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Pre-stitched Indian lehenga dress for both Indian and International woman

gray-lehngaSince a very long time Indian Dresses have received fame from an increasingly large audience. At the same time it should be noted that these people do not appreciate things easily. In these Indian Dresses, one must have found something worth appreciating that is the reason why these garments are very popular. Pre-stitched Indian dresses are very mych in demand these days.

When we talk about Indian Lehengas in specific, it is observed that these kinds of apparels are common at the time of family functions or weddings of near and dear ones. Even young girls becoming brides wear lehenga for atleast one occasion. Many radiant colors are available in Indian lehengas. Apart from the colors, the style of stitching the lehenga has also been changing.

Earlier lehengas were available in the form of a dress material. But lately, many fashion outlets offer pre-stitched Indian lehengas to its customers. This facility avoids us from frequently visiting the tailors. Instead one gets a semi fitted lehenga that does not require any final stitch. But for safety reasons, some girls get stitching done another time just to ensure that it does not tear from any angle.

This to a large extent has helped the women who are constantly looking forward to wearing Indian lehengas. Even the choli of the lehenga is prestitched. The best part about this feature is that those people who stay outside India can also avail this brilliant opportunity. In the past, foreigner sere not so keen about buying Indian lehengas for a simple reason that it cannot be stitched in their country. But now they can order it through online shopping also. And can get prestitched apparel at within a short span of time. This has made shopping for lehengas all the more easier and relaxing.

This prestitched Indian lehenga dress is available in different sizes and almost all possible colors under the sun. This feature is indeed appreciated by many girls and ladies.

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Printed cotton clothing- most in demand Spring Indian couture

printed-sareeWith rising temperature in the city, one constantly thinks about what clothes to wear. More than that, one is worried about what type of clothes to wear. Every person just thinks about selecting something in which one doesn’t feel that hot. And this behavior is deeply understood by the fashion markets. This is why they are constantly coming up in the lightweight clothes. In such kind of outfits one feels comparatively better and it makes heat a bit tolerable. Our Indian Markets are well equipped and at the same time flooded with apparels that are fit to be worn in this scorching heat. Printed cotton clothing is in these days. This would include lahariya salwar and dupatta, polka dots, stripes, earthy and floral colors etc. These fabrics are highly comfortable in this season. People should generally avoid wearing sequence work suits or embroidered outfits. Dark colors make one feel all the more hot and irritated. Also very thick fabric makes us sweat the entire day. Thus, cotton clothing is an ideal option for such kind of a Printed cotton suits sarees, kurtas; skirts can be worn to all sorts of places like schools, colleges, offices etc. Even for those women who are sitting at home, printed cotton clothing is the best option that is available at present.

Temperature will continue to rise at its own speed. But we cannot stop our life for that. However, we can alter our lifestyle so that we can Beat The Heat in the Right Fashion and with the right kind of clothing.

www.utsavsarees.com is one of the online stores which caters to the need of all people’s demand of best printed cotton indian clothing with attractive florals, abstract prints, stripes, dot prints etc.

Methods to remove turmeric stains from your favorite clothes

halter-topStaining a fabric is most easy, but hard to get rid off. Most stains occur due to spillage of food and beverages. In order to successfully remove a stain from the fabric the basic principle is not to allow the stain or spot to become set. A stain or spot if washed at the first possible opportunity will be easy to remove as the stain dissolves when it is fresh.

Knowledge about the nature of the stain helps you to remove it immediately, by employing the use of appropriate method along with the correct removal agent. There are various methods which can be employed to remove turmeric stains:

– On clothes turmeric stains can be removed by rubbing a dry detergent bar soap over it and leaving it for an hour before washing it off.

– Another remedy is to wash the stained clothes or kitchen linen immediately in cool water and soap. Dry in the sun and see the stain fade to a very pale pink. Wash the cloth or kitchen linen to see the turmeric stain disappear.

