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Be an exclusivity seeker with our absolutely unique, one of a kind fashion at Utsav

yellow-lehngaFor awhile, it seemed, fashion was flat and boring. Clothes made in cookie-cutter designs, and it was common to see another woman wearing the exact same saree you had. People who idolized a certain Bollywood star would try to find the exact saree she had worn so that they could wear it, too. But nowadays, the trend is originality! After years and years of women experiencing so much embarrassment when they would spot another woman at a wedding they were at wearing the exact same saree, people began longing for totally unique clothing. Instead of emulating someone else’s style, you can have a look all your own! The world has finally realized that half the fun of fashion is to be able to express your own individuality and unique personality with your clothing. It used to be that only really wealthy people could truly have a one of a kind wardrobe because only they could buy the best fabrics and have tailors sew the clothes to fit them perfectly. Average people had to buy simpler, more affordable pieces of clothing that were generally less exciting and did not fit as well.
But not anymore! At Utsav, we can customize your own saree, skirt, or lehenga choli in literally a hundred different ways! We have an enormous variety of fabrics available to choose from, and we get new sarees in all the time! You can customize the shape of the neckline in the front and back of the blouse, and add sleeves to the blouse if you want to! So change your saree to have a halter neck, or pick a scalloped neckline. You can pick a corseted back, or open tie back. If you were having trouble deciding which saree design you liked the most before, all these extra options will make your head spin! You can also change the fabric, fabric color, embroidery design, and pretty much anything else you want to change!
And did you know that every piece of clothing you order at our website is custom made for you? We do not just have a pile of sarees sitting around in various sizes. When you place your order, you will include your measurements, and how long you want the dress to be. You also tell us if you want any of the customizations we just mentioned. Then, we make your saree especially for you! So, when you get it in the mail, you do not have to worry as to whether or not it will fit you! And there is no additional charge for any of these services! We wish it was this easy and enjoyable to shop at the mall! Most of the time at the mall, you can’t even get an extra long inseam on your pants without having to pay extra!
So with all these amazing extra details, how do we keep its products so affordable? Well, we have exclusive access to some of the biggest and best clothing merchanising factories in India. So our online selection is better than any other store, whether it be online or not. And since there are no middlemen, we can pass on the savings to you! The best part is that at prices so low, you can afford to buy more! We just aren’t sure if all those new exquisite, perfectly fitting clothes will arouse envy in your friends.
We offer everything from the traditional to more contemporary styles. If you are looking for something more Western with an Indian flare, than customize any saree into a dress. When you find material that you just love, you can turn it into a sundress that you design! First, you get to choose what style of dress you want. Pick one with halter necklines, a smocked bodice, or choose a one shouldered dress. Then, decide if you want the dress to be made of one material or two different materials. For instance, you can have the bodice be made of one material and the skirt made of another. Finally, select the exact length that you want the skirt to be. And customization only costs an additionally 25 US dollars each item. We offer everything from clothes for casual wear to the perfect saree for the most important day in your life. When you look good, you also feel good. Having the option to choose the styles that will be most flattering on you is so wonderful! Pick the color that best complements your eyes and skin tone. Choose the material that feels most comfortable on your skin! Choose cuts of fabric that best flatter your silhouette, and details that you love the most. Are you in love with ruffled sleeves? Do you love any opportunity to show off your back? With us, you can design the exact saree that will best show off your assets. There is nothing better than feeling confident and comfortable in your skin, and that is exactly what Utsav Sarees to help all women do! Do you have a ‘dream saree’ that you designed in your head when you were fourteen? Well finally, after years of waiting, we can make that perfect outfit possible!
Once you have the saree picked out, then the real fun begins!

Browse through our amazing collection of footwear, accessories, and jewelry. Even if you are looking for We have over three thousand different pieces of jewelry available at any given time, from inexpensive costume jewelry to real diamond and gold necklaces! We can literally dress you from head to toe! With so many dizzying options to choose from, you had better get shopping early!


