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Since its inception almost two decades ago, Utsav has continued to grow and diversify its branches to serve the fashion needs of fellow Indians. With its manufacturing hub in Jaipur, the company originally started manufacturing sarees for women.

With so many festivals and occasions, the customers asked us to provide lehengas cholis. Our customers are like our own family members. And so, we introduced our exclusive collection of lehengas and cholis for weddings, festival dances and special occasions.

Our discerning and caring ears for our privileged customers motivated us to focus on the casual outfits including the salwar kameez. The Utsav Group has always been there to look after the fashion tastes of the Indian women who is a daughter, a sister, a wife and a grandmother.

From ladies’ dresses, we could not resist to the growing demands of graceful women who now wanted designer jewellery to match their elegant attire. We soon brought glittering and attractive jewellery for the ladies, and then, they were now noticed and admired in social gatherings. Our brand name of Utsav grew as the smile grew on pretty ladies.

In the fairytale Cinderella, the princess had lost her footwear which finally helped the prince charming to locate her princess. Our Utsav Group also realized that we had everything in the shopping cart for ladies except the matching footwear. Our designers are working round the clock to fulfill this wish also.

Again, we at Utsav and our customers have always shared a lifelong relationship. And we try our best to fulfil the wishes of our family of customers. Certainly, we agree with the phrase, “Ladies First”. But with time and evolution, the lady’s gentleman has become more trendy. Hence we are introducing clothing for the gentlemen. We are taking great care for his fashion needs after considering the many roles a responsible man plays in day-to-day life.

And we all love children! Don’t we? For our little buddies, we shall be soon launching vibrant dresses. And watch out for our special dresses on Children’s Day, 14 November.

As Aristotle said, “Child is the father of man”, the journey of Utsav Sarees has undergone a process of evolution. New ideas from our youthful team, the wisdom as well as experience of its founders and the patronage of its privileged customers have helped Utsav Sarees grow into the Utsav Group.

Since the parent company was Utsav Sarees, the website of Utsav Group continues to be known by Utsavsarees.com.

Hence for online shopping needs of your family, we shall serve under one roof by the same name of Utsavsarees.com.

Utsav Celebrates Every Utsav

India is a multicultural nation with variegated festivals. Not only the pomp and show of its festivals, every small utsav or occasion becomes a joyful carnival here. The women of India make every utsav lively with their melodious songs and vibrant dances. Since every utsav is a memorable family event, we got our inspiration to carve out Utsav to cater to the fashion needs of beautiful women.

The word utsav has many meanings including festival, occasion, event, etc. Like the rays of sun peep through the peaks of snow capped mountains, an utsav wakes up a loving smile on the shy, innocent and pretty faces. Within a short time, the smile changes into a giggle and then into a cheerful laugher as the friends and relatives gather for the auspicious utsav. We, at Utsav, further glorify these memorable events with our elegant clothing, designer jewellery, dresses and mens sherwanis.

We have been celebrating every utsav with the families of our privileged customers. Our bridal lehengas and cholis are extraordinary in designs. Our fashion designers and tailors feel the emotions of the bride and create the dress with utmost perfection. That is how we continue to live on with our reputation as “Numero Uno” not only in India but also abroad. We share the happiness of every utsav in your family.

Similarly, The Utsav Group, loves to coddle the kids with gifts purchased by dear mothers and fathers on their birthdays and on their achievements in schools and colleges when they purchase online at utsavsarees.com. From time to time, we pass on our savings by giving special discounts to our privileged customers because your utsav is our utsav too.

As the company has diversified and grown over the past two decades, we have responded to the emails and telephone calls which asked us to create special gift packs for the promoted employees in the corporate sector to boost their performance.

We just need an utsav and an opportunity to celebrate your auspicious occasion. We welcome you to visit us at utsavsarees.com, and we shall escort you as you continue to load your goods into the shopping cart and pay through our secure servers.

We care for you and your shopping, always!


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