-To remove tough turmeric stains rub a lemon on the stain. Thereafter, apply milk on the stain and wash with any detergent.

– A solution named ‘carbona’ available in the market can be used, as it removes stains easily or a small amount of bleaching powder when rubbed on a stain and left for 15 minutes and washed in cold water will help to remove it.

– You can also apply glycerin to the spill and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Blot it with paper towels, removing all turmeric you can. Wash with a detergent.

– Apply hydrogen peroxide (drug store) variety to the stain and allow it to bleach the yellow color out. Then wash as usual.

– An effective remedy to remove stain is to apply detergent solution and blot. Apply vinegar solution and blot. Apply enzyme detergent and blot. If the stain still remains, use of a rust remover (oxalic acid solution) or bleaching may be necessary.

– Rubbing a lemon wedge on the area and leaving it to dry in direct sunlight will also be of good help.

– Make a paste of water and soap and rub it on both sides of the stained cloth. When dry pour hot water on it from a height of about 2 meters to see the turmeric stain vanish.

– Last but not the least apart from your favorite dress if you have stained your carpet with turmeric use 2 drops of sprite (soda) on the affected area and rub gently with a wet paper towel to see the stain removed. Go ahead and try these tips. Hope they will be of good use.

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Indian fabrics for slimmer look

Peach-Saree Fabrics form an integral part of our life. Apart from covering us which is the basic necessity of our life, it serves other purposes also like comfort, warmth, fashion. All kinds of Indian fabrics are made using fibers as their raw material. Fabrics are made from natural fibers like plant, animal and mineral sources but now in the twentieth century they were supplemented by artificial fibers made from petroleum.

Indian Fabrics are of different types, they come in different textures, weaves, prints, colors. Fabrics can be effectively used to camouflage an individual’s body by making him or her look plump or slim. But no matter what ever their size people want to look slim and the trick lies in wearing clothes made of the right kind of fabric that is appropriate for their individual body shape, making them look slimmer.

Today the market is flooded with different kinds of Indian fabrics, each serving a different purpose. Fabrics should be chosen wisely. In order to look slim shiny or heavy textured fabrics should not be worn. Avoid stiff, hard and clingy fabrics. Over spandexed fabrics should be totally avoided as they magnify every possible bulge. Fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe, some cotton and silk blends can be worn to give a slimming effect.

GEORGETTE: It is a sheer crepe Indian fabric with pebbly surface. It has a dull face and has an outstanding durability. Usually it has same yarns in warp and filling. Though georgettes are heavier than chiffons, they give a very good fall. It drapes well giving a slim look to the body. Georgette saris, salwar kameez, kurtas, dresses are very popular among all age groups. It is available in a wide range of colors. This fabric can be dyed as well as printed easily. Surface embellishments like embroidery, beads and sequins enhance the beauty of the fabric.

CHIFFON: This is an extremely lightweight, thin, fine and sheer fabric. It is usually made of nylon, rayon or silk and the filament yarns are highly twisted. It is made using plain weave and is translucent in appearance. It is lighter than chiffon and is a very delicate fabric. It is generally used for dresses, tops, tunics, salwar kameez and saris. The appearance of this fabric can be enhanced as it can not only be dyed in different colors but can also be embellished as well as embroidered.

CREPE: Crepe is a fabric with pebbly or crinkled surface. It is produced by use of special high twist crepe yarns. It can be granite or plain weave. It gives a perfect fall and is light weight. It is a user friendly fabric as it can not only be dyed but it can also be embroidered and printed. It can be used in salwar kameez, saris, tops, tunics, kurtis, dresses and many other garments. Apart from these Indian fabrics there are many cotton blend and silk blend fabrics which give a slimming effect.