Reason to shop for sentimental souls at Utsav

salwarkameejOne of our customers writes, “I am in need of a beautiful saree for an upcoming party. This party means a lot to me because it is the first time my family has seen me after I have lost 100 pounds. So, two years later, this time I want to be the center of attention, not because of conceit, but because I feel a sense of accomplishment by losing the weight the old fashion method of diet and exercise. Every time I would exercise, I imagined myself in a beautiful saree with a beautiful figure. So, it’s only right that I want to wear a saree for the upcoming occasion. Sarees give such an elegant and glamorous look an opposed to regular western dresses. I absolutely love bollywood movies and the actresses who prefer to wear the elegant sarees to movie premieres and events, instead of the regular western designer dresses. Western designer dresses are beautiful, but they lack a certain hint of elegance only displayed by a saree and for my festival needs, as well as my other Indian fashion shopping needs, I’m turning to utsav. They know fashion. It’s almost as if it is the creator of it. Utsav sets the standard and makes it first and then the other Indian fashion outlets follow. I can see why though. They contain such an unmatched variety of festival sarees to choose from. There are over 250 different festival sarees to select from, and I am able to shop according to color and material. With one click, I can create my perfect outfit for my upcoming festival. It’s amazing. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two different sarees. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I will change my mind again.”

The best thing about us is the shipping options available. Another customer says,” I’ve ordered from utsav countless times, and each time, I’ve received my order quickly. There is an express shipping option available to ensure you have your order within 15 days. This is great considering that the order is traveling all the way from India, if you are ordering in the United States. “

Do you know what else we have that is absolutely terrific? Custom tailoring. Yes, custom tailoring on the internet is amazing. What this means is that you can submit my measurements and any other changes you want to the original saree picture displayed, and like a genie, your wish is our command. You can change the color, fabric, sleeves, neckline, embroidery, or anything else. All you do is submit your measurements and requests, and we fulfill them. If anything on your request is unable to be completed, then we contact you and offer other options. This is true shopping! What other stores do you know that grant any customer’s request for a custom tailored piece? Even the sarees come with fall and edging (piko) with no extra charges. This is unbeatable.

In this day in age, spending your money should guarantee satisfaction. Most of our customers agree that this site is almost satisfaction guaranteed. Just look at the ratings on the site. Over 90% of orders placed on our site result in a happy customer. The other 10% are due to customers not liking the order once it’s tried on, or it doesn’t fit, or the color is different in person than it is on the internet. These are normal complaints though. Of course things will look different in person than they do on the internet. With us, the clothes look better than they do on the picture displayed on the site.

Shoppers have more complaints when purchasing items from a store anyway. How many stores give away free clothes when they mess up? We do. Regarding this our customer says,” I remember I purchased a bridal saree for a wedding I attended and when it came in the mail, it was the wrong color and the wrong size. I didn’t expect to be refunded. But Utsav gave me a refund and also mailed me a free pair of trousers as an apology. Yes, they are located in India, and I am in the United States. I didn’t expect to be treated like such a royalty because they are so far away; they could pretty much have kept my money, but they didn’t. They want all customers to keep purchasing their products. And I have been continuing to purchase over and over again.”

We sell more than sarees. We sell Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, jewelry, accessories, bag and footwear, home decor, and products for men. So, that means, you can buy matching jewelry and footwear for your saree. This is great. It is almost as if it is a one stop shop for all Indian fashion products. Another customer says, “I have never seen anything like this in US stores or on other Indian sites. Usually, you have to buy one piece of the outfit at one place and then look in another place for the shoes, but utsav has everything in one location. They also have items for sale. Yes, sizes are limited in the sale section, but you will find something on the sale site. I promise you.”

Shop with us online for all of your Indian fashion shopping needs. We have a very secure site and you will never have any problems with being overcharged or your credit card information being taken. We guarantee that you will not find the type of selection and variety this site has to offer. And the customer is always right at utsav. This is important. A happy customer is more likely to return to the site to purchase again and again. Another customer says, “this website has been a dream come true to me. I’ve placed over 20 orders, and I’ve only been displeased three times. The first time I received a full refund and a free piece of clothing. The second time I received free tailoring on my next purchase, and the third time, I received a free saree. I couldn’t ask for better customer service. I encourage you to shop at utsav. They have live customer service agents available via chat to take your order, or you may call them and speak to a customer service representative.”

