing. Video shopping is a very good online shopping technique that will likely be used in many more places in the future.

If you would like more information about video shopping you can visit us at http://www.utsavsarees.com. Click on our video shopping link to view the products that are displayed by video. In addition to our video shopping selection, there are also thousands of other similar items for sale that are beautiful, unique, and economical. We sell traditional Indian clothing for all occasions and settings. Be sure to visit our site for any Indian clothing that you might need for any occasion. Even if you do not usually wear Indian clothing such unique pieces would make you stand out during any formal function.

Free shipping and cash on delivery to any city in India at Utsav

red-lehngaOnline shopping is so great! One of our customers say, “My friend just told me about the online store, UtsavSarees.com. I have just been using their store for about a month now, but I love it! Suddenly, it is so much easier to shop! They are actually the biggest online clothing store based out of India, and their selection is incredible. They have everything from sarees and lehenga choli to menswear, footwear, purses and other accessories, and even items for your home! And the best part is that they ship any item you purchase to any address in India free! So if you live in a really remote town, you can get the clothing delivered to your door! You can even pay by Cash on Delivery. So if your husband has credit cards, but you only carry cash, you can just pay in cash when your item arrives at your door. That way you do not have to worry about paying in advance for an item you don’t know will arrive in the mail safely.”
The selection is tremendous. We literally have thousands and thousands of different items of clothing for sale. We know that shoppers would have a hard time finding exactly what they were looking for without really good ways to search. So there are countless ways to search for what you are looking for at our store. Search by price, by the newest items added to the store, or by trends for 2009. Search by the kind of fabric you like best, or by the occasion or season that you are shopping for. Looking for burgundy, peach, light purple, golden yellow, or teal? There are twenty five different colors that you can search by!
And the best part is, every time you order, your saree or salwar kameez will arrive perfectly tailored to fit you! When you order, you make a note of your measurements, so that the clothing is guaranteed to fit you! We are expert at making clothing that fits any size. Incredibly petite, full-figured, and full-sizes are all commonly ordered. And it does not cost any extra! The cost of tailoring is included in the price of every purchase you make at our store! Can you imagine a store where every item you look at would fit you perfectly? Finally, you don’t have to worry about skirts that are too tight on the hips and too loose at the waist!
So with free shipping on every purchase you make, and a selection wider than any other online store, We are the best online store in India to shop at! Finally, you  can shop in your  pajamas in the middle of the night, and don’t even have to walk to your mailbox to get your package when it arrives!

One complete stop shop for those variety lovers at Utsav

JFU827-marron-necklessWhich woman doesn’t love shopping? Some women love shopping for deals, others love discovering that ultra-rare find that they have been looking for years! But no matter how they like to shop, almost every woman loves to shop! But Indian women living abroad finds really hard time finding any clothes to purchase at all! There are a few places in that offer a couple of plain looking sarees and silk scarves, but it is nothing like the markets back home! It seems that only certain kind of Indian clothing are even imported to the States to begin with, because certain stores think only certain kinds of items will do well here. Even online, customers find that the pickings are meager.

Well if you have not heard of it yet, you have got to check out our website! We offer a head spinning variety of Indian clothing from the traditional to the more modern styles. One of our customers writes to us saying “I could not believe it when I went to the site. After all, the shopping has been so lousy since I moved that I really did not have high expectations for this online shop. But I figured I could find a few pieces, so it would be worth trying. Holy cow! (Ha, ha; sorry – that is my favourite new American phrase). I was really shocked at the variety that Utsav have. They have over three thousand different jewelry items alone on their site! And Utsav Sarees will dress you from head to toe! They carry footwear, purses, sarees, bridal wear, menswear, and even home goods! Utsav Sarees has more products available than I could even get if I was still living in India! Even if I had a whole summer to travel across the country visiting hundreds of stores in different cities, I doubt that I would encounter as much variety as I do on UtsavSarees.com”

We have exclusive access to some one of the largest manufacturing plants of Indian style clothing, which gives us the broadest selection of any online store. For any woman who loves variety, we are the place to go! We have everything you could ever dream of, and if by chance we don’t have it, we will probably get it in soon! Our stock changes really quickly, so everytime you visit us, it is like it is a whole new store!