COTTON: Cotton is a natural fabric which gives a slim look. Cotton is obtained from a bushy plant, scientifically known as gossypium. The fruit part of the plant is used to make cotton fabric. These fibers when spun into thread are used to make soft, breathable textile. It is a very versatile fabric. There are many cotton blend fabrics available in the market today, which when properly used give a slimmer look

SILK: Silk is a very strong and absorbent fabric. It has a unique softness. Silk fibers are made from cocoons of silk worms and are used to make thread and fabric. Many silk blend fabrics give a slim look when worn. In order to look slim an important thing to be kept in mind is to wear the appropriate colors. Apart from black which is an accepted slimming color other colors such as violet, olive, navy, grey, chocolate, brown and burgundy also give a slimmer look

So the next time you venture out for shopping, make sure to pick up the appropriate Indian fabrics vis-à-vis appropriate colors if you want to camouflage your bulges and look slim.

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Classification of the Indian textile fibres

Affordable-SareeIn the earliest stages of the Indian textile industry, wool, silk. cotton and linen fibres were used for making fibres, and even today these fibres are very popular and are used for most of our clothing and household articles. But in addition to these, Indian textile industry is continually using many other fibres, which are natural, synthetic and man made.

These may be classified into the groups :

1.Natural fibres

2. Non thermoplastic fibres

3. Thermoplastic fibres

Natural fibres contain cellulosic, cotton, linen, jute and lots more.

Non thermoplasic fibres include cellulosic, rayon-viscose, mineral fibreglass, metallics etc

Thermoplastic fibres include polyster, nylonka, nylon-caprolan etc.

These different Indian textile fibres have actually resulted in creation of fabrics which further result in stylish clothes. Many online store are coming up with these ethnic wear. www.utsavsarees.com is one of such online stores offering the different variety of indian clothes for a women who lives in style.

Custom made Indian suits for plus size women

Anarkali-StylePlus size woman have their own unique needs purchasing custom made clothes. Maximum people are suffering from weight problems these days and this result in frustration when they don’t get their desired styles in their sizes. Indian clothing has always been helpful in getting over such frustrations and depressions at the time of shopping. Custom made Indian suits are very popular among plus size women. A woman looks slimmer as compared to any western outfit.

While plus size woman share some of the same issues and needs as any other custom made Indian suit wearer, they also have the unique need of finding one that fits properly. As any plus size woman can tell you, there’s a difference between wearing clothing that was simply made “bigger”.

Part of the appeal of custom made suits i.e. salwar suit, specifically is that it is figure flattering to all sizes and shapes but this is not the case if it hangs like sack off your body.Custom made Indian suits are preferred as they can be stitched in any measurements and preferred styles.

Custom made Indian suits require customer’s exact measurement. This is one piece of advice that will help them in more ways than one. It allows them to sort out all the variety in sizes available. They should know there waist, bust and hip measurements at a minimum.

Most plus size fashion in USA has been made with some stretch or give to the fabric for many years. When plus size woman go into Indian fashions they are not used to fabrics that do not have any give at all. Due to the nature of the material being used, it is especially important that plus size woman have a properly fitting garment. Make sure you know your measurement and allow yourself enough room for comfort.

Preset sizes do not work for everyone and that’s the biggest reason people like to for custom made Indian suits which give them freedom of choosing suitable fabric, style and cuts, color for themselves. Generally the amount of material that goes in custom made Indian suit determines the cost of the suit. That’s the reason custom made Indian suits are bit costly than normal suits.

While getting the custom made Indian suit done you will need to go over details like material, colour, neckline design and embroidery and you should know how you want your item to fit. Traditionally, most tops are very snug fittings in the shoulders and bust.Custom made Indian suits for plus size woman give them the opportunity to be trendy and go with the latest fashion trends.

Everyone one not luckily gifted with those glass figures. That’s why now most of the websites are coming up with the Custom made Indian suits options in order to meet the growing demands of plus size women.

www.utsavsarees.com is one among those Indian websites which knows actual demand of plus size woman and thus offers exclusive custom made Indian suits options for this particular section of women.

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