Shop at a secure webpage for the highest quality Indian sarees from India

saree3Are you sick and tired of businesses trying to rip you off? You sign up for the internet because a different company is offering a low promotional rate. Then when you get the bill, it is twice what they said it would be and they will not give you the rate they promised. With so many businesses on the brink of going out of business, it seems that they will do anything to stay in the green, at the customer’s expense. This dishonest treatment of reliable customers is both embarrassing and tiring. Why don’t more companies understand that their success is based solely upon their ability to keep their customers?
Additionally, shopping online can be very nerve-wracking for some people. There is no physical store that you can walk into and complain to the manager. If you try to call about your order, it might be hard to be able to talk to an actual person on the phone. And, people can make anything look good on the internet. You have had friends who bought things from a company that don’t even exist before! Scam artists who simply know how to build a professional looking website can sell merchandise that they don’t even have by asking buyers to wire them money. There is nothing they could do when they found out it was a scam. And even when the company does exist, many times, especially with international orders, you have to wait forever to get your package. Or worse yet, it never shows up at all. Too many times in the past, you have purchased something, and that item never shows up at all. And when you try to get your money back, you can’t. Terrible online shopping experiences like these make you wary of ever buying something from anywhere except for a real store again.
We at Utsav know that the thing that worries customers the most about online shopping is being able to have a secure purchase. Because we understand this, we do everything in our power to make your shopping experience both safe and enjoyable. If you purchase something from us and it never shows up, we refund your money. Every item we ship is protected with insurance, so you do not have to worry about getting your money back if the item gets lost in the mail. And if we cannot send you the item that you bought for any reason, we will surely refund your money. Many stores will only offer in-store credit, even though it is their fault that you did not get your item. But we value our customers, and will always refund your money when that happens. If you are still worried about refusing to refund your money, we also give you the option of paying by cash on delivery method if you are located in India. That way, you do not have to pay until you actually receive your order.
There are several trusted methods of payment methods accepted by us. Besides cash on delivery, we also accept Google Checkout and Paypal payments. We are also the only Indian online store to have an HSBC bank account. So you can even deposit a cheque in our account locally. Or, you can conveniently pay by credit card. When you pay by credit card, your payment is processed by a third party merchant. At no point does we actually have your credit card numbers. We just receives confirmation from Visa or Mastercard saying that you have paid, and then we go ahead and process your order. We does not accept credit card numbers over phone, or by fax or email, because it is unsafe to process payments this way. Some people may not like that, but in the long run, it is so much safer to never give out your card numbers in unsecure ways like that. Also, we protect your privacy and will never sell your email address or other information to another company.
Unfortunately, fear of identity theft or stolen credit card numbers courtesy of online hackers is enough to make anyone paranoid when they are online shopping. If you are still worried about whether or not we are a safe shopping site, you should know that we are one hundred percent hacker safe. Our website is protected by McAfee Secure, which protects from identity theft, credit card fraud, spywear, viruses, spam, and online scams. Our website is tested and certified daily to assure that the webpage is safe. We are so safe that it is the only website from India to have the Geo-trust & Network Solution Sitesafe certification.
Finally, we have been around for ten years, and have a customer base that extends across the world. We are primarily interested in maintaining the customers; we have by offering exceptional service for high quality products. For these reasons, the web information company Alexa has rated us as the number one fashion shopping store in all of Asia. Our website also ranks sixth in Google searches.
So now you know that we are a totally safe online shop, and that you will get a return if your item is lost in the mail. But you might still be concerned about the quality of the products that we sell. On the internet, disreputable people can deceivingly edit photos or steal photos from other sources in order to make their product look appealing. When you get that low-quality, poorly made dress in the mail, you are incredibly disappointed. But while we have an enormous selection, every single item we sell is of the highest quality. Real leather bags and footwear, silk blouses covered in sequins, gota patti, kasab and golden zari work, and belts with Kashmiri style hand embroidered details! And the pictures of each item offered for sale are extra large, so you can see the fine details and beadwork in each different piece. After all, one of the main drawbacks of online shopping is that you cannot actually see and touch the item before purchasing it. Isn’t it the worst when the top you get is a totally different shade of green than you thought it would be? But with our high quality, large sized pictures and categorization based on colors, you will know what you are getting before you order. And yet our prices are incredibly low! And, if by incredibly slim chance, you see the exact saree that you just bought from us on another webpage for less than what you paid, we will credit you back the difference in price! Their price match guarantee assures that you are always getting the best deal around!
So finally, you found a website that you can completely trust, and that offers you the best deals around! But the best part is that an enormous selection of merchandise available. We carry traditional sarees and lehnga choli, footwear, jewelry, bridal wear, western-influenced dresses with an ethnic Indian twist, purses, as well as menswear. Even if you are looking for a very specific piece of jewelry to go with a particular saree, we are sure to have it.
You can create an entire wardrobe from the gigantic selection available! And the craziest part is that we add to our enormous selection almost daily! So everytime you go back to the site, it is like going to a whole new store! You could search the internet for days visiting every webpage that carries Indian clothing and accessories and still not find as many different products available as there are on our store. What a wonderful thing to have a store with that much selection that also provides you with a worry free experience. Every purchase you make is guaranteed, and we stand behind all of our merchandise. We offer a safe shopping transaction, worry-free delivery, high quality products, and a tremendous selection. So why would you ever bother shopping anywhere else? And with such a huge selection, you don’t have to!

