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Indian Belts: The Perfect Ornament to Flaunt Your Waist


indian-beltsBelts worn by the women are simply another ornament to flaunt your waist and look sexy. Although the leather belts are used with the casuals and jeans, the fancier belts make a superb accessory with the evening wear.

The women belt is available in a large number of styles and designs as compared to the men. The men belt usually a similar kind of belt with their casuals or the denims. But the women have the benefit to match their dress with a stylish looking belt. The belts for the women are available in plastic loops, leather, reptile skins, animal skins and plastic strips. The buckles of the belt are also available in a lot of designs and styles making them fancier. The Indian belts for the women are normally studded with the rhinestones; other semi precious stones and turquoise with go very well with the outfits. If you like to wear a belt to flaunt your status and richness, then you can opt for the expensive Indian belts which are studded with the diamonds and have silver or the gold buckles.

Indian belts for the women come in a very wide range and in all styles. They are available in almost all the colors. The materials like the cloth and the lace are used in order to make the sashes which come under the group of the fancy belts. The belts which are specifically made with the dresses look very great with that dress.

The Indian belts are very unique in the design and style and awesome when you wear. You outstand in a group of thousands as it gives a very different and sexy look.. When these belts are worn with the formals or the casual clothes, it gives a very different look which makes you look very smart and trendy.

At times getting the kind of belt which you want becomes very difficult. In such situations, you can opt to purchase from the internet. Utsav come up that serve to all your need. They have a wide range of belts and other apparels. All you need to do is to select the merchandise from the list and place an order.



Indian embroidered Leather Belts: The All Time Favorite

kashmiri-embroidered-beltThe belts made of leather are yet in the vogue even when the new kind of belts made up of the newer fabrics and other materials like the jute, reptile skins and plastic have hit the new fashion. But if you like to wear the leather belts, then you have to take certain good care of them as they very easily get deteriorated as compared to the other belts which are made up of the other materials.

As the leather is basically the skin of the animals, it consists of the fibers which can very easily break if not lubricated during frequent intervals. If the fibers of the skin dry, the belt can crack or break which will be seen on the belt very easily. Therefore, the belts made up of leather should be very lightly coated with the leather dressing every half yearly in order to keep up the durability and the appearance of the belts.

 In the market, some very fine and extraordinary leather belts with Indian embroideries are available which has a superb leather dressing that are very healthy and look very new. The leather belts are very expensive. But the longevity of these belts is very high and can be used for a great number of years if taken a good care. The leather belts give a very classy look to the women and men and it usually gives a very good impression when worn with the casual or the formal clothes.

Although a very wide range of belts has come up and have become very famous but the leather belts standout from the rest of the belts. The leather belts give a very elite look to the person who wears it. Both men and women like to wear the leather belts. The leather belts have also shown a great progress. Now a lot of varieties of leather belts are available in the market. Belts with unique buckles and design are offered to the customers. If the leather belt is worn along with the leather bag, it gives a very tough look to the women. They look very smart and sexy.

 If you want to make shopping easier with out any hassle and pain, then you can look into the our website that offers great range of belts and other apparels. You get a wide variety of choice and you just have to select the belt from the list and place an order. Therefore, shopping is just a click away from you. So, enjoy! 

A New Phone Number for Customer Service

Utsav is pleased to announce a new phone number for its Customer Support Desk, to better serve the needs of our customers. The new phone number, +91-98744-11111, is currently available Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. (IST) for all support calls, including sales, shipping related information, order related information, technical issues.

To contact Customer Service, you must dial +91-98744-11111. We are sure that this new number will ease communications with our customers and enable us to better meet their needs.

Set your own style statement with Striped Cotton Scarves

 stripes-print-stoleWhen it comes to accessorizing any special outfit for the special day or setting your own style statement, the one and the most important thing that everyone wish to have and in fact should have in their cupboard is a beautiful scarf. Not only the women; the guys too love to have a smart looking scarf in their wardrobe. Scarf can be the best gift for your man or woman.

A designed and patterned scarf adds mote sensational look to the plain ordinary outfit. The very simple outfit looks very sexy and fantastic with a smart trendy scarf. As a matter of fact, scarves are becoming more and more popular among the people. Although a lot of types of Indian fabrics are used to make great scarves but the Indian fabrics like pashmina and silk are some of the commonly used and most liked materials. At present, they are the most ordered and popular fabrics.

The striped cotton scarf is among the most well known and liked among both the men and women. They give a very elegant and vibrant look to the people who wear it. The striped cotton scarves are fantastic wear at the time of any evening part as it gives a very esthetic look. It is available in the zig zag pattern also which is a suitable and a remarkable piece of accessory for any dress which can be a formal dress or the casuals outfit too.

The striped cotton scarf is very comfortable, feminine and very soft which looks very attractive and sexy. It gives a complete look to your attire. There are uncountable ways of making a style statement among the people who like to wear scarf. But if the guys like to wear scarf with the outfits, it is very important to take certain precautions. The loud color scarf may not suit the men as it does the women. So, when you select a scarf for a man, always pick up a subtle color. When you wear a scarf over your dress, the half way of dressing is complete. You do not have to wear a lot of jewelry in such case. All you need to give a complete look is a small piece of earring and a very light bracelet. A neckpiece along with the scarf is not required as it will be hidden by the scarf itself.

If you wish to get all the options of scarves in one place, the best place to look is the internet. We have a very wide range of scarves and you merely have to select your favorite scarf from the list and place an order.  

