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Utsav celebrating International Women's Day!Women is an immense source of love, caring, dedication and sacrifice for the others that you believe its hard to do is directly proportional to women. Women is the real creator of the world, she show you a light of inspiration and motivate being your mother, daughter, sister and wife in each phase of your life. Whatever role she played her love never seems to be compromised and comparative. Women the one word that incurred the whole world. Yes, its no sense to celebrate a particular one day of a year  in the name of the women but still this single day of the year is enough to show how much the power and respect does women hold to the world and believe it – this single day dominant remaining 364 days of a year by miles. The International Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March is a universal day for all women around the world. This day marks a huge celebration of the social, cultural, economic and political achievements made by women over the years around the world.

Utsav has always celebrated the power of being a woman. And as we set forth to explore the many moods and nuances of womanhood through our fashion array, we salute her spirit on Women’s Day. The world over, it is a day that brings into focus how much the woman means to the planet. At Utsav, we would simply like to say, “Lady, you mean the world to us!”

Utsav, on its part, is passionate about taking exclusive, customized and hand-picked women’s ethnic fashion wear from India to wardrobes around the globe. It’s where old meets new, east meets west, traditional meets contemporary – right here, in Utsav’s breathtaking online collection of sarees, lehnga cholis and salwar kameezes.

To make your celebration more wider Utsav offer you a whopping discount of  15%  So go ahead and enjoy it !!

Use discount code: WOMEN and enjoy 15% off till 8th of March, 2010


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