Reason to shop for mall shopping hater at Utsav

red-lehngaFor many people, maybe even most people, going mall shopping is as bad as going to the dentist to get a root canal. Ok, maybe not that bad but close. Either way, they detest the thought of going. Let’s face it, outside of the teenagers who go to the mall “to hang out”, nobody goes to the mall for fun. For those unfortunate people who get drug to the mall by their significant other, it is the most excruciating, agonizing waste of time that never seems to end. Unfortunately, a typical trip to the mall is always the same distressing story.

First, there is the preparation that goes into going to the mall. There is the required amount of time that is used to get ready before leaving the house so that you look presentable, just in case you run into somebody you know. You don’t really want to look terrible out in public.Then, there is the fighting of the traffic just to get to the mall. This is aggravation enough with all the crazy drivers on the road. There is stop and go traffic, cars cutting in front of each other, not to mention the road construction delays. Finally, you reach the mall only to find out that locating a decent parking space is going to take a long time. The lot is packed with cars and with a limited amount of slots, the only way to find a place to park the car is to drive around and around waiting for someone to leave. When they do, the race for the space between the other shoppers ensues and only one lucky driver gets it.

If you are not stressed out and exhausted enough by now, crossing the parking lot without getting hit by another car (obviously looking for a parking spot) is your next goal. If the weather is nasty, then you will need to face another challenge; getting into the mall dry and not soaked to the bone.
After finally getting into the mall, trying to figure out which store might have what you are looking for is next predicament. Since the odds of going to the correct store on the first try are not very good, plan on going into and out of a lot of stores; a lot of stores. In addition, because the mall is packed, plan on fighting the crowds the entire way, going from store to store. You have got to wonder what all these people are doing here. Is television that bad?

Finally, there is a store that might have what you are looking for but have you tried to get help from a sales clerk lately? Customer service is a foreign word to them. You ask if they carry a particular item and they look at you like a dear in your headlights. Obviously stumped, you head out on your own, going up and down every single aisle. Will this never end? Maybe the item will just jump out at you; probably not.
Perhaps a high pressure, commission sales person will come over to assist you. How can you shake this annoying person who keeps telling you that you can’t live without this product and you would be an idiot to leave without buying it? Had enough yet?

In the rare event that you find something close to what you are looking for, then comes the fun part of trying it on. How many people have tried this same piece of clothing on? As you leave the fitting room, it seems like the entire store is starring at you. As a mass produced article, it just doesn’t seem to fit right. Do I settle for it or do I keep looking for what I want? There has got to be a better way to shop than this.
Consider this. What if you could go to your computer in the comfortable confines of your own home, and buy clothes online? What if there were no crowds, no rude, annoying, or distracting shoppers to bother you. What if there were no pushy or apathetic sales people making the shopping experience even worse? This euphoria can be found at our online store popularly known as Utsav.