We offers all kinds of ways to browse through our incredible selection. Shop by price, by sale items, the items that were viewed the most, or by new arrivals. Or, customers  favorite option is to shop by color! You can tell a fashion-conscious woman helped design this webpage! Are you looking for a pair of mojaris that are aqua, turquoise, teal, or sea green? We knows that there is a big difference between each of those shades of green-ish blue.

We also offer another totally unique way to shop! Shop by trends! Our other customers can enter the products they prefer and where they live. Then, you can click on countless cities across the globe and see what the women in those cities have purchased! “I have never seen any other website offer a shopping option like this and I love it! By clicking on Minneapolis, I can see what other women in the same state as me are wearing. This option helped me find a great naga shawl to help me keep warm through Minnesota’s notoriously cold winters,” says our recent customer.
Our other women customer says “While my husband thought that he had finally found the perfect solution to my shopaholic tendencies by moving me to somewhere with little to no shopping options, after my discovery of Utsav Sarees, he thinks I would be buying less if we were back home in India! But who could help it? Not only is their selection enormous, but their products are incredibly high-quality. Real leather bags and footwear, silk blouses covered in sequins, gota patti, kasab and golden zari work, and belts with Kashmiri style hand embroidered details! I love how the pictures are extra large, so you can see the fine details and beadwork in each different piece. After all, one of the main drawbacks of online shopping is that you cannot actually see and touch the item before purchasing it. Isn’t it the worst when the top you get is a totally different shade of green than you thought it would be? But with their high quality, large sized pictures and categorization based on colors, you will know what you are getting before you order.”

Customization is available with us and we can get your clothes customized into your exact measurements. Additionally, you can customize the saree in literally a hundred different ways! You can customize the shape of the neckline in the front and back of the blouse, and add sleeves to the blouse if you want to! So change your saree to have a halter neck, or to have flutter sleeves! Make it off the shoulder, or pick a scalloped neckline. You can pick a corseted back, open tie back, or choose a one shoulder design! And you can even request a different color! This is such a great option if you and a friend want to get matching dresses, but don’t want them to be exactly the same. So if you had a hard enough time picking out your saree before, with customization you can now literally design your own dress! We let you be the designer! You can also change the fabric, embroidery or pretty much anything else!

Another amazing option for a more western, contemporary twist is to make any saree into a dress. When you find material that you just love, you can turn it into a Western-style sundress that you design! First, you choose one of twelve dress styles. Some of the options include dresses with halter necklines, smocked bodices, or bubble hems. Or pick a wrap dress or one shouldered dress! Then, choose if you want the dress to be made of one material or two (for instance the bodice part solid and the skirt part patterned), and then select the exact length of the skirt! Customization into a Western dress only costs an additional 25 US dollars! So you pay the price of the material you selected, plus another $25. No American tailor would design you a dress to your exact specifications for that little!

Finally, we also have Western style dresses, tunics, tops and skirts in vibrant materials with gorgeous Indian embroidery and other details. For instance, a huge trend for this spring and summer and into this fall is harem pants. The variety that you can find in US malls are made of cheap materials and are not that interesting. Get your own avant garde look by customizing your own harem pants at our online store. The pants come with a gorgeous matching jacket that has puff sleeves and a large button closure. Choose from hundreds of different fabrics and patterns; the range of options is absolutely head-spinning! In a good way, of course!

Whatever you need, want, or never knew that you needed but always wanted can be found on our website. We also sell jewelry? Everything from faux rhinestone brooches to real diamond cut-out gold cuff bracelets! There is such a huge variety, you could visit us every day and find new treasures every time! We offer something to suit every budget, style, and personality. Whether you need an outfit for a religious festival, birthday, wedding, or everyday occasion, we are sure to have it. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Utsav- proves to be the best online apparel store from India

saree27We have been in business for over 10 years, making us the leader in fashion. We have been making headlines every since we have opened up the doors. Our fashion and flare sense for perfection is keen. We have an eye for attention and detail making us far beyond ordinary. We excels when it comes to top of the line fashion. From our affordable prices to luxurious fabrics, it’s really no surprise as to why we’re number one in the industry. We have a sincere passion for fashion,that is why we handle everything, we have no middleman, or no other person handling our designs. We design with you in mind. We are number one when it comes to apparel because we hear what you have to say and we listen. We make our garments for you to feel comfortable and happy. We specialize in sarees, salwar kameez, lehnga choli, and much more. We have all sorts of unique fabrics from crepe, silk, art silk, chiffon, net, and more. There is really no other place to shop when you are interested in purchasing the best fabrics for the best prices. We have the right price for your budget.

