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An ultimate gift for last minute shoppers at Utsav

multi-color-necklessThere are many times that we don’t always get to our gift shopping when we should or plan ahead. Or we use the common excuse that we don’t know what to get for that special someone. Well, we need to throw those excuses out the window. It is time to stand up to our own convictions and well, shop till we drop and get what we need and have it here in a few days. If you are in need of a gift for someone that loves exotic gifts, well look no further than this fantastic website called Utsav. We have gifts from under $10.00 and up. If you know someone who has quite expensive taste and not sure what to get them that would fit, you can definitely find it on our website.  

A good example, say you have a friend and she loves jewelry, but, you can’t afford to buy her some of the lavish gifts that her other friends give her. Well, no worries, we have what you are looking for and the cost may be right up your alley. We have beautiful bracelets starting at $10 but look like their counterparts that you can also find for upwards of over $400.00 or how about that ultimate shoe lover who has to have a color or pair for every outfit in their closet. If she loves sandals, you can find some beautiful sandals for around $20.00 a pair. We have sandals that come in some of the most brilliant colors that you could never imagine.

Okay so your friend isn’t into all that stuff, how about a beautiful piece of art work or love to decorate their homes with exotic things. You can find some beautiful affordable pieces that would be just right for what they are looking for, it is so amazing. You can find wall hangings for around $10.00 and up in an array of colors that are so striking that anyone would love to have them hanging on their walls. One wall hanging that would be loved by anyone male or female is a beautiful blue hanging that depicts golden camels in a rich design. From this particular hanging anyone could let their imagination go wild with a new decor in their homes and not have to spend a fortune. Throw pillows, could be added and much more.

Okay, but maybe that isn’t the only last minute adventure you have going on. Work is throwing a huge affair and you haven’t found that perfect dress yet. You are looking for something totally unique unlike anything everyone else will be wearing. Never fear, you will find it at this site. There are beautiful gowns in an array of colors. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try them on like you would in a local store, but, the website can direct you to your sizes and show you what is available at great prices. You can find a beautiful saree that would be perfect for the event for around $25.00. How many other women would be able to say that? Many may ask your secret while attending the party. But, you can laugh and tell them you have a personal designer. Or be nice and point them to us. Adding a touch of jewelry never hurts and this site has many great pieces that will do the trick. Again, nice low prices that are affordable and to many likings. You can find many simple designs or even some that are more extravagant and more to your liking. The shipping is free in India and we use the fastest services available.

Another great feature for our site, you can actually talk to a customer service rep and get a response right away through their online chat program. Questions can range from the actual color of an item to the material it is made out of; many are quite knowledgeable about the merchandise. Have fun shopping for that last minute need.


Look gorgeous with latest printed sarees

printed-sareeLook gorgeous with these red, black, deep grey, olive green, turquoise blue, beige, multicolor sarees with floral, digital abstract print, dots, hand prints, floral print, geometric prints and lots more. Charming ladies can celebrate their cute looks in apparels available in fabrics like faux jacquard crepe, faux georgette and lots more fabrics especially designed to give a new style to your collection. Shop from this catalog for that perfect looks.

Add a new style to your collection with trendy sarees

saree19Add a new style to your collection now. Sarees in faux georgette and net fabrics having sequins, resham, stones work and gorgeous combination of wild safari prints and net pallu looks equally elegant. Same material blouse available with all sarees in the catalog. The style is not just restricted to this. Two tones sarees with strategically placed embroidered paisley motifs looks chic. Style is a magic wand, and turns everything to wedding by wearing viscose sarees having sequins, resham, blockprint, strips print, stones in carry motifs, designer skirt pattern, stones in round motifs and lots more. Classic burnout brasso and a pallu saree, the most flattering cut for any figure, remains our stunner of choice. Modern, fashionable and utterly glamorous, it works just perfect for a traditional occasion. These latest Sarees will definitely make you look very elegant and graceful. Entirely wonderful sarees are designed in lovely array of multicolor. Gorgeous lehenga style sarees are heavily embellished with shimmering sequins, resham and stones work in floral motifs is looking stunning. Gracious border gives them beautiful and trendy look. Something different from the traditional one. Sarees are available in trendy colours like olive green, wine pink, green color, maroon and lots more.

Latest party wear sarees online




Shop now from our latest party wear catalog. The catalog includes beautiful sarees representing the rich heritage of India. Embroideries like sequins, beads work, booti, resham, zari work, patch work and lots more. Sarees in these catalogs are available in fabrics like tissue, georgette, silk etc. So what are you waiting for the best is just a click away.

Buy Online Satin scarf with fringes to be in fashion

satin-scarf-with-fringesAt the finishing of the past century and during the dawn of the new millennium, the word happening along with the substantial gusto and lasting long in the future were the two important key which have influenced the factors in the industry of fashion. In the world of today, the people who wish to be up dated in the fashion does not want to look back any more. The fashion freak people want to live in the present. As the entire world is changing so fast, the large development in every field has resulted in the change of the outlook of the people. They now do not wish to remain backward in any aspect along in the fashion too.

In the present day, the universe has a very different expectation, since forecasted. After numerous years of the negligence the past has managed to emerge again with a much wider acceptance among the people. Now they have once again started appreciating the old kind of dressing and the old accessories. One of such fashion item is the satin scarf with fringes. If you see the old movies, you will notice that women used to wear the satin scarf along with their suit pieces. And now, this is the fashion.

The satin scarf is loved by the elite class people as they feel that it reflect their status. As a matter of fact, the ordinary people are also now becoming more and more fashion freak. They always want to stand together with the so called elite society. The satin scarf with fringes is very soft in texture and it enhances the beauty of the dress. Even if you wear a very simple dress for an evening party and wear a satin scarf along with it; you are almost ready for the evening. After wearing the scarf, you do not have to wear any jewelry. At the maximum, you can wear a simple and smart watch with a pair of very trendy earring. The satin scarf has never seen any downfall, but now the people prefer more of satin scarf than the other materials.

The scarf is available in a lot of Indian fabric but this winter, the satin scarf with the fringes is in a lot of demand. The vibrant color of the satin scarf can make you look very attractive and appealing. You will standout in the crowd. Internet has become a big shopping spot for the people who wish a very easy and simple shopping without any tiresome shopping day. Utsav offers variety of satin scarves which are unique in style and has superb quality. You simply have to choose from the huge list and place your order.

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