What is everything that you needed was at the click of a computer mouse. What if the search options were so good that you could filter your search by color, fabric, style and price range? What if you could customize your selection just by using the mouse? What if your purchase was custom manufactured just for you? This euphoria again can be found with us.

Does this sound too good to be true? This wonderful experience takes all the stress and anxiety out of shopping and makes it a much better use of your time. Shopping can be fun again.
We can do it all. You can decide what you want to buy because all the pressure is gone. There is no pressure from the sales staff and no pressure to buy something because you came down to the mall and don’t want to make it a waste of time. There is more selection with us. Instead of the store having to inventory all the colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics, there is a greater selection by shopping on line.
Our site is for those shoppers who want extraordinary, something unique, something that other people will notice and want. This site is for those people who don’t want to waste hours roaming the malls but have better things to do with their time. This site is for those people who know what they want and expect to get the most value for their dollar.Try us once, and mall shopping will be a thing of the past for you.

Dress yourself with vibrant party outfits for confidence

saree13 If you are looking to throw a party but are not sure where to shop for the proper clothes you need to take a look at our online store. Our online store has all of the different clothes for any occasion. Whether it is the New Year or just a random Saturday they have all the clothes and accessories that you could ever need for your party.

Finding decent formal and informal party wear for Indian Americans can be extremely difficult. Even if you do find a store that carries what you are looking for there is no guarantee that they will have your size or enough selection for all of your guests. A quick look at our site and you will realize just how much variety is out there. You can browse through our website and find clothes grouped by occasion, style, color, or even material. If you and your friends are looking together to have an event you can hop on shop together. This way you can be sure that all of your outfits will go together without being the same. Regardless of the theme for the party we can accommodate your needs. This is true even if you come up with the theme yourself!

All of our clothing lines are completely customizable so if you have an idea get in touch with us and we will be able to accommodate your needs. Whether it is custom embroidery or just custom cuts and fit we will work with you. We offer all of our outfits in a variety of colors and cuts. Some of these may not be on the website so if you do not see what you are looking for call us or send us an email. Usually we can do these alterations for no cost, or a minimal cost if the alterations are really great.

Orders can be shipped out from India to your door in as little as seven days. Any order over fifty dollars is shipped for the low price of ten US dollars. This is amazing considering that all the orders come direct from India to the United States. If you happen to need the items shipped within India the shipping is free.

The thing to remember is that no event is too extravagant that we cannot handle it. We have full wedding Sarees for you and your entire wedding party. We offer a wide range of styles for your party as well with a range from ultra modern sheik new fashions, to traditional garb of the highest quality.

While you can now see how much we have to offer as far as clothes for your event are concerned, you may be leery of purchasing online because of security issues. We uses the strongest of encryption to ensure that your transaction is completely safe. In fact it is probably less of a risk to shop through us than with a local merchant. With us there is a direct line of accountability for all your sensitive information you can rest assured that all of your information will be protected.

In addition once you are set up all of your account information will be saved so that anytime you want to log on and purchase more everything is right there. We accepts a number of different payment methods including Paypal, COD, Net banking, mobile banking, wire transfer, Western Union and pretty much anything else you can think of. We tries to make payment and delivery the easiest part of the process.

The hardest part is choosing what theme to go with as far as your party is concerned. With all the options that available from we planning your party should not be a problem. The only thing that you will have to concern yourself with is coming up with a solid idea and theme for your party. If you have friends that are not Indian but are interested in learning more about our culture and history, introducing them to us and having them design and create and outfit can be a great way to start. There is no better way to show of Indian culture than in the relaxed atmosphere of a get together.

As you can know Utsav is by far and away the best website to use for all your party outfit needs. We have all the clothing you could ever possibly need and are able to custom tailor and design them for your specific needs. Regardless of the occasion , we can meet and exceed your expectations. Easy shopping and convenience means you no longer have to raid your parent’s closet for clothes. There is nothing better than using us to take care of your needs.