Look sensuous in wooden beads belts

wooden-beads-belt A belt is a girdle or a strap that is part of the formal or casual attire. Though belts were initially part of the men’s attire, they are now an important accessory of the women clothing. Belts are no longer considered to be a formal wear. A belt today reflects a style statement and is considered to be one of the most important accessories with any type of clothing, be it the formal attire or the casual attire.

Belts available in the market are made of a wide variety of materials. Even though leather used to be and is still considered the most formal, many changes have taken place in the design of it in order to make it more interesting and fashionable. Plastic, fabric, jute, straws, reptile skins, suede and wooden beads are some of the materials that are being employed in the manufacture of belts. Fancier and designer belts for women made of sequins, wooden beads, or other jewels are becoming increasingly popular among women.

The women belts are available in a large number of variety, style and design. These belts do not serve any formal purpose. Among the various designer belts available for women, the wooden bead belts are the most popular ones. These bead belts add that extra bit of zing to a women’s beauty. These belts are available in many designs and style. So popular are these belts, that one can find a store selling wooden bead belts almost anywhere in the world.

The buckle is an important part of any belt. They make the belts look even more stylish and attractive. They are available in various designs and style. The women belts are often studded with rhinestones, turquoise and some other semi precious stones that look great with the outfit. Some of the wooden bead belts are even studded with diamonds and have silver or gold buckles.

We offer a variety of wooden beads belts in different style and designs. You can choose from among the stock available or can order one according to your preference. Therefore shopping for your favorite wooden beads belt is just a click away.

The wooden beads belts have got so popular in the recent years that they have now become a must on the list of accessories of every woman. In fact, women buy different wooden beads belts to go with different clothing. Wooden beads belts have been in fashion since a long time and it is here to stay in nearby future as well. There is always something different to choose from Utsav for your attire.

Silk Net Stoles – Look Stylish Without Revealing

saree10Stoles have been existence since a very long time. People have been using them since a long time. With the necessary modification in design and style, these stoles have evolved with time. Stoles are among the most apt fashion accessory which is suitable for all season and not only the winters. These stoles add an extra bit of grace and style to the overall clothing and give a very elite look to the wearer.  They can be worn with every type of clothing, be it the formal attire or the casual one. Stoles come in various styles and design and are made of many fabrics such as cotton, wool, pashima and silk.

Silk Net stoles are among the most popular stoles available in market. There is a great demand for them. They are made in a lot of intricate colors and designs. The net work in the silk coupled with the vibrant colors makes them a great style accessory. The market for stoles has been increasing rapidly in the recent years, especially the net stoles. A lot of firms have got into the stole manufacturing business. There is never a dearth of style and variety of stoles in the market. One can always find something new in these stoles.  They look stunning and add a faultless touch to any type of outfit, be it a salwaar kammez, saree or the casuals.

Having only a few net stoles will change the entire outlook of your wardrobe.  As a matter of fact, so popular are these stoles that women have a collection of them to go with different type and color of attire. But people can always choose colors that will go with different types of clothing. The pure silk stole gives the ultimate warmth and the feeling of luxury. Blending the silk stole with the pashima fabric will make the stole even more attractive and fashionable. It is very important to accessorize smarty while using a stole. Excess jewelry will certainly not go with stole. Hence it is required to use the accessories smartly and maybe use only a small earring and a bracelet to get the complete look and impress all with your style and dressing.

Looking for the right silk net stole may be difficult if you don’t know the right place to go to. We offer a large variety of silk net stoles. They offer good discounts as well that makes the shopping even more profitable. You can either choose from among the displayed ones or can order according to your preferences. Hence buying your favorite Velvette net stoles is just a click away from you at Utsav.

Indian Pashmina Stoles: perfect accessory for every occasion

pashmina-stolesThe Pashmina stole is the most apt fashion accessory this as well as any other season. The pashmina stoles are among the favorite during any occasion or event. Women as well as the men like to wear a pashmina stole as they look great in it and it gives a very elite look to them. The pashimina stoles make you look very elegant and you get the feel good factor as the pashmina wool is the most excellent cashmere in the entire world.

The pashmina stole are a perfect reflection of the artist’s superior work in making the fantastic stoles in India. They are made in a lot of intricate designs and colors. The vibrant colors and the great quality Indian fabrics like wool and even cotton make them very unique and superb. The pashmina stoles are not only famous in India but the fame is also spread all over the world. A lot of businesses are carried out from India in the rest of the world for the pashmina stoles.

The fashionable stoles are available in the market. They look very stunning and has a faultless touch to any kind of outfits. Be it any salwaar kameez, saree or even the casuals, the pashmina stoles look great with any outfit. Having only a few stoles of pashmina will change the outlook of your entire wardrobe. It can give a life to your outfit. The pure pashmina gives the ultimate warmth and a feeling of luxury to you. If you wish to give an elegant look to your pashmina stole, just blend some silk to the stole. You can do any either way as it will give you a very fashionable and stylish look.

Not only during winters, the pashmina stoles may be worn during the summers as well as during the springs also. Having all the vibrant color of pashmina stoles is always great. You can simply wear it above any dress or just wrap it around your neck. It makes you look very stylish and smart. Having a multicolored pashmina stole is always great. It can be worn over any dress.  Once you take a pashmina stole along with you, much ornament are not required. A small earring and a bracelet will give the complete look.

Buying a pashmina stole with the guarantee of 100% purity looks a bit difficult. But at Utsav we offer the surety of great value in low price. The internet has made it very easy for people to get their desired stuff by sitting at home.  A very wide range of pashmina stoles are offered and you just have to select your favorite style from the list and place an order. 

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