With just a simple click at our website, you will be transformed to the world of upscale fashion. Once you are there, you can search our entire collection of jewelry, clothing, bridal, or casual attire, accessories, men’s wear, wedding aceessories, kids wear, home décor items and lots more. We also offer affordable shipping. With us, you can shop by style, or your particular color choice, or price. We have something so unique which is now taking our site to another level, we now offer you video shopping, video shopping is viewing online videos of our collection. Our online collection is one to take hold, the accessories selection will offer you naga shawls, Indian belts, beautiful Indian brooches, and much more. We not only offer you the best in apparel, we will give you $10off just by leaving us some feedback about our site, positive or negative, we will email you a $10 off coupon to purchase your next item online. Having an easy shopping experience at our website is our number one priority. We are Mcafee secured and Sitesafe protected, so when you shop online at out store, you can take the worry out of any possible hacking or any of your personal information being jeopardized.

We specialize in woman apparel from start to finish. From Footwear to bags, sarees to indo western, kids wear to menswear and lots more. Why shop anywhere else? When we clearly have it all. We offer sale everyday online. From 10%-30% off. We are offering 30% off on over 500 items. We are unique, because we design and retail, wholesale, and manufacture our fashionable attire. Most of our outfits are designed and manufactured in-house, the rest are exclusively commissioned from craftsmen and weavers across India. People choose us, because we are not like any other, we care about your happiness and your satisfaction. We are the largest online store that offer you more than 12600 designs. Our jewelry catalog has over 500 items for purchase, giving you the option to choose from exotic and elegant pieces. We have earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, and more. We have everything from diamonds, to antiques, to designer chains, and so much more. We take the hassle out of thinking about affordability, we have the jewelry that fits everybody’s pocket. Our jewelry range from less than $10 to more than $200. We will fit any budget. If you have any inquiry about our online collection, you can send over a text to our live operator who will be of assistance to you 24hrs 7 days a week. We have what you are looking for when it comes to beautiful designs and unique patterns.

We offer you our very best in quality and customer service. At our online store, we specialize in designing the best apparel for woman, and we also design apparel for men, we offer the best turbans, kilangi, kamarbandh, stole, and more. We are well respected in the Indian community, not only are we well known in India, but we are well known in the USA, UK and worldwide. We have multiple payment options to accommodate your particular need. We offer Paypal, COD, Net banking, mobile banking, wire transfer, western union, and more, if your shipping option is not on our online website, then you can request a different method.

If you are in India, we will ship to you free of charge. Most of our collection is exclusive, meaning that you get the best and it is unlikely to find the same garment on another person. Our online site is user friendly; we offer first time users a step by step tutorial on how to place orders on our online store. We will customize your outfit to your size, and to your likings, we will also arrange the garment to fit your body the way you want it to look and feel.

We emphasize on quality control, and we will deliver outstanding results. We have the right outfit for any occasion, if you are going for a stroll, we have the outfit. If you are going to a nice party, we have the outfit. We design our apparel with ladies in mind. We know what woman want. We know that woman want to feel empowered and sophisticated yet classy. So we design our garments around those factors including great style and luxurious fabrics. Our attention to detail is far beyond anything imaginable. That includes our home decor. In our home decor section, you will be pleasantly surprise that we have a wide collection of affordable home decorations for purchase. We have an array of statuesque and beautiful wall painting. We have oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and more. We have a wonderful wall hanging collection, our wall hangings are embroidered and they come in many styles and wonderful pattern of colors to choose from.

If you are on the plus size and feel as though you cannot find many outfits that are available to you, then you can search on our online store. We does not charge extra for our plus size garments. We are the reason why you can feel comfortable at home shopping online. You can choose from many sizes at our online store. Our site has thousands of items to choose from, there is no other reason to search anywhere else, when we have it all. We have beautiful Indian garment, made directly in India, and for that reason, we are truly number one in.

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