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Exclusive traditional Indian embroideries for that perfect partywear

saree29Embroidery is an art used to beautify or decorate a fabric with the use of thread or yarn stitched into the fabric with a needle. It is essentially a handicraft or even created with the use of sewing machines to produce machine embroidery. Embroidery has been in existence since 3000 BC. Ancient embroidery artifacts have survived from Egypt, Iron Age Northern Europe and Song Dynasty China. It was Popular among Arabs and Mughals of olden days, embroidered ladies salwar suits come in many different styles. Those people prefer embroidered salwar kameez in ordinary cotton fabric with as many as eighty panels with ornate embroidery and mirror work. Royalty could afford more intricate brocade, tanchoi and heavy satins even with real gold and silver embroidery, studded with precious stones. This art is again a manifestation of man’s ability to create beautiful things and has since evolved and today embellishments and embroidery are an integral part of fashion. This creative art has given self-employment to many ladies and karigars. It’s a tough job. Flawlessness and perfection in this art can be achieved only through constant practice.

India is very rich in terms of art and crafts because of different communities and culture of its people. India is a diversified country having varied range of cultures and customs. The Indian art and craft have become world famous. These arts have acclaimed international fame and are in great demand in western countries. After independence these arts were revived by the Indian government which improved the declining situation of the Indian embroideries. The main support came from the Indian government.There is huge demand of Indian embroidered garments. Indian fashion has come a long way. Not only has it grown rapidly, but there has also been a revival of traditional Indian fabric and embroidery. Exclusive embroidery is their domain and forte. There is huge variety of embroideries done in India, here are few of them which have got more fame in terms of popularity in international market : –

Zardozi workt: It  is also termed as metal embroidery or metallic applique embroidery. It is an ancient form of embroidery basically done with gold or silver zari threads. It is also known as metal embroidery. Although now-a-days it is also done with colored metal threads.The word Zardozi is derived by combining two words Zar and Dozi which in Persian language means gold and embroidery respectively. It finds its genesis in Persia and flourished considerably under the reign of Akbar the Mughal Emperor. Initially it was done with real metal threads of gold and silver for the rich and royal. In between the application of pearls and precious stones looks stunning on it.

Zardozi work is an extension of zari embroidery which is done with crochet hook. A crochet hook is used with metallic threads and the stitch resembles a chain stitch. As zardozi is done with coiled metal wires studded with stones, beads, etc is heavy in weight therefore is done on fabrics that are thick and heavy like silk, velvet, stain, crepe, etc. Clothes with zardozi are an integral part for any wedding or important functions as it depicts royalty.

Mirror Embroidery: Mirror embroidery is the specialty of Gujarat state. This form of embroidery finds its origin during the 13th century in Persia. It is always coupled with other forms of embroidery using different size and shaped mirrors as embellishments. The mirrors used are of different shapes and sizes like round shape, diamond shape, square shape, etc. However round shape is the most common shape of mirrors used in this form of embroidery.

Basically it was more utilized by Jats community. It is embroidered using colorful threads like red, green, blue, yellow, black, maroon, etc. Many different types of stitches like cross stitch, buttonhole stitch and satin stitch are used in its combination.

This art apart from Gujarat state is also practiced in neighboring state of Rajasthan and in appliqué art of Orissa.It is usually used on ethnic garments as well as on Indo-western outfits and is fast gaining popularity in the west as well. This embroidery has also seen the limelight of international ramp shows too.

Kantha Embroidery: Kantha is the traditional form of embroidery of West Bengal. This embroidery uses a running stitch and is used to decorate quilts, bed sheets, blankets, saris, salwar suits, stoles, napkins, etc. Patterns like human beings, animals, flowers, geometric designs and mythological figures are usually created with this kind of embroidery. The different types of Kantha include Sujani kantha, Durjani kantha, Lep kantha, Archilata kantha, Rumal kantha and Oaar kantha.

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Ladies punjabi suits in different colors and styles

salwarkameejPunjabi suits is the ethnic outfit of North India. Indian culture is carved with numerous traditional occasions. It gives exquisite look to one’s persona. It has gained the status of being a very comfortable outfit and has risen in the popularity chart of garments amongst every age group. These suits are usually very colorful i.e have darker tones and very heavy embroideries. Punjabi Suit is famous for its comfort and look not only in India but also in abroad.

It is a three- piece outfit consisting of a kameez, salwar and a dupatta. Traditional Kameez is normally long upto knee with wide circumference (Gher) it has different fittings, neck styles, sleeve styles, sleeve length and cuts. Salwar part is a bottom part of the Punjabi Suit. Traditionally it is wide from top. Normally the traditional salwar size from top at waist area is almost double the actual waist size to make it comfortable to wear. Dupatta also known as an odhani is a long scarf or shawl generally worn around the neck or over the head. The dupatta is also in festive colors and has gorgeous embroidery. A salwar, kameez looks incomplete without it.

Traditional Punjabi suits are very beautifully designed with traditional embroideries like phulkari .Embroidery is an art of hand weaving which is done with the help of needle, also known as needlework. Like every other art form, needs to be understood to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. They are handwork over the woven threads on clothing. Embroidered Salwar Kameez is the traditional wear of Indian women since long time. The embroidered salwar kurta made up of a comfortable fabric, can be worn on festivals or other celebrations. Feminine and graceful, the salwar kurta is decorated with embroidery and mirror work.

Alike Indian Traditions, Punjabi suits are also varied:

You can wear Phulkari Punjabi suits, Patiala shahi suits and Churidars. Patiala is favourate among all and its unique styling attracts the eyes. Patiala Salwar kameez is similar to Indian traditional salwar kameez except that Patiyala salwar has more pleates and big fall comes on wearing at back. However, short kurta is more popular. The kameez of Patiala salwar kameez is rounded at the flaps, had slits upto the waist and comfortable to wear due to proper fitting. Patiala salwar is very comfortable to wear. The whole set comes in variety of fabric, colours and patterns starting from plain, printed to embroidered ones.

The Churidar is also one of the type of Punjabi suit and looks amazing. It is actually pants made in such a way that it is tight from the knee down and loose and comfortable from the knee up. It is worn very similar to draw string pants but the legs are tapered. The basic difference between salwar and a churidar is that salwar is a loose pajama-like trousers while the churidar is a tight-fitting trouser which gathers at the ankles. Their extremes are crinkled and crumpled to fit. Creases thus developed resemble ‘churis’ or bangles, hence the name churidar kameez. They are stitched in different types of fabric: silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette and so on. Today, the short kurta and churidar which looks very elegant and is in fashion too.

Now a days fashion industries is booming at fast pace. Many designers had came out with fabulous designs and we are laded with all the elegant and trendy variety of Punjabi suits with different embroideries, designs and colours.

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