Reason to shop for modest clothes at Utsav

One of our happy customer says, “I have a demure and reserved deposition but I also love beautiful and feminine clothing. I do not want to show my belly or bare arms at any cost but I love to follow trends. Looking modern and sharp is as important to me as being discreet and modest. For a long time, these longings created a dilemma for me. How do I achieve my desired look without wearing revealing clothing? I found the answer at Utsav” We value our customers’ demands and preferences and thus have everything suiting to their needs.

Another customer says, “I have found Utsavsaree.com while researching India Women’s clothing for a wedding I was to attend in Delhi. A very close friend of mine from school was marrying an Indian man and she very much wanted me to be involved with the bridal traditions. I was thrilled! Right away, I searched local stores and even traveled to a far away mall looking for a few dresses and other causal outfits to wear on my trip abroad. I was excited about learning a new culture and wanted to look extra nice for my good friend. Sadly, I ended up back at home empty handed but thanx to Utsav for making the function so memorable for me.” We cater to the needs of all our customers’ weather they need simple trendy clothes for travel or traditional heavy embroidered clothes for festivals and other occasions.

One of our recent customer says, “The Internet became the last hope and I was pleasantly surprised to discover everything I needed without ever having to leave the house again. Utsav gave me the option to order belly covering blouses with long sleeves and fulfill my need for more modest clothes during my trip. But the best surprise was that Utsav made modest clothes which are also very trendy and stylish. “

We have proved the source for fashion for many customers. Another customer says, “That trip was long ago and today I continue to shop at Utsavsaree.com for modest clothes to suit my needs. Before my trip a few years ago I hadn’t even heard of Salwar kameezes. They are so amazing. I wore salwar Kameez for the first time in my life on that trip and now formal trousers and shirts seem toxic to me. They save me from extreme hot & dusty weather conditions and now I practically live in them. I also buy jewelry, accessories, home décor, men’s clothes from Utsav.

We have excellent customer service. Best of all, unlike the mall, we are open 24 hours. Shopping on the Internet so easy and fun. We have a unique and helpful live support chat system. Our phone support is prompt. Our systems are not automated or pre-recorded. Our customer says, “At first I wasn’t used to such wonderful customer service but since shopping with Utsav it has come to be the standard for what I expect when shopping. “

Depending on your own personal taste you can also have some customization done. Mrs kapoor, our regular customer says, “I like having variety in my wardrobe so in the past I’ve had Utsav customize sleeveless sarees and salwars with elbow-length sleeves and cap sleeves. These suit my style better than some of the usual styles also available on Utsav’s website like asymmetrical, drawstring, flutter, half Sleeves, puff sleeves, and regular Short Sleeves. “

We can also make custom alterations to the neckline. The styles we offer for the front neckline are rounded sweet-heart, a criss-cross design, a keyhole design, Bustier, butterfly-bustier, décolleté, string style, envelope, 3 different style halters, one shoulder, horse shoe, pointed u-neck, square-neck, sweetheart, sweetheart with collar, u-neck, v-neck, off-shoulder, Chinese collar, and scalloped.

There many different back styles available like asymmetrical, back bustier, bateau, boat, 3 different string styles, off-shoulder, one shoulder back, horse shoe, pointed, rounded, square with laces, u neck, v neck, back Chinese collar, and back butterfly bustier. You may get the bottom customized to these styles: umbrella lehenga, a-line lehenga, fish kali lehenga, Mermaid or Fish Tail, and straight lehenga.

The website is so easy to navigate. Another customer says, “I use the easily marked categories to what I need fast and easily. Since I travel a lot, I like to update my wardrobe often. I use “new arrivals” to find the latest merchandise. Under the “Express” tab you find all the clothes you can get delivery within 7 days. Sometimes I get the order all the way from India within 48 hours! The “Showcase” is probably the most impressive feature of the Utsav’s website. Here they have introduced Video Shopping a feature that allows you to view the clothes in a whole new way. You can choose your favorite product in your favorite color. They even have a easy to find “Sale” tab so you can get all the bargains without having to sift through the sale rack at a crowed department store. I love their western styles clothes as well. Usually western styles are far to revealing. I am a much more modest person who likes to stay pretty covered. For me, I think it is appropriate but when I want something a little different, I always check out the selection online at Utsav.”

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